Photo time!

Good morning! Here are some pictures taken of my young lady! I’m happy with her, despite some flaws in her sculpting. I must confess that I do like taking pictures. I’m not the best, but It’s a diversifying activity. Don’t be surprised if a new video of her is released shortly. Before I leave you, I’d like to add, that I did a little update on my inspirational board. In fact, it ‘s constantly evolving. I combine a lot of materials and accessories, ones next to others. I take pictures and than I draw… and I draw again!

Bon matin! Voici quelques photos prises de ma demoiselle! J’en suis contente, malgré certains défauts en matière de sculptage. Je dois vous que j’aime prendre des photos. Je ne suis pas la meilleure, mais je trouve l’activité diversifiante. Ne soyez pas étonné si une vidéo voit le jour d’ici peu. Avant de vous quitter, j’aimerais ajouter que j’ai fait une mise à jour sur mon tableau d’inspiration. En fait, il est constamment en évolution. Je combine énormément des matières et des accessoires, quelques uns à côté d’autres. Je prends des photos et je dessine… et je dessine encore!

Sexy Laïs!

Good evening everyone! Starting tonight and for the next two weeks, end ending on December 23, just before Christmas Eve, I will be posting on a continuous basis work in progress and promotional photos of my sexy Laïs. In tonight’s post, I present you Laïs just after sanding. This beauty was created last spring and is made out of Cernit polymer clay and prosculpt. she is one of my favorites and the one I am most proud of. Thanks to you all for watching and your dear support!


My interests on Pinterest!

Hi everyone! This a small update, I have added a new Pinterest button on my website and if you’re interesting in my world and what’s inspire me… I hope you’ll come and take a look and maybe pin few photos and interests! Here’s the address and I hope to see your pins!


Marie Georghy Jacob

More of my sweet Charlotte!

Happy Halloween everyone! For this trick or treat post, I couldn’t resist to add more photos of my sweet Charlotte! I have to admit my friends, that I’m not happy with my camera and for a while now. There is no doubt, that I am going to buy another one! Stay tuned!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Charlotte-DSC07005 (61)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (65)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (63)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (78)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (79)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (68)

Sweet Charlotte part 3 !

Hi everyone! Here is my sweet Charlotte fully wigged! This time, I used synthetic hair, an ash blonde in color, which looks different and very nice on her. I will continue with more photos of her tomorrow! Enjoy my doll art friend!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Charlotte-DSC07005 (43)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (44)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (53)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (39)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (58)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (36)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (33)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (18)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (20)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (16)

Sweet Charlotte part 2!

Hello to all doll lovers from all around the planet! I’m very happy to see that many of you are from different parts of the world: Brazil, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Australia, United States, from own country Canada and even from India! Wow! I couldn’t be more happier to share my passion for fashion art dolls with you guys. It is amazing because the list of countries goes on and on…thanks everybody from the bottom of my heart for your sincere interest! Culture in general  (whether it is music, food, fashion, movies, textiles) is a fantastic way to share and exchange with other people and dolls are no exception! My sweet Charlotte is no exception either to this topic… here she is almost finished at the time of this photo! Enjoy!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Making her wig working late at night!

Sweet Charlotte!

Good evening again! It has been almost two weeks since I gave I small preview of my sweet Charlotte. This doll was created in May of this year and made of Prosculpt (Fairy flesh). For an 18 inches (45,7 cm) doll, she’s some what petite, not as Fei fan but closer to Honor Charlotte is a French lady and I was of course inspired by French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis…I found her truly lovely…wait to see her on my next two posts! You may have noticed that there is a small hole under her left arm, that is due to the fact that I tried to string her with aluminium springs and, under the pressure, it made it crack! I must admit that I did panic at first, but since this doll was an experiment, like all my previous dolls, I decided to use Apoxie clay to fix and to secure the armhole from scratching. I used this same process for the neck. Thanks again doll lovers!

Marie Georghy Jacob





You may notice this horrible hole under her arm!




2014 Dolls in video part 3


Good evening my doll friends! This is the final part of 2014 dolls video and I hope you like them since it was not only an overview of my previous work, but also an experimentation on how to make simple videos! Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob

2014 Dolls in video part 2


Good evening my friends! For tonight’s post,  I’m continuing with part 2 of the 2014 dolls. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Marie Georghy Jacob

2014 Dolls in video part 1


HI everyone! In this post, I’m presenting to you part 1 of 3 of the 2014 dolls. Hope you like it, since two more videos will follow this weekend!

Marie Georghy Jacob