Ready for the photoshoot!


Happy Saturday my dear friends! Here is Ava and finally wigged, dressed and ready for the big photoshoot which I will actually start today! Be prepared for the up coming weeks with great new posts and an update of this website. Honestly, I feel relieved to have finished her, between my day job and my important doll project that I have been working on for the past five months (which will be revealed in a month), my working doll space was getting messy! I will see you in my next post and take care!

Bon samedi mes chers amis! Voici Ava portant enfin sa perruque. Elle est habillée et prête pour sa grande séance de photos et qui commence aujourd’hui! Soyez prêt pour les semaines à venir pour de nouveaux postes et une mise à jour de ce site Web. Honnêtement, je me sens soulagée de l’avoir terminé, entre mon emploi du jour et mon important projet de poupées que travaille depuis les cinq derniers mois (qui sera dévoilé dans un mois), mon espace de travail devenait malpropre! Je vous revoir dans mon prochain post et prenez soins de vous!

Waiting to be wigged!

AVA-AMG DOLL-work in progress (169)

Happy Saturday to you all and I am back from my Holidays! I hope you rested and took time with your loved ones!  For this first post of 2018, I want to write something positive, even though 2017 was a hard one, especially the last three months…But my sweet Ava, my current doll, was a joy to make, she brought some light in my creative mood and life! And now, she is waiting to be wigged! Her wigged cap is in the making for the third time! I have created her wig over and over and over again! I was so unsatisfied with it and especially with the glue that I used: some glues are made for fabrics, some for paper and others are all-purpose adhesives and it was up to me to test them all. You will see the results in two days…Thank you, my dolly friends, for being loyal followers and I am grateful for it!

Bon samedi à vous tous et je suis de retour de mes vacances! J’espère que vous vous est reposé et avez pris le temps d’être avec vos proches!  Pour ce premier post de 2018, je veux écrire quelque chose de positif, même si 2017 a été difficile, en particulier les trois derniers mois… Mais ma douce Ava, ma poupée actuelle, a été un bonheur à réaliser, elle a apporté de la lumière dans ma bulle créative et dans ma vie ! Et maintenant, elle attend d’avoir sa perruque! Son bonnet perruque est en cours de réalisation pour une troisième fois! Sa perruque, je l’ai produite de maintes et maintes fois! J’étais tellement insatisfaite avec cette perruque et surtout avec la colle que j’utilisais: certaines colles sont faites pour les tissus, d’autres pour le papier et d’autres sont des adhésifs tout usage et c’était à moi de les tester tous. Vous verrez les résultats dans deux jours… Merci, mes amis qui sont fans de poupées et d’être de loyaux suiveurs et je vous remercie tous!

Heartbreak…with Adele!


Hi everyone! I didn’t know how to start this post, in fact, I decided to take my time to write something, because I am a little heartbroken with my doll Adele! Some of you who are following me via Tweeter or Facebook have probably noticed a huge crack on top of Adele’s right leg! It looks horrible! What happen? I think it happen while I was making her wig. You see, the way I sculpted Adele’s legs are different: the right knee is bent and which makes that leg vulnerable in terms of manipulation. I don’t know if I would have used another firmer polymer clay, like Cernit or Fimo, I would have experienced the same type of problem! Anyways, I have fixed her leg with…Apoxie clay. Personally, aesthetically, it doesn’t look pretty.To be honest, it’s the only thing that I see when I look at her now! I will paint that upper leg and changed half of the design process and I will get back to you with more updates of Adele’s working progress. Thanks everybody!


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Adele’s hair decision!

Hello! What a week it was…going to school and finishing my semester with three textile exams, working 30 hours and with all that, I have my doll Adele to finish…Do not worry, by nature, I’m a positive person! Speaking of Adele, I had to make a hair decision: black silky or dark brown and curly. I chose the second option since I want to create an authentic black doll, meaning a doll with braids. Wish me luck (just kidding)! See you in my next post!




Adele’s work in progress


Hello! On tonight’s post I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Some of you may have seen some pictures of her on my Facebook or Google + pages! Like my previous doll Glòria, I decided to use once again Kato polyclay,  the brown color. This clay is very good, but in my own opinion,  it’s better and stronger once mixed with an other clay, such as Fimo. The brown color is very pretty too, but gets darker once baked.Sorry that the photos do not do justice to Adele.

Thanks for watching!



Work in progress of Adele

Hello to you all! On tonight’s post, I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Yes that’s the name of my next doll and yes, I’m a big fan of the talented British singer Adele and I love her name! My doll Adele is a continuity of my previous work: making a doll sketch, building a solid wire armature and under armature, molding and mixing polymer clay and than molding the doll in stages: one layer of clay, bake it and let it cool down, before putting another layer of clay. But, what is different with this doll, I am planing to mold her with high heels, something that I have never done before! I was a bit concerned of the solidity of her ankles, but thanks to my new love and saver  in doll making: Apoxie clay! I knew, right from the beginning it was the right medium for me to use  and since the doll is tall, I wanted to be reassured! More details of Adele in a few days! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!


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More fashion photos of Agnès

Good evening art doll lovers! A few weeks ago, when I decided to take pictures of Agnès, many of them were put aside for various reasons…I decided to make  another beautiful outfit for her, which I will post during this weekend. But for tonight, I am showing to you more fashion photos of Agnès and here they are! Enjoy!


Fashion photos of Agnès

Hello everyone! I love taking photos of my dolls, since I purchased my new camera! The “fashion photos” of my beautiful Agnès, made me realize that I must take a chance in buying new tools for making good quality photos. I’m thinking of illustrator or photoshop software…but these two programs are so expensive that I can’t not allow myself to go over my budget. Believe me, I have other priorities in my life right now and there are other ways to take and create captivating pictures…At the current time, I’m working on it and you will see a few results in future posts. Stay tuned!


Agnès with Fukiko & Betty!


Bonjour everyone! Two days ago, my dear Agnès was introduced to you wigged! Speaking of wigs, the hair used was synthetic, I have used it, to mimic natural black hair. Also, I changed my way on making wigs. They now look a bit more natural and I use 85% of the time fine quality human hair and the other 15% is a mix of human and mohair. In a future, I will elaborate more on the subject with a another doll… For tonight’s post, I decided to present Agnès with two of my previous dolls, Fukiko & Betty.

It was important for me to present her and compare her with other dolls that I created in the past, because yes, in my own point of view, Agnès looks different from my old dolls. For one, she’s taller and more linear. Two, her face looks more women like and her features are little bit more “realistic”, in other word less cartoon like! I sculpted her in being aware that I needed to make a more mature doll, rather than childish looking one. Though a few past dolls also look more women like, Rachelle, Aglahé and Beatrice come to mind, however with Agnès, I went more deeply with her sculpt aesthetic!

Fukiko & Agnès

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Agnès on day light!


Good evening! On Last night’s post, I introduced you to my lovely Agnès, once painted, but her pictures were taken during the night. However, this time, I present her to you on a natural day light, were all photos were taken during a hot summer day afternoon, last year! Enjoy!

AMG-Agnès-Painted - Copie (6)

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