Hello! Tomorrow I’ll post few photos of Aleisha, my fifth doll from 2012. She’s was created in later September of that year and she was also crated in Fimo classic.

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Marie Georghy Jacob


Facebook page confusion

Good afternoon everyone! Many people are little confused with my page Marie George Montreal which is my doll collecting page, but I no longer collect them anymore. In stand, since early 2012 I’ve started to created OOAK fashion art doll under my creative studio: Atelier Miss Georgia. Many future post from Atelier Miss Georgia will be my journey from doll making since mid-January 2012. Also, I would like to thank all of you who like like Atelier Miss Georgia’s page via Facebook. It truly have touched my heart.

Dolls heads from 2013 sculpting by Marie Georghy Jacob for Atelier Miss Georgia
Dolls heads from 2013 sculpting by Marie Georghy Jacob for Atelier Miss Georgia


Marie Georghy Jacob


More Post will come…

Hello! More post will be featured in few days. I’ll explain on how I’ve learned to sculpt from various books, DVD’s and on the internet.



Marie Georghy

Fimo Classic Chocolate

Good evening! By the end of summer 2012, after Ally, I’ve sculpted one head sculpt in Fimo Classic Chocolate. It gave me the chance to test my face up on darker skin tone which I’ve never did. I was hooked with the result, but I did do a lot of recherche on dark skin shadows and light effect. From that moment, I felt more confidant with my sculpting and painting skills.

AMG-DSC04445 AMG-DSC04444


Marie Georghy

Fimo Classic & Fimo Soft

Hello to you all! Yesterday, on my post on Ally, I explain how disappointed I was with Fimo soft and the doll. But this sad experience didn’t stop me from experimenting. In stand, I had the idea to mix both Fimo Soft and Fimo Soft. The mix of these two clay was a hard one for my hand. The flesh color of Fimo Classic is a bit darker than Fimo Soft. But at the end, it was fun one and the result was great, I really liked the color and love the feeling on my hands (none greasy). However, I would used it only for practicing heads, hands and feets only, but no dolls.




Fimo Classic of the right and Finno soft on the left



Marie Georghy


Hi everyone! My third doll was Ally and was created in august 2012. She’s kind of different from my two previous dolls I’ve made. Ally was made in Fimo Soft and not Fimo Classic. I must confess that I was a bit disappointed with this doll for various reasons. But first of all, I like her height; she’s one inch taller than Clara & Sophie: 19 inches (48 cm) and her flesh peach skin color was great to blush.

The main problem that I have with this doll was the clay itself. Fimo Soft is different from Fimo Classic and easier to work with and I taught the end result would be the same but I was mistaken. Fimo soft didn’t support very well the strong wire armature of the doll. Also, the under armature was created with air drying clay which I was using for the first time.  So it made the armature way to heavy for the clay to support and it made a small crack in her left shoulder.

Anyway, I’ve decided to finish her and made a second head which I’m not showing. For final word, one thing was sure from that moment, I’ve decided to invest and test all polymer clay brands that were available in the market the following months.

AMG-DSC05590 AMG-DSC05589

AMG-DSC04406 AMG-DSC04405

AMG-DSC04384 AMG-DSC04346

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My Previous Working Studio

This is were I previously worked and created my dolls: it was in a small corner of my bedroom! Better than nothing, previously my studio was in my living room for witch I liked: the natural lighting was awesome.But now I’ve moved out, my 3½ room apartment was getting way to small.

AMG-DSC05558  AMG-DSC05358








Marie Georghy

Clara & Danielle

Good morning! Here is photos of Clara and Danielle fully wigged with synthetic hair

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Danielle &Clara

Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy

Here is Zoe!

Hello to you all! Here is Zoe, her head was sculpt at the same time as Danielle’s back in early May 2012. She’s also share the same body. I liked her and I still do. She reminds me of an innocent young teenager.


Marie Georghy Jacob





Zoe unpainted

The Making of Danielle

Good evening to you all! The second doll that I’ve created in May 2012 is Danielle. She was also made with Fimo Classic and was fully sculpted. Also, I’ve made a second head while I was making her, the other girl is Zoe, witch I’ll show you on my next post!


Marie Georghy