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My creative board where I pin in & out!

Hi my friends! Lately, I’ve been wondering what name I could give to this first collection. I have too many ideas and I need to make up my mind! Indeed, I want to use poems and proverbs to accompany this collection. Ho god! You have no idea how excited I am! In fact, I believe the primary reason for this excitement and is due to the fact, that this is my very first real collection. To help me, I put together a notebook and an inspirational board. Every day I’ve pinned images, materials, accessories and objects of all kinds. Of course, the more I’ve experimented and advanced with my ideas, the more my inspirational board changes. These changes are due either to the wrong combination of materials or colors. I admit, it’s getting a little frustrating, but hey, it’s a choice I made. I leave you with some images of my inspirational ideas and I’ll see you again with what’s next.

Salut mes amis! Ces derniers temps, je me suis demandée quel nom je pourrais donner à cette première collection. Les idées sont trop nombreuses et il faut que je me décide! Effectivement, je souhaite employer des poèmes et des proverbes pour accompagner la collection. Holà là! Vous n’avez pas idée comme j’en suis excitée! En fait, je crois la raison première de cette excitation et reliée par le fait que c’est ma toute première vraie collection. Pour m’aider, j’ai monté un cahier et un tableau d’inspiration. Chaque jour, j’ai épinglé des images, des matières, des accessoires et des objets de toute sorte. Bien sûr, plus j’expérimente et j’avance avec mes idées, plus mon tableau d’inspiration change. Ces changements sont dû soit par les mauvaises combinaisons de matières ou de couleurs. J’avoue, que cela devient un peu frustrant, mais bon, c’est un choix que j’ai fait. Je vous laisse avec quelques images de mes idées d’inspirations et je vous revois avec la suite.

Outfit in the making…

AMG DOLL-Nea-clothing (7)

Hello everyone! I have advanced with Nia’s outfit…but a few modifications were done! Due to a lack of fabric, I had to give up on the idea of making a jacket for her and replaced it with a simple mohair pull-over. It is sad, I would I have preferred making the jacket: since this was my initial choice! To bad, it will be for a next time!

Allo tout le monde! Je me suis avancée avec l’accoutrement de Nia…mais quelques modifications ont été apporté. Par manque de tissu, j’ai du oublié la confection de la veste et elle est remplacée par un simple gilet de mohair. C’est dommage, j’aurais bien aimé faire la veste: c’était mon choix initial! Mais bon, cela sera pour une prochaine fois!



Wig making part 3


Hello! Here is what the two heads look like once their wigs arranged. Tell me what you think? Before I leave you, another page has been added to my site, Reasons Behind Art Dolls. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you all for your interest in my work and we will see each other very soon!

Allô! Voici à quoi ressemblent les deux têtes une fois leurs perruques arrangées. Dites moi ce que vous en pensez? Avant que je vous laisse, une autre page c’est ajouté sur mon site, Les Raisons Derrières les poupées d’art. J’espère que vous aimerez. Merci à tous pour l’intérêt que vous portez à mon travail et on ce revoit très bientôt!


Keep love in your heart


“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

Oscar Wilde

“Garder l’amour dans votre coeur. Une vie sans elle est comme un jardin sans soleil, quand

les fleurs sont mortes.”

Oscar Wilde

Design sketch 2

Hi everybody! On tonight’s post,I will continue with another design sketch for Adele. For this second design, I was inspired by  the early 1970’s, a time where many women where under the influence of ethnic styles: African, Eastern Europe or Native Indian to name a few. From Romy schneider to Diana Ross or to Diane Von Fürstenberg, they are all women who represent that decade so well. The design shown below is one of them. Sadly, I will probably not use it for Adele, since the trench coat sleeves are too tight to fit the doll’s arms and I am afraid to break them because of this.

Design sketch 1

Hello doll lovers! I’ve been sketching a few designs for my doll Adele and many things have crossed my mind. At first, I wanted to design something very elaborated with many ornamentations (embroidery, hand beading work and crochet). However, the fabric that I’m using is already beautifully rich. The patterns are so beautiful and should not be covered, since their scale is perfect! But, my second and main problem is: when I’m sketching an idea or a fashion design, I don’t like to feel limited. I like to let myself feel free! I guess that this is “artist” in me who feels this way! Then, I’ll see if the design idea is workable technically. Also, though Adele has a movable neck and shoulders, she’s still a figurative doll, which limits and complicates any fashion design technically. I must make sure that I will not break any part of her after many hours making her! For the first design sketch, I was completely in  a folkloric vibe with hand beading work! More design sketch ideas in a few days. Thank you!


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My mysterious Lara part 4

Finally, on tonight’s final post on my mysterious Lara, I can now show to you a few pictures that I’ve made of her with my new camera! This camera is a Sony Cyber-shot (DSC-HX50V). I have zero experience with digital cameras, but I got few help with a professional technician from Sony while going to Best Buy and during that day I was pretty lucky! I was told that the previous main problem that I had with my older camera, another one from Sony for which they don’t produce anymore, is that my memory stick wasn’t big enough to take strong pictures, only 1GB! This time, I made sure to do a good research in what kind of camera that I wanted and for what use. By that away, don’t be surprise, if you see more doll photos taken with my older camera, since most of my previous works were made with it as archives. I will publish more photos of her tomorrow. Best regards-Marie Georghy Jacob


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Sweet Charlotte part 3 !

Hi everyone! Here is my sweet Charlotte fully wigged! This time, I used synthetic hair, an ash blonde in color, which looks different and very nice on her. I will continue with more photos of her tomorrow! Enjoy my doll art friend!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Charlotte-DSC07005 (43)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (44)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (53)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (39)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (58)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (36)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (33)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (18)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (20)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (16)

Sweet Charlotte part 2!

Hello to all doll lovers from all around the planet! I’m very happy to see that many of you are from different parts of the world: Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Australia, United States, from own country Canada and even from India! Wow! I couldn’t be more happier to share my passion for fashion art dolls with you guys. It is amazing because the list of countries goes on and on…thanks everybody from the bottom of my heart for your sincere interest! Culture in general  (whether it is music, food, fashion, movies, textiles) is a fantastic way to share and exchange with other people and dolls are no exception! My sweet Charlotte is no exception either to this topic… here she is almost finished at the time of this photo! Enjoy!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Making her wig working late at night!

Roxanne the rebel 2

Good evening my dear friends! Yesterday, I presented Roxanne the rebel…and yes I do find a rebellious side in her! From the moment I finished molding her, she was so different from previous dolls that I made: her face looked liked she didn’t care, too serious and looked less sensible…It seems that there was almost no softness in her and, that really did bug me at the beginning, because this is not the kind of message that I want to communicate with my dolls! Most of the time, when I molding a face, I use a photo of a beautiful lady and this time, I just didn’t. I did not think on how the doll would look like at the end. Normally, I just love to be surprised, but this time, with Roxanne…I became sceptical! I love sweet, healthy and angelic faces and sometime baby face ones with a positive message. At the end, I had to go on with her, the creative side of me talked and made me celebrate her differences and this is how I decided to make her wig with a deep red orange human hair. In my next post, you will see how she turned out and, in my opinion, it changed drastically on how I felt about her! See you tomorrow!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Late at night on making her
rebellious wig!

DSC05845 (2)



DSC05836 (2)