Agnès Painted!


Hello! On tonight’s post, I’m continuing with Agnès painting and blushing. Painting dark skin tones can be an uneasy task, especially with the blushing part. To resolve this problem, I had to equip myself with tons pictures of beautiful and various women of color. In order to offer an authentic and respectful work and I needed to learn how to make beautiful blushing for the shadow aspect and believe me, that didn’t come over night! It came with a lot of trials and errors! One of them was to create the exact color blushing for the doll… It was a nice try, but once acrylic paints dries, it gets darker and that is why now, I ALWAYS make sure to make a few tests first! Another thing that I have learned over the years, is to always use a color wheel. The color wheel helps me to understand the relationship between colors, especially when it makes an equilateral triangle to find the two other colors. You see, each color has 3 colors between them to form a triangle with different tints (white), shades (gray) and shadows (black). Anyways, regardless of some painting imperfections, this doll was a bless to paint!

Amg-Agnès (2)


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Agnès the Island Pearl!

Happy Saturday everyone! May I present to you Agnès, the Island Pearl! I named her like this because this doll is very special to me, since she’s a reference of my Haitian roots! She’s also comes right in time for February, the black history month. As I previously said in one post, Agnès is the last doll from 2015, she stands 20 inches tall (50,8 cm) and is made of Cernit polymer clay. The dark part in her stomach, is a left over of polymer clay, Fimo Classic chocolate and since I really do not like waste of any kind, I had to use it! More photos of this beauty will be posted tomorrow! Enjoy!



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Good evening! It feels so good to be back and posting on dolls again! A few days ago, in one of my posts, I mentioned that two dolls created in 2015, haven’t yet been shown! I was totally short in time, with my day job, going to college, testing polymer clay, improving a few Technics in my doll making and the list still goes on… Now, let’s talk about this one, Haulani, a big doll, stands 19 ½ inches tall (50 cm). She’s entirely made in Living doll polymer clay and her eyes are handmade by me in Swarovsky crystal cabochons, just like the ones that I previously made for a few dolls. She was not easy to sculpt, since her height and weight did not help. In fact, during the process of curing her, I had to make sure her under armature made with Fimo Classic was sturdy! Because of multiple cracks, due to the clay, she took me almost 5 weeks to complete! I did not want to loose any clay, since a few of them are expensive to buy and let me say it, I simply do not like waste! After she cooled down, although she had few cracks, Haulani’s skin color turned out lovely! I will continue with more photos of her tomorrow! Thanks/Merci!

Marie Georghy Jacob


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Laïs camera test (Special Effect)



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Laïs camera test (Watercolors)

I love this beautiful watercolor finish on Laïs. It soften her and makes her  look more graceful, don’t you guys think?



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Laïs camera test (Dark Color)

Hello! This is my camera test with the dark color effect. I wanted to add a shadow effect on my sexy Laïs. I tried to keep her natural looking skin tone as natural as possible with this test. Enjoy my friends!




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My mysterious Lara part 2

Good evening! On this second part of my mysterious Lara, I will be showing her progression on making her wig for which it is made in a very light blond color (#613) made in a mix of synthetic and human blends. At first, I wasn’t into using synthetic hair, simply because it did not look natural to me, especially when I make Caucasian dolls. After purchasing various brands and thanks to my dear sisters, I have somewhat put this prejudice aside. This mix of synthetic and human hair on Lara’s head, is so soft that one could not see or feel the difference between the two. Also, what is great with this mix, is that you can iron it in a cool temperature. Thanks everybody for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob


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