Happy Sunday dear friends! I will make this short and sweet. Before I continue and leave you with more photos of Maly, it’s important for me to say that not only this doll was my last one from 2014, but it was also a new beginning for me. Though I did like sculpting her and loved her name background story, I did not have any chance with Maly: she had small cracks all over her shoulders, her arms and on her right ankle. As far as I knew it, I could not looked at this doll anymore and I even seriously asked myself, if I should make a post on her! Finally, by listening my heart, I thought It would not have been fair, not only for me, but also to all people who want to create polymer clay dolls, to not showing her. After deep thinking, I took a two months hiatus and make a new plan. In this plan, I made a small inventory of what I have accomplished after three years by making dolls. But deep down inside of me, it was time for change, in terms of materials and what I want to do next for the year 2015. I told myself, something different must be made for my future handmade dolls, both technically and aesthetically. I will get back on this topic on my next post and till than, enjoy your weekend my dear doll friends.

Marie Georghy Jacob

Maly-DSC06481 (21)

Maly-DSC06481 (20)

Maly-DSC06481 (25)
Small crack in the corner of right shoulder!

Maly-DSC06481 (23)

Maly-DSC06481 (17)

Maly-DSC06481 (28)

Maly-DSC06481 (27)

Maly-DSC06481 (14)

Maly-DSC06481 (7)

Maly-DSC06481 (6)

Maly-DSC06481 (10)

Maly-DSC06481 (4)

Fukiko part 2

Happy Sunday! Hope yours is relax and that you enjoy it with your family and with a good meal! On my part, mine is a cool one and I’m having great diner with my dear boyfriend, who’s always helping me out with my website and blog.  Though, I always get a huge help from him, I would love to take a minute to think him for his lovely support: Thank you James! For tonight post, as I always do when it comes to show the second part of one of my dolls, here are more photos of my Fukiko.


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Good morning! With this name, Fukiko, I am sure that you all aware that this doll was inspired from Japan beauties. Fukiko in Japanese means, joyous girl or child of a joyous women. Isn’t sweet and pretty don’t you think? My choice of clay was clear from day one. In my mind, only Fimo Puppen Porcelain was the best choice to make this doll to come true. However, I was a little afraid on the painting side due to the very pale effect of this clay once bake. To solve that problem, I mixed a few of Fimo Soft light flesh. At the end, the mix turned out to be a very light peach, closer to chalk white actually. Also, I discovered  after baking Fukiko, Fimo Puppen was very strong, solid and semi translucent and which I found very beautiful.  She’s is certainly one of my favorite dolls that I made so far. Enjoy!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Atelier Miss Georgia









Fei Fan part 2

Hello folks! Before I continue with more pictures of my dear Fai Fan, I would love to give a sincere thank you to all of you who like Atelier Miss Georgia’s Facebook page. The page has reached 995 Likes and I am totally surprised and touched! It truly gives high hopes, since more dolls post are on their way…so stay tuned! For tonight’s post, I am showing more photos of Fai Fan. These photos were taken this past May. One more thing to add, I handmade Fei Fan’s eyes in a previous batch of glass eyes nearly two years ago. As a warning, when baking glass eyes within polymer clay, they tend to crack under the pressure once polymer clay cools down. This is why I opted for crystal handmade eyes. Although, after fabricating an excessive amount of glass eyes, I decided to use a few of them on my future dolls.  Enjoy and will see each other on my next post. Thanks/Merci!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Fei fan-DSC06225

Fei fan-DSC06238


Fei Fan-DSC06224

Fei fan-DSC06230

Fei fan-DSC06231

Fei fan-DSC06228

Fei Fan-DSC06160

Fei Fan-DSC06157

Fei Fan-DSC06162

Fei Fan-DSC06167

Fei Fan-DSC06186

Fei Fan-DSC06188

Fei Fan-DSC06189

Fei fan-DSC06238

Fei Fan

Hi everyone! Tonight it is a hot one in Montreal, the temperature is close to 30 degrees (94 Fahrenheit). I don’t know if I am going to be able to sleep well this evening. But frankly, were are in the month of August and it is totally normal! I’m no going to complain! Now, let me introduce you to Fei Fan, my very first Asian doll! Actually, she is more Chinese inspired and I have been dreaming a long time ago to create an Asian beauty. With the great result that I have experience with the mix of Living Doll and Fimo Classic, I was thrill to mold Fei Fan with that mix. Meanwhile, I did have problems molding her brown glass eyes though: four times actually! Fei Fan is quit petite compare to all my previous dolls, 17 inches (43 cm), but I am so happy on how she turned out! I will publish more photos of her tomorrow!  Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob







Fei Fan-DSC05161