Here’s Pae!


Good evening to you all! Here she is and may I present to you Pae my first handmade BJD! I spent a whole afternoon taking photos. Speaking of photos, the photo session was exhausting! Due to a lack of natural light, the sun light, which in the end gave me a headache. Of course, several photos were simply removed. Regarding Pae, she stands 50 cm tall (20 inches), her eyes are handmade with Swarovski Crystal cabochons and her suit is hand painted.  In the coming weeks, I’ll make several posts on the theme of love and since Valentine’s is almost upon us… this falls well don’t you think?

Bonsoir à tous! La vois-ci et je vous la présente Pae ma toute première BJD! J’ai passé tout un après-midi à prendre des photos. Parlant de photos, la session de photos fut épuisante! Le fait de manquer de lumière naturelle, la lumière du soleil, m’a donné à la fin un mal de tête. Évidement, plusieurs photos ont été tout simplement supprimées. En ce qui concerne de Pae, elle fait 50 cm de haut (20 pouces), ses yeux sont faits main avec de cabochons de Crystal Swarovski et son tailleur est peint à la main.  Au cours de prochains semaines, je ferai plusieurs posts sur le thème de l’amour et puisque la St-Valentin est à nos portes…cela tombe bien vous ne trouvez pas?

Ready for photo shoot!


Hello everyone! My doll outfit is now finish and I am ready for her photo shoot! More details and pictures will be posted during the week…Stay tuned!

Bonjour à tous! J’ai terminé le vêtement de ma poupée et je suis prête pour la séance photo! Plus de détails et d’images seront publiés au cours de la semaine…Restez connecté!

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Design overview…

Good evening! Here is a small design overview of my Adele’s fashion outfit. As you can see, my approach on the design process, is to have  a good overview of what I want to create and put myself in a deep creative mood!

AMG-DOLL Adèle designs

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Adele’s design is now final!

Hey everybody! The wait is now over and Adele’s design is now is now final! I did not want to complicate the design process, since, as you know, Adele’s neck and shoulders are articulated. However, she still is a figurative and fragile. Also, let’s not forget that she is tall 18 inches (45,6 cm) and for those who have been following me understand what I mean : the taller the doll is, the more fragile she is!Many may ask why I do not make smaller dolls, the reason is simple: I prefer taller dolls to create beautiful designs and since, I started collecting dolls in 2008, they were all tall and I wasn’t interested in smaller dolls. Period! More images will be posted tomorrow! Thank you!

AMG-DOLL adèle design (4)


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A close up of my design process

Hello! On tonight’s post, I’ll make a quick close up of my design process. For many of you, it will sound to elaborate and  with to much procedure. First, any ideas come with my mood and on what I feel right in the present time so I can write about it. All the things that I write, read or see are all than used to create a mood board. This mood board is important because it is a collage of all the things I am sensitive to: pictures, color or fabric swatches and even articles or proverbs. Then, it’s time for me to make a quick inventory of what I have in terms of materials, before buying anything else. I like to have a good over view of what I can create with what I have and then it’s time for me to sketch a few designs. Actually, I have the intention to create other boards (creative and design), especially if I have specific theme or concept in mind. In a few days, I will get back to you with more details. Thanks everyone!


Inspirational Designs for Adele

What’s up everyone? Was your Monday an easy one or was it heavy and draining? Do not worry about it, since summer is around the corner and vacations are on their way. Summer means color and I am ready to complete inspirational designs for Adele. The outfit that I’ll will be designing though will not be part of a summer collection: the fabric that I will be using (corduroy) is not proper.