Inspirational Designs for Adele

What’s up everyone? Was your Monday an easy one or was it heavy and draining? Do not worry about it, since summer is around the corner and vacations are on their way. Summer means color and I am ready to complete inspirational designs for Adele. The outfit that I’ll will be designing though will not be part of a summer collection: the fabric that I will be using (corduroy) is not proper.




Adele’s design inspiration

Hi everybody! For Adele’s design inspiration everything came pretty easily, I went with what I already had in my home. The first thing that intrigued me was this beautiful flower bouquet in my kitchen. Though they are artificial fabric flowers, I found them very pretty and since I love color so much, it was totally normal for me to use this lovely flower bouquet as a design inspiration for Adele. The fabric which I will be using, is a colorful cotton corduroy with exotic central Asian flower print patterns. I will come up with more design details in a few days. Thanks everyone!




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Heartbreak…with Adele!


Hi everyone! I didn’t know how to start this post, in fact, I decided to take my time to write something, because I am a little heartbroken with my doll Adele! Some of you who are following me via Tweeter or Facebook have probably noticed a huge crack on top of Adele’s right leg! It looks horrible! What happen? I think it happen while I was making her wig. You see, the way I sculpted Adele’s legs are different: the right knee is bent and which makes that leg vulnerable in terms of manipulation. I don’t know if I would have used another firmer polymer clay, like Cernit or Fimo, I would have experienced the same type of problem! Anyways, I have fixed her leg with…Apoxie clay. Personally, aesthetically, it doesn’t look pretty.To be honest, it’s the only thing that I see when I look at her now! I will paint that upper leg and changed half of the design process and I will get back to you with more updates of Adele’s working progress. Thanks everybody!


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Adele’s hair decision!

Hello! What a week it was…going to school and finishing my semester with three textile exams, working 30 hours and with all that, I have my doll Adele to finish…Do not worry, by nature, I’m a positive person! Speaking of Adele, I had to make a hair decision: black silky or dark brown and curly. I chose the second option since I want to create an authentic black doll, meaning a doll with braids. Wish me luck (just kidding)! See you in my next post!




Adele’s work in progress


Hello! On tonight’s post I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Some of you may have seen some pictures of her on my Facebook or Google + pages! Like my previous doll Glòria, I decided to use once again Kato polyclay,  the brown color. This clay is very good, but in my own opinion,  it’s better and stronger once mixed with an other clay, such as Fimo. The brown color is very pretty too, but gets darker once baked.Sorry that the photos do not do justice to Adele.

Thanks for watching!



Happy Mother’s Day

For this Sunday May 8th 2016, I would like to take a moment to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there and especially, my mother, a mother of four daughters and one of my sisters, a mother of two! God knows, that you can change your friends if they don’t have your trust, you can  also switch your job if your talent is not recognized  or leave your boyfriend if  he shows no respect. But, you can not change your parents, on less they want to and especially a mother, because we simply did not choose them! Parents do the best that they can to raise and educate their children, and especially mothers. And once again Happy Mother’s Day.

Glòria a ooak doll made by Marie Georghy Jcob

Work in progress of Adele

Hello to you all! On tonight’s post, I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Yes that’s the name of my next doll and yes, I’m a big fan of the talented British singer Adele and I love her name! My doll Adele is a continuity of my previous work: making a doll sketch, building a solid wire armature and under armature, molding and mixing polymer clay and than molding the doll in stages: one layer of clay, bake it and let it cool down, before putting another layer of clay. But, what is different with this doll, I am planing to mold her with high heels, something that I have never done before! I was a bit concerned of the solidity of her ankles, but thanks to my new love and saver  in doll making: Apoxie clay! I knew, right from the beginning it was the right medium for me to use  and since the doll is tall, I wanted to be reassured! More details of Adele in a few days! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!


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