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My creative board where I pin in & out!

Hi my friends! Lately, I’ve been wondering what name I could give to this first collection. I have too many ideas and I need to make up my mind! Indeed, I want to use poems and proverbs to accompany this collection. Ho god! You have no idea how excited I am! In fact, I believe the primary reason for this excitement and is due to the fact, that this is my very first real collection. To help me, I put together a notebook and an inspirational board. Every day I’ve pinned images, materials, accessories and objects of all kinds. Of course, the more I’ve experimented and advanced with my ideas, the more my inspirational board changes. These changes are due either to the wrong combination of materials or colors. I admit, it’s getting a little frustrating, but hey, it’s a choice I made. I leave you with some images of my inspirational ideas and I’ll see you again with what’s next.

Salut mes amis! Ces derniers temps, je me suis demandée quel nom je pourrais donner à cette première collection. Les idées sont trop nombreuses et il faut que je me décide! Effectivement, je souhaite employer des poèmes et des proverbes pour accompagner la collection. Holà là! Vous n’avez pas idée comme j’en suis excitée! En fait, je crois la raison première de cette excitation et reliée par le fait que c’est ma toute première vraie collection. Pour m’aider, j’ai monté un cahier et un tableau d’inspiration. Chaque jour, j’ai épinglé des images, des matières, des accessoires et des objets de toute sorte. Bien sûr, plus j’expérimente et j’avance avec mes idées, plus mon tableau d’inspiration change. Ces changements sont dû soit par les mauvaises combinaisons de matières ou de couleurs. J’avoue, que cela devient un peu frustrant, mais bon, c’est un choix que j’ai fait. Je vous laisse avec quelques images de mes idées d’inspirations et je vous revois avec la suite.

Nia in her new outfit!

AMG DOLL-Nea-clothing (12)

Here she is, Nia in her new outfit! More pictures of her will be added during the week! Stay tuned!

La voici, Nia dans son nouvel accoutrement! Plus de photos d’elle seront ajoutées au cours de la semaine! Restez au courant!

Outfit in progress…

AMG DOLL-Nea-clothing (25)

Hello folks! Nia’s outfit is still in progress…look for more details in a few days my friends!

Allo les amis! L’accoutrement de Nia est en progression…plus de détails seront ajoutés d’ici quelques jours mes amis!


Outfit in the making…

AMG DOLL-Nea-clothing (7)

Hello everyone! I have advanced with Nia’s outfit…but a few modifications were done! Due to a lack of fabric, I had to give up on the idea of making a jacket for her and replaced it with a simple mohair pull-over. It is sad, I would I have preferred making the jacket: since this was my initial choice! To bad, it will be for a next time!

Allo tout le monde! Je me suis avancée avec l’accoutrement de Nia…mais quelques modifications ont été apporté. Par manque de tissu, j’ai du oublié la confection de la veste et elle est remplacée par un simple gilet de mohair. C’est dommage, j’aurais bien aimé faire la veste: c’était mon choix initial! Mais bon, cela sera pour une prochaine fois!



Ready for photo shoot!


Hello everyone! My doll outfit is now finish and I am ready for her photo shoot! More details and pictures will be posted during the week…Stay tuned!

Bonjour à tous! J’ai terminé le vêtement de ma poupée et je suis prête pour la séance photo! Plus de détails et d’images seront publiés au cours de la semaine…Restez connecté!

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A first fitting…


This is what I’ve been doing all day! For a first fitting nothing was going to the way I wanted! With all my good efforts, the outfit was way too tight and did not hang well at all! I’m on my way to make a second fitting and all the adjustments on every pattern. One thing for sure, is that I will be sleeping late tonight!

C’est ce que je fais toute la journée! Pour un premier essayage, rien ne s’est passé de la façon dont je voulais! Malgré tous mes bons efforts, la tenue a était trop serrée et ne tombait pas bien du tout! Je  suis déjà sur un deuxième essayage afin d’ajuster chaque patron. Une chose est sûre, c’est que je dormirai tard ce soir!

Monon is now complete!

AMG DOLL-Manon (4)

I am happy, I have finally completed Manon! She’s lovely and so is her name. Manon is a popular French name and is the fourth most popular one in this country and number 9 in Belgium. They say women with this name have a deep inner need for quiet and love to understand and analyze the world they live in. Also the want to learn the deeper truths and meaning of life. When I look at her, her name actually suits her well. You will see it in my next post.


Je suis heureuse, j’ai finalement terminé Manon ! Elle est belle comme son nom. Manon est un nom  populaire ne France et le quatrième le plus populaire dans ce pays et le neuvième en Belgique. On dit que les femmes portant ce nom ont une vie intérieure profonde et  calme. Elles  aiment comprendre et analyser le monde dans lequel elles vivent. En outre, elles veulent  comprendre les vérités les plus profondes et le sens de la vie. Quand je la regarde, son nom lui va à merveille. Vous le verrez dans mon prochain post.


Adele’s is done!

Good evening everyone! I can’t believe we are already in the month of July! Where does the time go? And on tonight’s post, I am happy to present Adele and she finally done! There is only a few more pictures that will be taken of her during the weekend. Adele was a difficult doll to create, but when I see her now, all the effort and hard work were worth it and, it gives me hope for the next one! Yes, I am currently working on another doll and she’s will be presented soon. Tell me what do you think about Adele?

AMG DOLL-Adele Fashion (6)

Sneak preview of Adele’s design outfit

Hello everyone! Here is a sneak preview of Adele’s design outfit! I like the way the patterns turned out and I feel the same way for the colors. Since I am studying in textile design, I am able to make this print myself, but my schedule is way too full and since I bought this fabric a long time ago…I think it was the right time to make something nice with it. Don’t be surprise if you see this fabric in another doll design outfit or for future projects…Oops! Did I just say future projects? The answer is yes, but I can’t speak about it for now. More photos will be posted shortly  during the week.

AMG DOLL Adèle sewing design11

Adele’s outfit in the making!

Hi everyone! What a beautiful week we had in Montreal: it was sunny and hot! Though, I’ve been working a lot these last two weeks, I did take a few moments to enjoy it during my breaks. Speaking of work, last weekend Adele’s outfit was in the making! I love the entire process on making a garment: sketching, pattern making, molding, making a few corrections and sewing. I know for some of you, the process may sound a bit daunting and even annoying, especially when you have to start the process all over again! But, if you are a perfectionist like me, you don’t count hours of work, you just do it because you simply love the challenge of it! For this outfit, which is a simple tunic dress, I had to make three fittings to get exactly what I wanted and it turned out great. You will get a sneak preview of it in a future post!

AMG DOLL Adèle sewing design