New doll project

Good morning my friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in terms of dolls. But don’t worry, over the past few weeks, I haven’t been out of work! Indeed, I’ve made not one, but two beautiful large BDJ dolls. They are made out of polymer clay. What do you want, I’ve missed polymer clay! It’s a material that I know very well. My return to polymer clay is simple, it is due to my desire to surpass myself. Actually, I wanted to make bigger dolls and with a slender body. These dolls will measure 23 inches (57 cm) high. I’m excited about this new adventure… I’m putting together my very first real doll fashion collection. Stay tuned for what’s coming and I’ll see you soon!

Bon matin mes amis! Cela fait un bon moment que je n’ai pas publié quoique ce soit en termes de poupées. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, au cours des dernières semaines, je n’ai pas chômé! En effet, j’ai fabriqué pas une, mais belle et bien deux grandes poupées BDJ en pâte de polymère. Que voulez-vous, la pâte de polymère m’a manqué! C’est une matière que je connais fort bien. Mon retour avec la pâte de polymère est tout simplement dû à l’envie de me surpasser. En fait, je veux fabriquer des poupées plus grandes et voir sveltes. Celles-ci vont mesurées 57 cm (23 pouces) de haut. Je suis excitée par cette nouvelle aventure…Je mets sur pieds ma toute première vraie collection mode avec des poupées. Restez branché et à bientôt!

Roxanne the rebel 2

Good evening my dear friends! Yesterday, I presented Roxanne the rebel…and yes I do find a rebellious side in her! From the moment I finished molding her, she was so different from previous dolls that I made: her face looked liked she didn’t care, too serious and looked less sensible…It seems that there was almost no softness in her and, that really did bug me at the beginning, because this is not the kind of message that I want to communicate with my dolls! Most of the time, when I molding a face, I use a photo of a beautiful lady and this time, I just didn’t. I did not think on how the doll would look like at the end. Normally, I just love to be surprised, but this time, with Roxanne…I became sceptical! I love sweet, healthy and angelic faces and sometime baby face ones with a positive message. At the end, I had to go on with her, the creative side of me talked and made me celebrate her differences and this is how I decided to make her wig with a deep red orange human hair. In my next post, you will see how she turned out and, in my opinion, it changed drastically on how I felt about her! See you tomorrow!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Late at night on making her
rebellious wig!

DSC05845 (2)



DSC05836 (2)

Roxanne the rebel

Hi everyone! I can’t believe that it as been almost four months since I have been now posting on my website and it is all because of you! Thank you so much for your encouragements and your appreciation on my work, it’s makes me feel very positive for my future art works! To continue with this post, I present you Roxanne the rebel! On the next two post you will see why! Roxanne is made of Cernit and Prosculpt polymer clay, my favorite mix in terms of polymer clay. Roxanne is a tall lady, 49 cm, (19 ¼ “) tall and came to life at the end of March this year. I really do like her height, especially for most of my dolls and most outfits look great on them. Thanks and see you tomorrow with more update on my Roxanne!

Marie Georghy Jacob







Faye the baby face part 3

Happy Sunday everybody! This is the third and final part of my big baby face doll, Faye! It’s incredible how I feel about about her! I’m so pleased on how she turned out once wigged because she looks different and innocent and I do admit that I like this! I would like to know, what do you think of her? I’m curious to know your opinion! Thanks doll lovers and I will see you soon!

Marie Georghy Jacob


Faye-DSC06830 (4)

Faye-DSC06830 (36)

Faye-DSC06830 (35)

Faye-DSC06830 (33)

Faye-DSC06830 (32)

Faye-DSC06830 (31)

Faye-DSC06830 (21)

Faye-DSC06830 (19)

Faye-DSC06830 (18)

Faye-DSC06830 (17)

Faye-DSC06830 (15)

Faye the baby face part 2

Good evening OOAK art doll fanatics! Thanks for following my art work here on my website. On this second post of Faye, I present her while I was making her wig late one night. Normally, I try to make my dolls during the weekend, since I work full time during the week. Also, I had to find a balanced life and to schedule my time on making dolls after work. With all that, came a little problem: “lighting”. Working at night can be tricky if you don’t have good light! To solve this problem, I purchased not one, but three more lights and one of them hads been placed right on top of my closet and another one has a magnifier so I can see all the tiny details of my work.

Marie Georghy Jacob


           Painted late at night after work!





             Faye half wigged.

Faye the baby face!

Hi everyone! Fall has truly arrived and we feel it here in Montreal. The weather has only reached 12 degrees (53,6 Fahrenheit) today! But fall is such a beautiful season: we eat better, sleep better, the colors of the leaves are inspirational for creativity! My minds just can’ t stop creating, especially during this season. Actually, I like going to the park were I can sketch or write things…though my mind never stops creating through out the rest of the year, Fall keeps my mind grounded, calm and of course, I think that  it as to do with the temperature or the shorter days. Now, let me introduce you to Faye, yes like Faye Dunaway. Faye is my second doll created earlier this year. She was created in a mix of Prosculpt (baby) and Cernit (flesh) polymer clay. She is the first doll with Swarovski crystal handmade eyes that I made. Since most of my previous dolls were young women, I sculpted her to have a baby face on purpose,with all her facial features sculpted closer and with bigger eyes. What is particular with her, is that she’s the tallest doll that I have ever made: 52 cm (20 ½ inches) tall! Though I really love big dolls, for me, Faye is way too tall! All along while I was molding her, I kept asking myself is will she turn out OK after baked…because of the weight of the clay, I was constantly worried. However, Faye turned out fine, in fact, she was better than I thought. She is a bit heavy, but not as a few of my previous dolls. I think that it is due to the fact that I changed the way that I do my doll armature: aluminium wire instead of heavy metal wire. Before ending this post, since Faye is part of a three part post. Tonight, I will only show pictures of her both before and after sanded and painted. Thanks/Merci to everyone and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Marie Georghy Jacob














Avene part 3

Good evening to all doll fanatics! Tonight, it’s gives me a great pleasure to present more pictures of Avene since she is by far, for me, one of my most precious doll that I ever made, do to my new approach on making art dolls. I challenged myself to have both quality and aesthetic by making my dolls, a decision that I took early this year in the month of February. Personally, I think many artists out there do know what I am talking about when it comes to be judging mental of is own art work and especially when you are trying to not only to improve your previous techniques but also your self! What I’m trying to explain, is that, earlier this year, I decided to take this good habit, to analyse carefully each of my dolls once finish instead of being constantly on the go with the next doll! To make it short, if it took me 30 days to make one doll, well that is the time it will take to make one! Over the past few months, my attitude gently changed and I have come to accept and to appreciate it greatly! Also, from this, came the decision to make a record, where I can have a technical overview of each dolls that I created. Thanks and that’s completes Avene’s post!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Avene-DSC06493 (26)

Avene-DSC06493 (27)

Avene-DSC06493 (33)

Avene-DSC06493 (29)

Avene-DSC06493 (28)

Avene-DSC06493 (35)


Avene-DSC06493 (32)

Avene-DSC06493 (31)

Avene part 2

Hello! On tonight’s post, I want to share other photos of Avene with more details. On these photos you will notice that I decided to add an embossed logo of Atelier Miss Georgia studio down the back of Avene and of all future dolls. Avene was the first of them. I am so happy with this doll, because I love the clays that I used to make her (Cernit & Prosculpt). She looks a bit mad, but I’m glad on how she turned out. Her height, her silhouette, her soft blushing and her baby face are lovely. There are probably two things, that I decided to work on: her eyes for which I changed for Swarovski crystals cabochon and her wig! Speaking of wigs, I found that my previous doll wigs look unnatural. With this problem at hand, I did some research to on how to make beautiful natural wigs, which I will talk about in a future post. P.S: I have a spelling error in Avene’s name in the previous two posts, which I will correct now. Thanks you guys for your interest! See you tomorrow with more photos of AVENE.

Marie Georghy Jacob

Avene-DSC06493 (8)

Avene-DSC06493 (11)

Avene-DSC06493 (14)

Avene-DSC06493 (6)

Avene-DSC06493 (13)

Avene-DSC06493 (19)

Avene-DSC06493 (20)

Avene-DSC06493 (22)

Avene-DSC06493 (23)

Avene-DSC06493 (16)


Good evening! First of all, I did not know how to begin this post, since I have many things to talk about. First of of all, today I went to the museum, were there was an exclusive and biggest Rodin (August Rodin) exhibition ever presented in Canada, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts I could not afford myself to miss it where 300 of his most famous works are presented from plaster, to marble and bronze. Do to the adult content, his famous statuettes such as  The Thinker and The Kiss and is mainly reserved for adults only… August Rodin was born in Paris in November 1840 and was one of the most important French sculptors of the second half of the 19th Century at the same time as many art movements such as French Impressionism, Modern Art and English Arts and Crafts. He is considered as the father of modern sculptures and it is good to know that he was fascinated with hands, which became is signature. I took many pictures as I could with my cellphone. There are not great, but better than nothing…due to technical difficulties I cannot post them a the present time!

Now, it is Avene time! This doll’s post will be in three parts and in my eyes, she is an important doll. At first, when you look at her, you may think she’s no different from previous dolls that I made, but the way she was sculpted is different. First of all, Avene is 49 cm tall (19 inches), which is tall for a doll who is entirely made in polymer clay, a mix of Cernit (Flesh) and Prosculpt (Baby), my two favorite clays. Before her, I used to make the armature entirely with strong heavy wire where I added aluminium foiled paper covered with manila masking tape.  Previously, I was fine with this technique, especially for smaller dolls (43 cm or 17 inches tall) , but as soon  as I decided to make taller dolls, things got worst, lots of little cracks appeared and it was time for a change. This change started with the armature : I switched from heavy wire to aluminium, which is lighter and anti rust. 5 different sizes of aluminum wire were needed to make the doll’s body: 10 gauge (legs, shoulders and upper arms), 12 gauge (hips), 14 gauge (torso), 18 gauge (feet and lower arms) and 20 gauge (hands). Secondly, I decided to use Apoxie clay to make the thighs and than cover all the body with a light aluminium foiled paper and finish it all with white masking tape. Since the doll is tall and entirely made with 3 to 5 layers of polymer clay, I wanted the doll to be less heavy. finally, the head it is strung with heavy spring wire instead of an elastic. As for my previous handmade glass eyes, they were replaced by Swarovski  crystal cabochon, that I also made myself.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow! Thanks to you all!

Marie Georghy Jacob








Avene my new approach!

Hello everyone! It’s been a Long time since I haven’t post something on my website, don’t you worry guys, there is a lot for me to post and here is a sneak preview of Avene, my very first doll from this year! Avene was created with a new approach that I elaborated for two months, for which I will give more details about it tomorrow. Thanks to you all!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Avene-DSC06493 (37)