More porcelain heads!


Good Sunday! Until my BJD porcelain doll parts are dry, I decided to continue and complete a few more porcelain heads, that I have not yet finished. The life expectancy of a plaster mold is about 30 replicas and the more detailed the porcelain piece is, like the head, hands and feet, the life of a plaster mold is less than 25 replicas. So, I intend to make full use of this first head mold. In addition, I couldn’t wait to use porcelain paint again!

Bon dimanche! En attendant que les pièces de ma poupée BJD de porcelaine soient sèches, j’ai décidé de poursuivre et de terminer quelques têtes que je n’avais pas eu la chance de terminé. La durée de vie d’un moule de plâtre est d’environ de 30 répliques. Sans compter que, plus la pièce est détaillée, comme la tête, les mains et les pieds, la durée de vie est moins de 25 répliques. Donc, je compte utiliser à fond le moule de cette première tête. De plus, j’avais hâte d’utiliser à nouveau la peinture pour porcelaine!

Nia’s painting is now done!

NEA-work in progress-AMG DOLL (39)

Nia’s painting is now done! I’m sorry for not posting sooner, however, more of her will be featured during this coming week! Thanks everyone!

La peinture réalisée sur Nia est maintenant terminée! Je suis désolée de n’avoir pas pu publié plus tôt, toutefois plus de détails seront montrés au cours de la semaine! Merci tout le monde!

Painting has started!

NEA-work in progress-AMG DOLL (32)

My friends painting has started on Nia and cannot wait for the final result!

Mes amis, la peinture de Nia à débutée et j’ai hâte de voir le résultat final!

They come alive!

Here is a brief overview of the heads that I’m working on. I like what I see, but I would have preferred a much better lighting and more particularly the natural light which is in my opinion the best! Well! I must leave you and absolutely get back to work and complete these two heads!

Voici un bref aperçu des têtes que je travaille. J’aime bien ce que je vois, mais j’aurais aimé un bien meilleur éclairage et plus particulièrement la lumière naturelle qui est à mon humble avis le meilleur! Bon je vous laisse, je dois absolument me remettre au boulot et terminer ces deux têtes!

My moment of preparation


Each artist has a unique way of working and that suits him or her and I am no exception. I like structure, organization and preparation. Over the years, I developed a working method that allows me to be effective, especially when it comes time to paint a doll. This working method has become sort of a ritual. My work surface is divided as follows: my paints and mediums are on the left, my brushes and sponges on the right and in the center, a mirror and the doll that is ready to be transformed. The atmosphere in which I work must be somewhat “quiet”, well lit and airy. But music is a must: I can’t live without it! It allows me to dream, visualize better my creative tastes… and even to invent my own stories! I avoid all drinks or food in my work area: in my opinion, it’s dangerous and unprofessional. Everything must be in its place and I try as much as possible, although I find it sometimes difficult, to use what I need to work with.

Chaque artiste possède une façon unique de travailler et qui lui convient et moi j’ai la mienne. J’aime la structure, l’organisation et la préparation. J’ai développé au fil des années une méthode de travail qui me permet d’être efficace, surtout lorsque me vient le temps de peinturer une poupée. Cette méthode de travail est devenue en quelque sorte un genre de rituel. Ma surface de travail est divisée comme ceci : mes peintures et médiums sont situées à gauche, mes pinceaux et éponges à droite et au centre un miroir et la poupée qui est prête à être transformée. L’ambiance dans lequel j’aime travailler doit-être en quelque sorte “calme”, bien éclairée et aérée. Mais la musique est un must : je ne peux vivre sans elle! Elle me permet me de rêver, de mieux visualiser mes goûts créatifs…et même d’inventer mes propres histoires! J’évite toutes boissons ou nourritures dans ma place de travail : à mon avis, c’est dangereux et non professionnel. Chaque chose doit-être à sa place et j’essaie le plus que possible, quoique je trouve cela parfois difficile,  d’utiliser ce que j’ai besoin pour travailler.

Here they are!



The two heads modeled that I presented to you last week are now painted! This photo taken in the evening doesn’t do them justice! I intend to show you other photos over the next weekend, but with day light! Thank you all!

Les deux têtes modelées que je vous ai présentées la semaine dernière sont maintenant peintes! Cette photo prise le soir ne les rend pas justice! Je compte vous montrer d’autres photos au cours du prochain weekend, mais avec la lumière du jour! Merci à tous!

Choosing hair for Manon


Good evening my friends! Choosing hair for  my new doll, Manon was a hard one. I had to decide what kind of hair I wanted for her. My main problem was, though she’s a continuity of my last doll Adele, I did not want her to look like her. In fact, Manon is much more taller than Adele, she’s 5o cm (20 inches) and Adele (48,3 cm) 19 inches. Manon height gives me inspiration to make her look more Rasta. And for that, I chose a synthetic curly hair with a honey color. I would had preferred using something natural, like a silk angora or alpaca, but since she’s an experimental doll and I decided to use a left over hair I had.

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A second head for Adele…

Happy Sunday! Here’s Adele’s sculpted and painted second head…You maybe asking yourselves why? The reason is very simple, I did not like the first: it was to big compared to the rest of the body. In addition, you may have noticed that the body and the first head are exactly the same color compared to the second head, which is made from left over Kato polymer clay from another doll. This other doll will be featured in future posts, but for now Adele is giving me headaches! Hope you like her, for myself I have mixed feelings…

Have a nice day and see you on my next post!


Adele’s second and final painted head

Adele’s first and second head (first two heads)…the third head in back belongs to another doll…

Adele head painted and blushed

Samynah, Filsan and…Brielle

Hello! I want to share more photos of of Samynah, Filsan and…Brielle! Brielle is the second doll I sculpted in early march 2013. The first doll created doing that early year was Iris, which I will both present this week. Stay in touch!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Samynah, Filsan & Brielle

Samynah & Filsan

Hello everyone! I would like to give a huge thanks to all the new LIKES (245 actually) on Atelier Miss Georgia’s Facebook page! It gives me great hopes with my dolls! Now, may I present you Samynah and Filsan painted. I know, they look a bit different from previous pictures, but acrylic paints can be tricky: they dry very quickly and you must work fast, otherwise, no matter the results, they stays forever. And yes, I learned my lesson.

Thank you and see you tomorrow

Marie Georghy Jacob