Avene part 3

Good evening to all doll fanatics! Tonight, it’s gives me a great pleasure to present more pictures of Avene since she is by far, for me, one of my most precious doll that I ever made, do to my new approach on making art dolls. I challenged myself to have both quality and aesthetic by making my dolls, a decision that I took early this year in the month of February. Personally, I think many artists out there do know what I am talking about when it comes to be judging mental of is own art work and especially when you are trying to not only to improve your previous techniques but also your self! What I’m trying to explain, is that, earlier this year, I decided to take this good habit, to analyse carefully each of my dolls once finish instead of being constantly on the go with the next doll! To make it short, if it took me 30 days to make one doll, well that is the time it will take to make one! Over the past few months, my attitude gently changed and I have come to accept and to appreciate it greatly! Also, from this, came the decision to make a record, where I can have a technical overview of each dolls that I created. Thanks and that’s completes Avene’s post!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Avene-DSC06493 (26)

Avene-DSC06493 (27)

Avene-DSC06493 (33)

Avene-DSC06493 (29)

Avene-DSC06493 (28)

Avene-DSC06493 (35)


Avene-DSC06493 (32)

Avene-DSC06493 (31)

Avene part 2

Hello! On tonight’s post, I want to share other photos of Avene with more details. On these photos you will notice that I decided to add an embossed logo of Atelier Miss Georgia studio down the back of Avene and of all future dolls. Avene was the first of them. I am so happy with this doll, because I love the clays that I used to make her (Cernit & Prosculpt). She looks a bit mad, but I’m glad on how she turned out. Her height, her silhouette, her soft blushing and her baby face are lovely. There are probably two things, that I decided to work on: her eyes for which I changed for Swarovski crystals cabochon and her wig! Speaking of wigs, I found that my previous doll wigs look unnatural. With this problem at hand, I did some research to on how to make beautiful natural wigs, which I will talk about in a future post. P.S: I have a spelling error in Avene’s name in the previous two posts, which I will correct now. Thanks you guys for your interest! See you tomorrow with more photos of AVENE.

Marie Georghy Jacob

Avene-DSC06493 (8)

Avene-DSC06493 (11)

Avene-DSC06493 (14)

Avene-DSC06493 (6)

Avene-DSC06493 (13)

Avene-DSC06493 (19)

Avene-DSC06493 (20)

Avene-DSC06493 (22)

Avene-DSC06493 (23)

Avene-DSC06493 (16)


Good evening! First of all, I did not know how to begin this post, since I have many things to talk about. First of of all, today I went to the museum, were there was an exclusive and biggest Rodin (August Rodin) exhibition ever presented in Canada, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts https://www.mbam.qc.ca/expositions/a-laffiche/rodin-metamorphoses/. I could not afford myself to miss it where 300 of his most famous works are presented from plaster, to marble and bronze. Do to the adult content, his famous statuettes such as  The Thinker and The Kiss and is mainly reserved for adults only… August Rodin was born in Paris in November 1840 and was one of the most important French sculptors of the second half of the 19th Century at the same time as many art movements such as French Impressionism, Modern Art and English Arts and Crafts. He is considered as the father of modern sculptures and it is good to know that he was fascinated with hands, which became is signature. I took many pictures as I could with my cellphone. There are not great, but better than nothing…due to technical difficulties I cannot post them a the present time!

Now, it is Avene time! This doll’s post will be in three parts and in my eyes, she is an important doll. At first, when you look at her, you may think she’s no different from previous dolls that I made, but the way she was sculpted is different. First of all, Avene is 49 cm tall (19 inches), which is tall for a doll who is entirely made in polymer clay, a mix of Cernit (Flesh) and Prosculpt (Baby), my two favorite clays. Before her, I used to make the armature entirely with strong heavy wire where I added aluminium foiled paper covered with manila masking tape.  Previously, I was fine with this technique, especially for smaller dolls (43 cm or 17 inches tall) , but as soon  as I decided to make taller dolls, things got worst, lots of little cracks appeared and it was time for a change. This change started with the armature : I switched from heavy wire to aluminium, which is lighter and anti rust. 5 different sizes of aluminum wire were needed to make the doll’s body: 10 gauge (legs, shoulders and upper arms), 12 gauge (hips), 14 gauge (torso), 18 gauge (feet and lower arms) and 20 gauge (hands). Secondly, I decided to use Apoxie clay to make the thighs and than cover all the body with a light aluminium foiled paper and finish it all with white masking tape. Since the doll is tall and entirely made with 3 to 5 layers of polymer clay, I wanted the doll to be less heavy. finally, the head it is strung with heavy spring wire instead of an elastic. As for my previous handmade glass eyes, they were replaced by Swarovski  crystal cabochon, that I also made myself.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow! Thanks to you all!

Marie Georghy Jacob








Avene my new approach!

Hello everyone! It’s been a Long time since I haven’t post something on my website, don’t you worry guys, there is a lot for me to post and here is a sneak preview of Avene, my very first doll from this year! Avene was created with a new approach that I elaborated for two months, for which I will give more details about it tomorrow. Thanks to you all!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Avene-DSC06493 (37)


Happy Sunday dear friends! I will make this short and sweet. Before I continue and leave you with more photos of Maly, it’s important for me to say that not only this doll was my last one from 2014, but it was also a new beginning for me. Though I did like sculpting her and loved her name background story, I did not have any chance with Maly: she had small cracks all over her shoulders, her arms and on her right ankle. As far as I knew it, I could not looked at this doll anymore and I even seriously asked myself, if I should make a post on her! Finally, by listening my heart, I thought It would not have been fair, not only for me, but also to all people who want to create polymer clay dolls, to not showing her. After deep thinking, I took a two months hiatus and make a new plan. In this plan, I made a small inventory of what I have accomplished after three years by making dolls. But deep down inside of me, it was time for change, in terms of materials and what I want to do next for the year 2015. I told myself, something different must be made for my future handmade dolls, both technically and aesthetically. I will get back on this topic on my next post and till than, enjoy your weekend my dear doll friends.

Marie Georghy Jacob

Maly-DSC06481 (21)

Maly-DSC06481 (20)

Maly-DSC06481 (25)
Small crack in the corner of right shoulder!

Maly-DSC06481 (23)

Maly-DSC06481 (17)

Maly-DSC06481 (28)

Maly-DSC06481 (27)

Maly-DSC06481 (14)

Maly-DSC06481 (7)

Maly-DSC06481 (6)

Maly-DSC06481 (10)

Maly-DSC06481 (4)

Meet the blossom Maly!

Good evening my doll friends! After a week following New York Spring/Summer 2016 fashion week, I was pleased with many shows that I saw live on newyorkfashionweeklive.com . I especially loved  what I saw, of course, at Mara Hoffman, but also at Anna Sui, Custo Barcelona, Dennis Basso and Monique Lhuillier. They all work with great textiles, strong looks, lovely colors and lots of femininity mostly with flowers, whether they were printed, embroidered or beaded. As you can see, I’m not too much for big labels, though I love a few of them and now it is time for me to get back to dolls! Speaking of flowers, meet the blossom Maly. Though, this name sounds like Mally, which origin is Latin and means “sweet”, my version is Cambodian. Maly, which you pronounce, ma-hlee, meaning flower blossom in Cambodian and its origin is from Khmer majority. Khemer people are  a predominant ethnic group in Cambodia, accounting for approximately 90% of its population.  Their civilization mainly flourished between 800 to 1370 and they were known for their remarkable architecture. Also, like most of the meanings of Cambodian names, they are generally very simple and reference positive attributes, Maly’s is no exception. She is calm, smiling even if an inner drama touches her, she doesn’t like to bother those around her and keeps her problems to herself. Her attitude is stable and fairly easy to live with. She is also very intuitive and trustful. As a final word, this doll was entirely made in Living doll clay (beige), yes I said it, Living Doll! Tonight, I won’t explain what happened next with this clay, once baked, because I think you all have a tiny idea…and I prefer to keep it for my next post. Though this clay makes me nervous every time I use it, I had to try it for the beige color flesh and to compare it with other polymer clay beige colors: Prosculpt, Fimo Puppen and Fimo Soft. She stands 18 ½” (47 cm) , has handmade brown glass eyes and was the last doll created in 2014 (November). Thanks for watching my dear friends and more photos of Maly will be featured this weekend.

Best regards

Marie Georghy Jacob











Mara Hoffman (Spring / Summer 2016 Show) | New York Fashion Week

I am taking a small brake from doll this week to enjoy and post few fashion from New York fashion week (Spring/Summer 2016).  This post is dedicated to Mara Hoffman, one of my favorite fashion designers. Mara always use ethnic designs and inspirations on her creations. All her fashion are very calm, cozy and free spirit. This collection from her was a pure delight for the soul. I love all pieces,  the were not only beautiful but peaceful and the colors nicely chosen too.Thanks to all doll fanatics for watching. I will see you soon with more fashion art dolls by the end of the week.

Source: Mara Hoffman Replay (Spring / Summer 2016 Show) | New York Fashion Week

_UMB1456_426x639  _UMB1414_426x639

_UMB1395_426x639  _UMB1653_426x639

_UMB1685_426x639  _UMB1715_426x639

_UMB1618_426x639  _UMB1798_426x639

_UMB2102_426x639  _UMB2162_426x639

_UMB2216_426x639  _UMB2193_426x639

_UMB2128_426x639  _UMB2075_426x639

_UMB1893_426x639  _UMB1959_426x639

_UMB1989_426x639  _UMB1919_426x639

_UMB1768_426x639  _UMB1822_426x639

_UMB2350_426x639  _UMB2287_426x639

_UMB2596_426x639  _UMB2537_426x639

_UMB2506_426x639  _UMB2048_426x639

_UMB2020_426x639  _UMB1592_426x639

_UMB1530_426x639  _UMB1554_426x639

_UMB1509_426x639  _UMB2472_426x639

_UMB2437_426x639  _UMB2406_426x639

_UMB2624_426x639  _UMB2645_426x639

_UMB2680_426x639  _UMB2846_426x639

All photos are  from British Vogue 2015 http://www.vogue.co.uk/


Good evening everyone! Before I continue with more photos of Magdalena, as someone who’s working in the fashion industry, the New York fashion week kicked off last week and lots of great american fashion designers will be showing their latest creations and I can’t not allow myself to miss it! So don’t be surprised if I post some fashion catwalks on my website…it will give me a small break from dolls this week. Of course, I will mainly post only fashion designers who share my love for ethnic textiles. Thanks everyone once again and I am living you with more pictures of Magdalena.

Marie Georghy Jacob

Magdalena-DSC06595 (29)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (48)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (58)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (55)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (40)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (64)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (65)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (44)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (47)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (28)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (11)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (20)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (57)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (5)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (4)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (7)

Magdalena-DSC06595 (31)

Magdalena the Afro Latina!

Meet Magdalena the Afro Latina. Inspire from gorgeous black women from the Dominican Republic, Magdalena was made of a mix of Living Doll and Prosculpt polymer clay and stand 18” (45,7 cm) tall. Just to be advise you, that I will be touching on a delicate subject which is a result related to slavery and especially in the Antilles and Latin Countries in general. As Canadian of Haitian descend, I could not avoid this sensitive subject: skin color! Over the years, I have followed  racial classification, among Dominicans, has been fraught with color-ism – as a desire to avoid being cast as Afro-Dominican (synonymous with Haitian ancestry).  Sad to admit that, but more alarming,  many Dominicans are in fact themselves descendants of former African slaves. Also, many prefer to be associated as Native or of Spanish descend just in order to avoid the undesirable social mark of being perceived as black.  In an opinion article, Black lives under attack in the Dominican Republic: Why this crisis deserves our attention, written by Richard Scott Brookshire III explores the subject delicately, http://thegrio.com/2015/06/19/black-lives-haiti-dominican-republic/. I can’t not tell you, that this article made me cry, but also made me tougher as a human being! As a citizen of the world, as a women and as an artist, I want to celebrate international beauty at it’s best, in all shades, in all backgrounds and in all it’s splendor. Dolls are the best way for me to express the beauty of these differences. So I say it out loud, let’s all celebrate it!!!! Magdalena was created for this reason! More photos of her will be posted, stay tuned.

Marie Georghy Jacob





Haven part 2!

Hi everyone! Here are more photos of Haven! The name Haven is an English baby boy name and it’s meaning is: Place of safety, a shelter or a safe place. They say that people with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. They are also dynamic, visionary and versatile people who are able to make constructive use of freedom. As some of you may have noticed, I love the true meaning or the history of a name. A name is truly personal and behind it there is maybe a rich history. It is very important for everyone to know that the power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry and religious ceremonies. Also, everyone recognizes himself or herself by a name and that is what separates us, human beings, from animals. For final words, when I made her, I did not have someone specific in mind, but I do admit she look a bit Asian! Thanks again for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Haven-DSC06405 (23)

Haven-DSC06405 (24)

Haven-DSC06405 (21)

Haven-DSC06405 (19)

Haven-DSC06405 (18)

Haven-DSC06405 (17)

Haven-DSC06405 (36)

Haven-DSC06405 (35)

Haven-DSC06405 (29)

Haven-DSC06405 (13)

Haven-DSC06405 (6)

Haven-DSC06405 (4)

Haven-DSC06405 (3)

Haven-DSC06405 (10)

Haven-DSC06405 (11)

Haven-DSC06405 (9)

Haven-DSC06405 (26)

Haven-DSC06405 (25)

Haven-DSC06405 (34)

Haven-DSC06405 (33)