Laïs camera test (Black & White)

Hello everyone! It feels good to be back and posting again! I hope your Christmas day was enjoyable and memorable with your love ones and must importantly, that you all took a good rest, since there is still New Year’s Eve to celebrate! Before my Christmas post, there was one last camera test that I made of my sexy Laïs. This time, it is in black and white. All pictures are truly beautiful and nicely finished. I hope you like them like I do, I will see you soon on my next post, till than , enjoy!



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Merry Christmas!

I would love to wish a Merry Christmas to all of you and especially to all who have been following me since mid-June of this year. May this Christmas be a wonderful and happy one for you and your families.

Best regards

Marie Georghy Jacob


Laïs camera test (Special Effect)



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Laïs camera test (Watercolors)

I love this beautiful watercolor finish on Laïs. It soften her and makes her  look more graceful, don’t you guys think?



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Laïs camera test (Dark Color)

Hello! This is my camera test with the dark color effect. I wanted to add a shadow effect on my sexy Laïs. I tried to keep her natural looking skin tone as natural as possible with this test. Enjoy my friends!




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