Here’s the new torso!

AMG-DOLL-Porcelain bjd prototype (22)

Happy Sunday everyone! I have finally finished the new torso of this BJD doll and I think I did well in following my intuition! Indeed, I must confess that before cutting the torso, I had begun to shape the bust. The design of the bust clearly confirmed what I feared: a doll with a long torso and especially, too skinny! I have nothing against being thin, except that there is a limit and a difference between thin and skinny… and let’s face it, a garment falls better on a well-proportioned body and with graceful and sensual curves… Do you agree with me?

Bon Dimanche tout le monde! J’ai pu enfin terminer le nouveau torse de cette poupée BJD et à mon avis, j’ai bien fait de suivre mon intuition! En effet, je dois vous avouer qu’avant de couper ce torse, j’avais commencé à modeler le buste. La conception du buste ma clairement confirmée ce que je craignais : une poupée avec un torse trop long et surtout, trop maigre! Je n’ai rien contre la minceur, sauf que, il y une limite et une différence entre la minceur et la maigreur…et avouons-le, un vêtement tombe réellement mieux sur un corps bien proportionné et courbes gracieuses et sensuelles…Êtes-vous de mon avis?

AMG-DOLL-Porcelain bjd prototype (19)


A lot of clay!


Hello! I am continuing with my new BJD project and it’s time to knead the polymer clay… a lot of clay, 1400 grams to be more accurate! So, this shows you the scale, size, and the height of this doll!

Bonjour! Je continue avec mon nouveau projet BJD et c’est le temps de pétrir de la pâte…beaucoup de pâte, 1400 grammes pour être plus exacte! Donc, cela vous montre l’ampleur, la grosseur et la grandeur de cette poupée!

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Camera Tests (dark color)

Good morning! In this final post with my new camera tests, I explored the dark color finish of some photos that I made with my mysterious Lara. I love the finish that it gives and I found that it looks like a fashion photos that we normally see  in various fashion magazines for its quality finish. Don’t you think guys? There will be more camera tests, but for other uses, such as promotional photos or gift products. Stay in touch and have a nice day doll lovers!



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Camera Tests (pale color)

Hi once again doll lovers! On tonight’s post, I continue, as I promise early today, with more camera tests that I made with my mysterious Lara, but this time, with a pale color. This kind of finish make me think of wedding photos don’t you think? Hope you like it and I will see you guys tomorrow! Have a great night!


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Camera Tests (bright color)

Good morning! On this third post dedicated to the different camera tests that I’m making with my new camera, I continue this time with the bright color. I have to admit this my favorite one and it gives me great ideas on making my one promotional postcards. Mmmm…I’ll see in the future. Will see each other tonight, on my next post. Thanks/Merci!


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Camera Tests (black & white)

Hello! Making photo shots of my mysterious Lara with my new camera was so much fun. I had the chance to play, understand and mainly do camera tests. I completed four different color tests: black & white, bright, pale and dark. On tonight’s post, it will be the black and white one. Enjoy!


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Hello! As I said in yesterday’s post, more photos of my Lara were took with my new camera. I had so much fun making these pictures and I hope you like them too!



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My mysterious Lara part 4

Finally, on tonight’s final post on my mysterious Lara, I can now show to you a few pictures that I’ve made of her with my new camera! This camera is a Sony Cyber-shot (DSC-HX50V). I have zero experience with digital cameras, but I got few help with a professional technician from Sony while going to Best Buy and during that day I was pretty lucky! I was told that the previous main problem that I had with my older camera, another one from Sony for which they don’t produce anymore, is that my memory stick wasn’t big enough to take strong pictures, only 1GB! This time, I made sure to do a good research in what kind of camera that I wanted and for what use. By that away, don’t be surprise, if you see more doll photos taken with my older camera, since most of my previous works were made with it as archives. I will publish more photos of her tomorrow. Best regards-Marie Georghy Jacob


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My mysterious Lara part 3

Good morning! Last night I made a little mistake on my previous post, the photos shown were supposed to be on today’s post (MY mysterious Lara part 3). I hope you don’t mind about this minor error of mine…but I think you’ll like these ones: Lara not yet wigged. Will see each other on tonight’s post, My mysterious Lara part 4.


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