Testing & mixing polymer clays

Since my beginnings, I like to mix different colors of polymer clay. The surprise effect is a delightful sensation and especially after the firing. For the next dolls, I will dwell on only four skin colors (vanilla, latte, caramel and cinnamon). In the future, I plan to make more. What do you think of these colors? Do you like those names?

Depuis mes débuts, j’aime mélanger différentes couleurs de pâte de polymère. L’effet de surprise est une sensation réjouissante et tout particulièrement après la cuisson. Pour les prochaines poupées, je vais m’attarder qu’à seulement quatre couleurs de peau (vanille, latté, caramel et cannelle). Dans le futur, je compte en réaliser d’autres. Que pensez-vous de ces couleurs? Est-ce que ces noms vous plaisent?

Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon & Latte/Vanille, Caramel, Cannelle et Latte

Nia’s painting is now done!

NEA-work in progress-AMG DOLL (39)

Nia’s painting is now done! I’m sorry for not posting sooner, however, more of her will be featured during this coming week! Thanks everyone!

La peinture réalisée sur Nia est maintenant terminée! Je suis désolée de n’avoir pas pu publié plus tôt, toutefois plus de détails seront montrés au cours de la semaine! Merci tout le monde!

Painting has started!

NEA-work in progress-AMG DOLL (32)

My friends painting has started on Nia and cannot wait for the final result!

Mes amis, la peinture de Nia à débutée et j’ai hâte de voir le résultat final!

“All I ever wanted was to…”


“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.”
― Tahereh MafiShatter Me

« Tout ce que je veux est d’atteindre et de toucher un autre être humain non seulement avec mes mains, mais avec mon coeur. »  ― Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

Ready for photo shoot!


Hello everyone! My doll outfit is now finish and I am ready for her photo shoot! More details and pictures will be posted during the week…Stay tuned!

Bonjour à tous! J’ai terminé le vêtement de ma poupée et je suis prête pour la séance photo! Plus de détails et d’images seront publiés au cours de la semaine…Restez connecté!

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Adele’s work in progress


Hello! On tonight’s post I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Some of you may have seen some pictures of her on my Facebook or Google + pages! Like my previous doll Glòria, I decided to use once again Kato polyclay,  the brown color. This clay is very good, but in my own opinion,  it’s better and stronger once mixed with an other clay, such as Fimo. The brown color is very pretty too, but gets darker once baked.Sorry that the photos do not do justice to Adele.

Thanks for watching!



Textile project 2 (Fokiko)

Hi to you all! Here is my second textile project 2, but this time with cold colors and modeling by my beautiful Fukiko! Like the outfit made for Betty, hers is only pin in the back. The main idea was to see how the prints would turn out and how I needed to work with them for future textile projects created especially for my OOAK dolls. Hope you like it and we will see each other in my next post!

Best regards

Marie Georghy Jacob

Fukiko-Tex-Pro-2 (48)

Fukiko-Tex-Pro-2 (45)

Fukiko-Tex-Pro-2 (46)

Fukiko-Tex-Pro-2 (40)

Textile Project 2 (Betty)

Good evening! As I said on my previous post, this second personal textile project, inspired by Haitian Naive Art painting by Pierre Maxo, would be used to make future outfits. Here is the first result with the hot colors! I don’t know what you think about it, but this outfit was made directly on Betty, it could have been another doll, but I did not think of one particularly. See you on my next post with the second outfit made with the cold colors and another doll! Thanks/Merci for watching.

Marie Georghy Jacob

Betty-Proj-Tex-2 (41)

Betty-Proj-Tex-2 (52)

Betty-Proj-Tex-2 (18)

Textile project 2

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you did take a rest and enjoy spending time with your love ones…in these difficult time. I think is truly important to spend  time and have fun with the ones we cherish the most! Speaking of having fun, here is my second personal textile project! I’m excited to show it to you because I was inspired with Haitian Naive Art Paintings. We call this kind of painting  primitive art or an instinctive one, in other words, Folk art, since most Haitian painters are self taught. The main themes are generally the outside market place, people in the river fishing, washing or dancing and the sensual women. The painting technique is characterized by abstracted human forms and is strongly influenced by  Haitian Voodoo symbolism and as for the colors, they are vibrant and hot : orange, Caribbean blue, electric green, yellow, pure red!

For a change, I chose a young Haitian painter, Pierre Maxo (1969-). He was trained and disciplined from the famous artist Gabriel Alix, who died in 1998. Alix was acknowledged as the “first generation” Haitian primitive painter. Maxo paintings are pretty close to Alix’s style, however many art critics find his work a bit more sophisticated in his use of compositions and colors. Maxo’s work has become  widely appreciated and collected for several years now.

In this second personal textile project, I decided to use a mix of silk/cotton white thin cloths and hand painting them in a more watercolor way, for which I absolutely love. I went in the extreme with the colors and made two samples: one with cold colors and the other one with hot ones. I finished it all with foil paper to give a “fantasy” effect at the end. In my next post you will see outfits made out of them! Stay tuned!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Pierre Maxo
Panthers in the Jungle by Pierre Maxo