Glòria’s front lace wig!

Happy Sunday evening art doll lovers! My Glòria front lace wig is finally finished! Actually, I’ve been working and learning on how to make this kind of wig for a while now…almost two years now! Many of you might be asking yourselves what a front lace wig is? A lace wig is simply hair which is ventilated one by one on top of lace mesh fabric, it’s than glued in front of the person’s front head. Once the front lace wig is glued, it gives the impression that the hair is actually naturally rooted onto the person wearing the wig. This type of wig is truly loved and appreciated by many celebrities, such as, Oprah, Beyoncé and Jessica Simpson , but also by people with cancer. Even though, it takes me two days to make, not including hair styling it, I love the natural finish that it gives.

Presenting Glòria!

Good evening to all of you! May I present to you Glòria my very first doll for 2016! Yeh! I started this beauty early last December between a very busy schedule (working and going to school). It was my first time using Kato polyclay. From what I’ve read and heard from various articles and artists, this polymer clay was a must try. Last fall, I decided to purchased a few of them, beige, brown and white translucent. I will make a very short review of this clay and I will focus mainly on my personal experience  and on my research to find the best technical aspects on making fully sculpted dolls. Let’s not forget, that my dolls stand between 17 & 19 inches tall (43 cm & 48 cm) and I have NO intention in making smaller ones.

First, this polymer clay looks and feels more like plastic when you touch it, but is not sticky when you start working with it. Second, if you need something to be strong after baking, this clay is the one to choose. Also this clay is not expensive for the quantity purchased (8,99 US$ for 12 Oz / 350g) On the other hand, I found two downsides to this polymer clay, the first one is its smell which tends to be very strong. In my own opinion, it smell like strong rubber or plastic, but  I can work with it. The second downside, just like Cernit, the color darkens once baked. If I use it for future dolls, which I probably will, I plan to mix it with other strong polymer clays. For my Glòria, I chose the beige color mixed with translucent white. This beige color, unbaked,  looks similar to Prosculpt Caucasian flesh.

AMG-2016-DSC07804 - Copie

First doll of 2016!

Hello everyone! Here is a little preview of my very first doll for 2016! She’s the first one that I created with Kato clay, a polymer clay that I had never used since my journey on making ooak dolls. I will sure make a small review on this clay on my next post. Thanks for watching!


2015 Dolls video part 3

Good evening! On tonight’s post, here is the third and final part of the 2015 dolls video. I have to admit that making these videos were quite fun to make, but demanded a lot of my time. You can be sure that there will be many more of them in future doll projects. Also, sorry for the picture quality shown, I made all these videos directly from my old computer. But, still, I hope you’ll like it and I’ll see you on my next post.


2015 Dolls in video part 2


Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re having a good weekend and spending time with your love ones or simply taking time to treat yourself. I’m living you now with the 2015 dolls video part 2. See you soon!

2015 Dolls in video part 1


Hello art doll lovers! In this post, I’m presenting you part 1 of 3 of the 2015 dolls. All dolls created last year, in my eyes, were very important, since they were a turning point in my search of the perfect polymer clay…for which I finally found! Also, I have been working a lot on my doll aesthetic and image,  for which I am also still working on! Hope you like this part 1 video of the 2015 dolls, since two more videos will follow in a few days! Thank you!

Marie Georghy Jacob