Merry Christmas!

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I want to wish a Merry Christmas to each and everyone of one of you and I will be back with more posts on January 2, 2018! You can still fallow me and AMG DOLL on my Facebook pages for the work in progress of Ava. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

J’aimerais souhaiter un joyeux noël a chacun d’entre vous et je serai de retour le 2 janvier 2018 avec d’autres publications! Vous pouvez suivre moi et AMG DOLL sur nos pages Facebook et suivre le travail en progression de Ava. Merci encore une fois et joyeux noël!

Two weeks off…for vacation time!


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Good evening to you all! Please note that I will be taking two weeks vacation and my blog will be not as active. Futures posts will be simple and mainly centered on proverbs. All pictures will be entirely dedicated to my latest lady Nia. I hope you will enjoy them and until then, I will see you soon my friends!

Bonsoir à tous! Je vous annonce que je prendrai deux semaines de vacances et que mon blog sera tout de même en légère activité. Les futurs publications seront simples et principalement concentrés sur des proverbes. Les photos seront entièrement dédiées à ma toute dernière demoiselle Nia. J’espère que vous aimerez et d’ici-là, à très bientôt mes amis!

Happy Chinese New Year 2017!


Even though the Chinese New Year has started Saturday in Asia and Sunday in America, I want to wish everyone a wonderful new Chinese year 2017. This year is the year of the Rooster of red fire… Which means, beware of laziness: only the most hard-working and ambitious people will feel the benefits of this year! May this year be one full of happiness, love, respect and generosity towards each other.

Même si le nouvelle an chinois à débuté samedi an Asie et dimanche en Amérique, je veux souhaiter à tous un merveilleux nouvelle an chinois 2017. Cette année est l’année du coq de feu rouge… Ce qui veux dire,  gare à la paresse: seule les plus travaillant et ambitieux sentiront que cette année leur sera bénéfique! Que cette année en soit une remplie de bonheur, d’amour, de respect et de générosité en vers tous et chacun.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year 2016! This new Chinese year started February 7 here in North America and will be finish next year, on January 27. This marks the Chinese year or lunar year, of the red fire monkey! This huge festival is celebrated not only in China, but is also widely popular among other Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The New Year Festival in over centuries old and is based on several myths and traditions were regional and traditional costumes are worn during the festivities. Homes are decorated with gorgeous red paper designs and sometimes gold, were religious or myth symbols are featured.  This is also the perfect occasion for many Chinese people to go visit their families for the annual dinner, especially workers who live in big cities. There is an old saying that each family must clean their house in order to sweep away ill-fortune in order to have good luck! Do I believe in these superstitions? Of course I do! What about you guys?