Good evening all art doll lovers! Tonight I feel better with all the nice comments on my dolls that I have received from several Facebook followers. Making and creating dolls, in my studio, is most of the time a serene one but it can sometimes feel lonely too. Thanks to each of them and I really feel the spirit of the doll community and for which I am very proud to be part of! For the second part of this post, here are more photos of Honor a doll that pretty much enjoy to create last year. As I previously explained in yesterday’s post, Honor does not look Irish. Though I had one in mind, when I drew her at first, but when it came to sculpt her…it was another story! Even with her red hair and wrinkles, she looks much more as an Asian girl instead. Regardless of these minor differences, I hope you will like her.

Thanks and have a great evening

Marie Georghy Jacob


Honor-DSC06369 (10)


Honor-DSC06369 (7)Honor-DSC06360 (3)

Honor-DSC06369 (2)

Honor-DSC06360 (4)


Honor-DSC06369 (11)

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