Ready for the photoshoot!


Happy Saturday my dear friends! Here is Ava and finally wigged, dressed and ready for the big photoshoot which I will actually start today! Be prepared for the up coming weeks with great new posts and an update of this website. Honestly, I feel relieved to have finished her, between my day job and my important doll project that I have been working on for the past five months (which will be revealed in a month), my working doll space was getting messy! I will see you in my next post and take care!

Bon samedi mes chers amis! Voici Ava portant enfin sa perruque. Elle est habillée et prête pour sa grande séance de photos et qui commence aujourd’hui! Soyez prêt pour les semaines à venir pour de nouveaux postes et une mise à jour de ce site Web. Honnêtement, je me sens soulagée de l’avoir terminé, entre mon emploi du jour et mon important projet de poupées que travaille depuis les cinq derniers mois (qui sera dévoilé dans un mois), mon espace de travail devenait malpropre! Je vous revoir dans mon prochain post et prenez soins de vous!

Almost done…

AVA-AMG DOLL-work in progress (116)

Good evening! Ava’s wig is almost done, but a few changes are needed to be done. First, I had to change the tulle lace and then, I had to mix a variety of hair colors. In her case, I chose a mix of auburn and honey blonde color. I think that she will look good…anyways I am almost done! I will see you soon with the final results!

Bonsoir! La perruque de Ava est presque terminée, mais quelques modifications sont nécessaires pour la compléter. Tout d’abord, j’ai dû changer la tulle de dentelle et puis, j’ai dû mélanger une variété de couleurs de cheveux. Dans son cas, j’ai choisi un mélange de couleur blond auburn et blond miel. Je pense qu’elle sera jolie… en tout cas j’en ai presque fini ! Je vous verrai bientôt avec les résultats finaux!


Wig making part 1


Happy Monday to all! Here are the two Wigs on which I have been working on these past few days. Other wigs which I have created in the past, using tulle, where each hair was crocheted one by one, it proved to be laborious work.  But I do not regret having designed them, far from it! On the other hand, I quickly realized the time that it took me to make one wig: four days! To solve this problem, I opted for the simplicity: stick the hair on a cape made of a tulle and mesh fabric. I admit that at first, I was very skeptical and a little worried about the final result: the thickness of the hair, the quality of the glue and the natural side of the wig once completed, all of this worried me seriously. I love when a wig doesn’t look like one! Even when I was collecting dolls in the past, I avoided buying the ones with wigs; I found them so not natural! And yes because of their wigs! In short, although this type of wig is less exhausting to complete, they take a lot of time to design because of the glue. However, I believe things are looking good for now and it’s promising… stay tuned for the next post.

Bon lundi à tous! Voici les deux perruques sur lesquelles je travaille depuis les derniers jours. Les autres perruques que je créais dans le passé, avec de la tulle, où chaque cheveux étaient crochetés un à un, ce sont avérées un travail laborieux.  Mais je ne regrette pas de les avoir conçues, loin de là! Par contre, je me suis vite aperçue du temps que cela me prenais : quatre jours! Afin de régler ce problème, j’ai opté pour la simplicité : coller les cheveux sur une cape fait de tulle et de mèche. J’avoue qu’au début, j’étais très septique et un eu peu inquiète pour le résultat final: l’épaisseur des cheveux à coller, la qualité de la colle et le côté naturel de la perruque une fois terminée, tout cela m’inquiétait sérieusement. J’aime qu’une perruque ne n’en ressemble pas à une! Même lorsque que je collectionnais des poupées, j’évitais d’acheter celles avec des perruques, je les trouvais tellement non naturelles! Et oui à cause de leur perruque! Bref, bien que ce type de perruque soit moins épuisant à réaliser, il n’en reste pas moins qu’elle demande au temps de temps à concevoir à cause de la colle. Toutefois, je crois que cela augure bien pour la suite…restez au courant pour le prochain post.

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Glòria’s front lace wig!

Happy Sunday evening art doll lovers! My Glòria front lace wig is finally finished! Actually, I’ve been working and learning on how to make this kind of wig for a while now…almost two years now! Many of you might be asking yourselves what a front lace wig is? A lace wig is simply hair which is ventilated one by one on top of lace mesh fabric, it’s than glued in front of the person’s front head. Once the front lace wig is glued, it gives the impression that the hair is actually naturally rooted onto the person wearing the wig. This type of wig is truly loved and appreciated by many celebrities, such as, Oprah, Beyoncé and Jessica Simpson , but also by people with cancer. Even though, it takes me two days to make, not including hair styling it, I love the natural finish that it gives.

Agnès with Fukiko & Betty!


Bonjour everyone! Two days ago, my dear Agnès was introduced to you wigged! Speaking of wigs, the hair used was synthetic, I have used it, to mimic natural black hair. Also, I changed my way on making wigs. They now look a bit more natural and I use 85% of the time fine quality human hair and the other 15% is a mix of human and mohair. In a future, I will elaborate more on the subject with a another doll… For tonight’s post, I decided to present Agnès with two of my previous dolls, Fukiko & Betty. It was important for me to present her and compare her with other dolls that I created in the past, because yes, in my own point of view, Agnès looks different from my old dolls. For one, she’s taller and more linear. Two, her face looks more women like and her features are little bit more “realistic”, in other word less cartoon like! I sculpted her in being aware that I needed to make a more mature doll, rather than childish looking one. Though a few past dolls also look more women like, Rachelle, Aglahé and Beatrice come to mind, however with Agnès, I went more deeply with her sculpt aesthetic!

Fukiko & Agnès


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Laïs camera test (Black & White)

Hello everyone! It feels good to be back and posting again! I hope your Christmas day was enjoyable and memorable with your love ones and must importantly, that you all took a good rest, since there is still New Year’s Eve to celebrate! Before my Christmas post, there was one last camera test that I made of my sexy Laïs. This time, it is in black and white. All pictures are truly beautiful and nicely finished. I hope you like them like I do, I will see you soon on my next post, till than , enjoy!



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Laïs camera test (Watercolors)

I love this beautiful watercolor finish on Laïs. It soften her and makes her  look more graceful, don’t you guys think?



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