The work in progress of NIA

NEA-work in progress-AMG DOLL (19)

Good evening to you all! Here are the first pictures of the work in progress of NIA. I used a mixture of several polymer clay brands, such as Prosculpt, Fimo & Cernit to create her. From the beginning of her realization (NIA), I felt confident with her modelling, since I understood what I was doing. This has not prevented me to read and look again at my books and DVDs based on ball jointed dolls. In my opinion, this would have been a serious error of egocentrism, I’m a firm believer, that we should never think that everything is acquired… I am one of those who is trying to do things modestly: the perfectionist in me forces to do so. To return to NIA, in terms of silhouette, I wanted her to be different from PEA: slightly larger, a longer torso, finer hands and more realistic feet. I’ll be back with more pictures of her very soon. Thank you all!

Bonsoir à tous! Voici les premières photos du travail en progression de NEA. La pâte utiliser est un mélange de plusieurs marques, Prosculpt, Fimo et Cernit. Dès le début de sa réalisation (Nea), je me sentais en confiance avec son modelage puisque je comprenais ce que je faisais. Cela ne m’a pas empêché de lire et de regarder à nouveau mes livres et dvd sur la conception de poupées bjd. À mon avis, cela aurait été une grave erreur d’égocentrisme, car je crois qu’il ne faut jamais penser que tout est acquis…Je suis de ceux qui agit avec grande modestie, la perfectionniste en moi me l’oblige. Pour revenir à NEA, en termes de silhouette, je la voulais différente de PEA : légèrement plus grande, un torse plus long, des mains plus raffinés et des pieds plus réalistes. Je vous reviendrai avec d’autres images très bientôt. Merci à tous!

Sculpting the torso…

I finally finished my BJD doll torso and I even continue with the elbows, knees and chest. I am pleased to have my template used: technical drawing of my doll. It has been more than helpful, though I may make other changes once this doll will be completed. The polymer clay that I used is a mixture of Cernit (nougat) and Living Doll (Terracota). I thought about not having enough to sculpt this doll: the fact that I have not yet started the head and particularly the thighs, so far, the chest requires a lot of clay.  But I think it will be fine… I’ll be back tomorrow with more details. Thank you!

J’ai finalement terminé le torse de ma poupée BJD et j’ai même continué les coudes, les genoux et le buste. Je me félicite d’avoir eu recours à mon gabarit : dessin technique de ma poupée. Il m’a été plus qu’utile, quoique je risque d’apporter d’autres modifications une fois cette poupée sera terminée. Les pâtes de polymère que j’ai utilisé sont un mélange de Cernit (nougat) et de Living Doll (Terracota). Je pensais de n’en avoir pas assez pour sculpter cette poupée : le fait que je n’ai pas encore commencé la tête et plus particulièrement les cuisses, jusqu’ici, le torse requière énormément de pâte.  Mais, je crois que cela ira bien…Je vous reviens demain avec la suite. Merci!

Presenting Glòria!

Good evening to all of you! May I present to you Glòria my very first doll for 2016! Yeh! I started this beauty early last December between a very busy schedule (working and going to school). It was my first time using Kato polyclay. From what I’ve read and heard from various articles and artists, this polymer clay was a must try. Last fall, I decided to purchased a few of them, beige, brown and white translucent. I will make a very short review of this clay and I will focus mainly on my personal experience  and on my research to find the best technical aspects on making fully sculpted dolls. Let’s not forget, that my dolls stand between 17 & 19 inches tall (43 cm & 48 cm) and I have NO intention in making smaller ones. First, this polymer clay looks and feels more like plastic when you touch it, but is not sticky when you start working with it. Second, if you need something to be strong after baking, this clay is the one to choose. Also this clay is not expensive for the quantity purchased (8,99 US$ for 12 Oz / 350g) On the other hand, I found two downsides to this polymer clay, the first one is its smell which tends to be very strong. In my own opinion, it smell like strong rubber or plastic, but  I can work with it. The second downside, just like Cernit, the color darkens once baked. If I use it for future dolls, which I probably will, I plan to mix it with other strong polymer clays. For my Glòria, I chose the beige color mixed with translucent white. This beige color, unbaked,  looks similar to Prosculpt Caucasian flesh.

AMG-2016-DSC07804 - Copie