It was about time!

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Hello my friends! It was about time for me to finally start sanding my porcelain doll parts! Because I duplicate many doll parts, it took me two days to complete the work and more of them need to be clean! I expect that a few more days are needed, before the first greenware firing. I must admit that my workspace was a bit dirty and I did my best to make it clean. Overall, I’m quite happy with the results.

Salut mes amis! Il était temps pour moi d’entamer enfin le sablage des parties de ma poupée de porcelaine ! Le fait d’avoir, dupliquer plusieurs parties de ma poupée, il m’a fallu deux jours pour achever le travail et plusieurs d’entre elles ont dû être retravaillé! Je m’attends à quelques jours qui me sont nécessaires, avant d’entamer la première cuisson douce. Je dois vous avouer mon espace de travail était un peu sale et j’ai fait de mon mieux pour le maintenir propre. Dans l’ensemble, je suis très heureuse avec les résultats.

First greenware firing


Hi all! This is my first low firing heads ever. This greenware firing is important, because it will allow me, to rework and retouch those heads in warm distilled water. However, when they are manipulated, these heads are still fragile. It is only after the bisque firing that they will be strong and hard enough to handle.

Bonjour à tous! Voici mes premières têtes cuites sous une cuisson lente. Cette cuisson est importante puisqu’elle me permettra, par la suite, de retravailler et de retoucher ces têtes dans une eau tiède distillée. Toutefois, lorsqu’elles sont manipulées, ces pièces sont encore fragiles. Ce n’est qu’après la cuisson dites biscuit, qu’elles seront assez solides.


Making other molds

AMG DOLL-Plaster mold making (20)

I’ll continue with other molds and I can’t wait to finish them! I can’t wait to find my office-studio clean and without dust! But, since my molds have many parts, depending on the piece (torso 4 parts and bust 5 parts), I must persevere and wait!

Je continue avec d’autres moules et je suis impatiente de terminer! J’ai hâte de retrouver mon atelier propre et sans aucune poussière! Mais, puisque plusieurs moules possèdent de nombreuses parties, dépendant de la pièce (torse 4 parties et buste 5 parties), il me faut patienter et persévérer!

Now the hands…

AMG-DOLL-Porcelain bjd prototype (37)

Hello my friends! I finally finished the hands of this prototype doll and she finally comes to life! I like sculpting hands which requires great care and attention to details…

Allô mes amis! J’ai finalement terminé les mains et cette poupée prototype prend enfin vie! J’aime bien sculpter les mains, cela me demande une grande minutie et une attention particulière aux détails…

My mysterious Lara part 2

Good evening! On this second part of my mysterious Lara, I will be showing her progression on making her wig for which it is made in a very light blond color (#613) made in a mix of synthetic and human blends. At first, I wasn’t into using synthetic hair, simply because it did not look natural to me, especially when I make Caucasian dolls. After purchasing various brands and thanks to my dear sisters, I have somewhat put this prejudice aside. This mix of synthetic and human hair on Lara’s head, is so soft that one could not see or feel the difference between the two. Also, what is great with this mix, is that you can iron it in a cool temperature. Thanks everybody for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob


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Fei Fan part 2

Hello folks! Before I continue with more pictures of my dear Fai Fan, I would love to give a sincere thank you to all of you who like Atelier Miss Georgia’s Facebook page. The page has reached 995 Likes and I am totally surprised and touched! It truly gives high hopes, since more dolls post are on their way…so stay tuned! For tonight’s post, I am showing more photos of Fai Fan. These photos were taken this past May. One more thing to add, I handmade Fei Fan’s eyes in a previous batch of glass eyes nearly two years ago. As a warning, when baking glass eyes within polymer clay, they tend to crack under the pressure once polymer clay cools down. This is why I opted for crystal handmade eyes. Although, after fabricating an excessive amount of glass eyes, I decided to use a few of them on my future dolls.  Enjoy and will see each other on my next post. Thanks/Merci!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Fei fan-DSC06225

Fei fan-DSC06238


Fei Fan-DSC06224

Fei fan-DSC06230

Fei fan-DSC06231

Fei fan-DSC06228

Fei Fan-DSC06160

Fei Fan-DSC06157

Fei Fan-DSC06162

Fei Fan-DSC06167

Fei Fan-DSC06186

Fei Fan-DSC06188

Fei Fan-DSC06189

Fei fan-DSC06238

Fei Fan

Hi everyone! Tonight it is a hot one in Montreal, the temperature is close to 30 degrees (94 Fahrenheit). I don’t know if I am going to be able to sleep well this evening. But frankly, were are in the month of August and it is totally normal! I’m no going to complain! Now, let me introduce you to Fei Fan, my very first Asian doll! Actually, she is more Chinese inspired and I have been dreaming a long time ago to create an Asian beauty. With the great result that I have experience with the mix of Living Doll and Fimo Classic, I was thrill to mold Fei Fan with that mix. Meanwhile, I did have problems molding her brown glass eyes though: four times actually! Fei Fan is quit petite compare to all my previous dolls, 17 inches (43 cm), but I am so happy on how she turned out! I will publish more photos of her tomorrow!  Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob







Fei Fan-DSC05161

Dawn part 2

Good morning! As I promise, here are more photos of Dawn taken 4 months ago! Enjoy!

Marie Georghy Jacob















Hi guys! I can’t believe we are already in mid-August and that summer is almost…over! Ooops…I did not want to say that and scared people. Let me say it out loud my friends : summer is still here with us for the next five weeks and lets do enjoy it! Now, let me introduce you to my dear Dawn, my third ”demoiselle” that I molded during the month of May last year. Dawn is made of Living Doll clay  (Terracotta) with a mix of Fimo Classic (Chocolate). The mix of the two clays gives a pure rich dark brown tone that is more closer to real African or African American skin tone compare to other clays. Also, it is nicely semi-translucent, since Fimo Classic used alone, is not. I truly recommend Living Doll Terracotta color, if you want to make an authentic black skin doll, it really does look like real skin! Meanwhile, add a bit of Fimo Classic to firm it up! On pictures below, you will notice that Dawn’s sculpture does not match my drawing or the model picture. I do admit, that I did have a bit of a problem molding her. Seriously, when it comes to molding, I need more than one picture of a live model: front and both profiles, from the right to left side, to make something closer to reality. I promised myself that next time, I will sculpt this doll again, but with another type of polymer clay. Anyways, I do like this doll head. More Pictures of Dawn tomorrow and thanks again everybody for your sincere support!

Marie Georghy Jacob









Rachelle part 2

Hello everyone! For tonight post, I present the second and last part of Rachelle fully painted and blushed. As you have may notice, Rachelle’s body is more athletic and toned, which I really do like. In real life, I love variety though my aesthetic do not change that much.