Silicone mold tests

Ready for my first mold test/ Je suis prête pour mes premiers moules

Hi all! I am ready for the development of silicone molds. However, I have to do a first test to determine how much silicone I will need. Volume is paramount for this task. I have to measure the height, width and depth of each piece. Afterwards, I have to take the measurements of each parts of the doll, and then make the molds with the help of Styrofoam boards. For this delicate operation, I will have to work outside. The aerosol spray is toxic and harmful to the lungs.

Bonjour à tous! Je suis prête pour l’élaboration des moules de silicones. Toutefois, je dois faire un premier test afin de déterminer combien de silicone que j’aurai de besoin. Le volume est primordial pour cette tâche. Il me faut mesurer la hauteur, la largeur et la profondeur de chacune des pièces. Par la suite, il me faut reprendre les mensurations de chaque partie de la poupée, puis réaliser les moules avec l’aide de planches de styromousse. Pour cette délicate opération, je devrai travaillerai à l’extérieur. Le vaporisateur en aérosol est toxique et néfaste pour les poumons.

A new doll head!


I have decided to create a new head and which has a childish look. Frankly, when I look at her, she’s kind of my favorite at the moment…To be honest, it seems that it is always the last doll that I am working on which is my favorite. The reason for this, I think, it is because I am a maker and I love challenging myself by creating things with my hands, instead of “creating” a connection with them…and move on with excitement with another doll.

J’ai décidé de créer une nouvelle tête plus enfantine. Honnêtement, lorsque je la regarde, je dois confesser, qu’elle est en sorte ma préférée, pour le moment… Pour être honnête, il me semble que c’est toujours la dernière poupée que je travaille qui est ma préférée. La raison à cela, je pense que c’est le fait que j’aime avant tout créer des choses avec mes mains et que je veux éviter de « créer » un lien avec elles… et par la suite, passer à une autre poupée avec excitation.

Ready for photo shoot!


Hello everyone! My doll outfit is now finish and I am ready for her photo shoot! More details and pictures will be posted during the week…Stay tuned!

Bonjour à tous! J’ai terminé le vêtement de ma poupée et je suis prête pour la séance photo! Plus de détails et d’images seront publiés au cours de la semaine…Restez connecté!

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Agnès with Fukiko & Betty!


Bonjour everyone! Two days ago, my dear Agnès was introduced to you wigged! Speaking of wigs, the hair used was synthetic, I have used it, to mimic natural black hair. Also, I changed my way on making wigs. They now look a bit more natural and I use 85% of the time fine quality human hair and the other 15% is a mix of human and mohair. In a future, I will elaborate more on the subject with a another doll… For tonight’s post, I decided to present Agnès with two of my previous dolls, Fukiko & Betty. It was important for me to present her and compare her with other dolls that I created in the past, because yes, in my own point of view, Agnès looks different from my old dolls. For one, she’s taller and more linear. Two, her face looks more women like and her features are little bit more “realistic”, in other word less cartoon like! I sculpted her in being aware that I needed to make a more mature doll, rather than childish looking one. Though a few past dolls also look more women like, Rachelle, Aglahé and Beatrice come to mind, however with Agnès, I went more deeply with her sculpt aesthetic!

Fukiko & Agnès


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Agnès wigged!

Hello to you all! Here is a sneak preview of my dear Agnès wigged! More photos of her will be publish in few days! Enjoy!


Marie Georghy Jacob


Agnès on day light!

Good evening! On Last night’s post, I introduced you to my lovely Agnès, once painted, but her pictures were taken during the night. However, this time, I present her to you on a natural day light, were all photos were taken during a hot summer day afternoon, last year! Enjoy!

AMG-Agnès-Painted - Copie (6)

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Agnès Painted!


Hello! On tonight’s post, I’m continuing with Agnès painting and blushing. Painting dark skin tones can be an uneasy task, especially with the blushing part. To resolve this problem, I had to equip myself with tons pictures of beautiful and various women of color. In order to offer an authentic and respectful work and I needed to learn how to make beautiful blushing for the shadow aspect and believe me, that didn’t come over night! It came with a lot of trials and errors! One of them was to create the exact color blushing for the doll… It was a nice try, but once acrylic paints dries, it gets darker and that is why now, I ALWAYS make sure to make a few tests first! Another thing that I have learned over the years, is to always use a color wheel. The color wheel helps me to understand the relationship between colors, especially when it makes an equilateral triangle to find the two other colors. You see, each color has 3 colors between them to form a triangle with different tints (white), shades (gray) and shadows (black). Anyways, regardless of some painting imperfections, this doll was a bless to paint!

Amg-Agnès (2)


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Agnès & Polymer Clay

Happy Sunday doll lovers! On yesterday’s post, I mentioned the polymer clay used was Cernit and on her stomach it was a darker…well this was due to fact that I decided to used Fimo Classic chocolate. Normally, I sculpt my dolls each part separate, which I find easier for symmetry. I’m a huge fan of both labels (Cernit & Fimo), their qualities go beyond my expectations. Don’t get me wrong, they are hard to work with and it takes me more than one day to both moisturize and mix them… At the end, I can’t barely feel my hands, but the end result is worth all the work. Also, Cernit Nougat unbaked tends to look more like a green chocolate brown, which at first looks a little bit unrealistic. Despite that, I needed to wait and see the doll once baked and cooled down, just to give it a try. All my worries were gone after seeing Agnes’s skin color, it look so real and closer to general black skin tone, a deep milk chocolate easy to paint!


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Agnès the Island Pearl!

Happy Saturday everyone! May I present to you Agnès, the Island Pearl! I named her like this because this doll is very special to me, since she’s a reference of my Haitian roots! She’s also comes right in time for February, the black history month. As I previously said in one post, Agnès is the last doll from 2015, she stands 20 inches tall (50,8 cm) and is made of Cernit polymer clay. The dark part in her stomach, is a left over of polymer clay, Fimo Classic chocolate and since I really do not like waste of any kind, I had to use it! More photos of this beauty will be posted tomorrow! Enjoy!



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Haulani camera test (Special Effects)

Good evening everybody! Before I continue with tonight’s post, my doll Haulani received positive and if I can add to this, lovely reactions from the general public! Thanks to all of you, this beauty was a bless for me to create last summer. Sadly, tonight’s post will be the last one on my sweet Haulani and another doll will be presented next weekend! This time, I decided to make it simple by making one last camera test, I call it “Special Effects”. All pictures looks like black & white watercolors ! Thanks for watching!



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