Now is painting time!


Good evening to you all! After two days of sanding, I was finally able to paint my BJD doll. Yay! Normally, I apply between three to four coats of paint on my figurative dolls and this time, I knew that it would take more time. In fact, to paint this type of doll takes a lot of time: there are more than 19 pieces in total. The other challenge I had to do deal with this doll was the blushing. I studied several images of young women to master the various darker and lighter shades, in order to paint a more realistic body. I will come back to you in a few days with other images. Thank you all for your interest in my work!

Bonsoir à vous tous! Après deux jours de sablage, j’ai finalement pu peinturer ma poupée BJD. Youpi! Normalement, j’applique entre trois et quatre couches de peinture pour mes poupées figuratives et cette fois-ci, je savais que le processus serait plus long. En effet, peinturer ce type de poupée prend énormément de temps : il y a plus de 19 pièces au grand total. L’autre défi que j’ai du faire face avec cette poupée est le “blushing”. Il m’a fallu regarder plusieurs images de jeunes femmes pour bien maîtriser les parties plus ombragées ou plus claires, afin de peindre un corps plus réaliste. Je vous reviendrai d’ici quelques jours avec d’autres images. Merci à tous de votre intérêt pour mon travail!

Laïs camera test (Black & White)

Hello everyone! It feels good to be back and posting again! I hope your Christmas day was enjoyable and memorable with your love ones and must importantly, that you all took a good rest, since there is still New Year’s Eve to celebrate! Before my Christmas post, there was one last camera test that I made of my sexy Laïs. This time, it is in black and white. All pictures are truly beautiful and nicely finished. I hope you like them like I do, I will see you soon on my next post, till than , enjoy!