Here’s a brief look…

Good morning! Here’s a brief look at the first doll I made. There is still a lot to do and I hope to finish her towards the end of May and the beginning of June. Thank you all for appreciating my work.

Bon matin! Voici un bref aperçu de la première poupée que je fabrique. Il y a encore beaucoup à faire et j’espère la terminer vers la fin du mois de mai et début juin. Merci à vous tous, d’apprécier mon travail.

Angnès camera test #1

Good evening to you all! Before I continue with my lovely Agnès, I would I like to say a huge thank you to all my followers on my two Facebook pages, Google +, Pinterest, Tweeter and of course here on WordPress! Your sensibility over my works (handmade fashion dolls) has truly touch my heart! There is a big and many wonderful communities that I am part of in different social medias and where I enjoy sharing what I do, but also to connect with other very talented artists from different mediums! Up till now, I am having a lot of FUN and life is wonderful! Like I did with a few of my previous dolls (Lara, Laïs and Haulani), I’m living you with Agnès first camera test! Enjoy!


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This is my up coming fashion art doll created last year as final project for 2015! More details will be posted during the weekend! Stay tuned doll fanatics!

AMG-Agnès-DSC05529 - Copie


Good evening! It feels so good to be back and posting on dolls again! A few days ago, in one of my posts, I mentioned that two dolls created in 2015, haven’t yet been shown! I was totally short in time, with my day job, going to college, testing polymer clay, improving a few Technics in my doll making and the list still goes on… Now, let’s talk about this one, Haulani, a big doll, stands 19 ½ inches tall (50 cm). She’s entirely made in Living doll polymer clay and her eyes are handmade by me in Swarovsky crystal cabochons, just like the ones that I previously made for a few dolls. She was not easy to sculpt, since her height and weight did not help. In fact, during the process of curing her, I had to make sure her under armature made with Fimo Classic was sturdy! Because of multiple cracks, due to the clay, she took me almost 5 weeks to complete! I did not want to loose any clay, since a few of them are expensive to buy and let me say it, I simply do not like waste! After she cooled down, although she had few cracks, Haulani’s skin color turned out lovely! I will continue with more photos of her tomorrow! Thanks/Merci!

Marie Georghy Jacob


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Laïs camera test (Black & White)

Hello everyone! It feels good to be back and posting again! I hope your Christmas day was enjoyable and memorable with your love ones and must importantly, that you all took a good rest, since there is still New Year’s Eve to celebrate! Before my Christmas post, there was one last camera test that I made of my sexy Laïs. This time, it is in black and white. All pictures are truly beautiful and nicely finished. I hope you like them like I do, I will see you soon on my next post, till than , enjoy!


More of Lerato’s photos


Hello everybody! After what happen in Paris, in respect to these difficult times, I thought it was better not to post anything for at least two days. There is a huge French community here in Montreal and a special peace and solidarity walk was initiated by our mayor, Denis Coderre today. A fantastic crowd of 10 000 people joined in and walk all the way to the French Consulate.

Early last week, I had introduced you to my lovely Lerato and I wasn’t happy with her pictures at all, but I will show some of them anyways…However, the good news is that I finally purchased a new camera! I tried it today and it’s awesome! The pictures that you will see of Lerato are made will my old camera.


Marie Georghy Jacob

Lerato-DSC07378 (44)

Lerato-DSC07378 (33)Lerato-DSC07378 (31)