Paper clay head!


Good Evening! I continue with my prototype doll; here is the liquid paper clay which will be use in order to test each plaster mold and modelled parts. The liquid paper clay that I used is LI-QUA-CHE. Notably, LI-QUA-CHE is only used in and for non-decorative items with no utility. Several porcelain BJD doll artists, use liquid wax in order to check their plaster molds, which is a great idea. On my part, I followed the book YOSHIDA STYLE II / BALL JOINTED DOLL MAKING ADVANCED GUIDE by Ryo Yoshida. A book that I recommend to everyone who wishes to create their own BJD doll.

Bonsoir! Je continue avec ma poupée prototype, d’où le coulage de pâte à papier liquide sera versé, afin de tester chaque moule de plâtre et les pièces modelées. La pâte à papier liquide que je vais utiliser se nomme LI-QUA-CHE. Fait à noter, le LI-QUA-CHE est une utilisé uniquement dans la fabrication d’articles décoratifs non utilitaires. Plusieurs artistes en poupée BJD de porcelaine, utilisent de la cire en liquide pour vérifier leurs moules de plâtres, ce qui est une excellente idée. Pour ma part, je n’ai fait que suivre le livre YOSHIDA STYLE II / BALL JOINTED DOLL MAKING ADVANCED GUIDE de Ryo Yoshida. Un livre que je recommande à tout ceux e celles qui souhaitent fabriquer leur propre poupée BJD.

Other head molds


Here are the other head molds that I have worked laboriously on, of which several had to be redone. I have to be honest with you, sometimes, I almost feel like giving up! The money that I spend on plaster is unimaginable and despite a budget that I initially planed out so well! The plaster used on these molds is plaster of Paris. This plaster is less stable, slightly more fragile and more expensive, but easier to buy in any hardware store.

Voici les autres moules de têtes que j’ai travaillé laborieusement, dont plusieurs ont dû être refaits. Je dois être honnête avec vous, un moment donné, j’ai failli de tout abandonner! Les sous que j’ai dépensé pour le plâtre est inimaginable et cela malgré un budget que j’avais initialement bien réfléchit! Le plâtre utilisé ici est le Plâtre de Paris. Ce plâtre est moins stable et légèrement plus fragile, plus coûteuse, mais plus facile à acheter dans n’importe quelle quincaillerie.

New head completed!

DSC05221 - Copy

Good evening! I’ve finally finished this head that I have strived to refine for the past two days! This head will be used for the creation of a new BJD… In fact, this doll will be a prototype for my new project and it will be great! I plan to use a former prototype, which I will modify and you will see these changes shortly…

Bonsoir! J’ai enfin terminé cette tête que je m’efforce à raffiner depuis deux jours! Cette tête sera utilisée pour la création d’une nouvelle BJD…En fait, cette poupée sera un prototype pour mon nouveau projet et elle sera grande! Je compte utiliser un ancien prototype que je modifierai, sous peu vous verrez ces modifications…

New BJD project!

amg doll-porcelaine

Hello to you all! It’s been a long time since I posted something and here is what I’ve been up to: A new BJD doll project is on the way…more details in the up coming weeks. Stay tuned my dolly friends!

Bonjour à vous tous ! Ça fait longtemps que j’ai posté quelque chose et voici sur quoi je travaillais: un nouveau projet de poupée BJD est en route… plus de détails dans les semaines avenir. Restez à l’écoute mes amis, fans de poupées!

Ava…face sculpt

AVA-AMG DOLL-work in progress (48)

This is Ava and it bodes well, although I would have preferred to shape her head during the day light. But for lack of time, do to my day job, I didn’t have the choice to complete her head at night. Each time, it’s the same story: I turned on my lamps to the max in order to realize and develop all of the details. With Ava, I wanted to create an exotic face with a natural and flawless complexion.

Voici Ava et cela augure bien, quoique j’aurais préférée modeler sa tête le jour. Mais faute de temps, du à mon quart de travail de jour, je n’ai pas eu le choix de réaliser sa tête le soir. À chaque fois, c’est la même histoire : j’allume au  maximum tous mes lampes afin de réaliser et de finaliser les détails. Avec Ava, je voulais créer un visage exotique avec un teint impeccable et naturel.

This is what I’ve been up to!


Hello! This is what I’ve been up to lately! I was working on two different head sculpts. The first one has a much bigger head and looks more like a teenager and the other one like a young woman. I discovered over the years that I like, not only diversity, but variety also…I quickly get bored by making the same head sculpt. I love challenging myself and try new things…I plan to sand and paint them very soon. Stay in touch my friends for more details in a few days!

Salut ! Voilà sur quoi je travaillais dernièrement! Je travaillais sur deux différentes têtes. L’une, avec une tête plus grande, ressemble à une jeune adolescente, et l’autre, à une jeune femme. Au cours des années, j’ai découvert que j’aimais, non seulement la diversité, mais aussi la variété… je m’ennuie rapidement lorsque je me mes à sculpter le même type tête. J’aime me mettre au défi et d’essayer de nouvelles choses… J’ai l’intention de sabler et de peinturer ces deux têtes très bientôt. Restez en contact mes amis pour plus de détails d’ici quelques jours !


Hello! Tonight and for the next three days, I will be posting news of Brielle, my second doll from the year 2013. She was created in late Fabruary of that year and made of 1½ pounds of Living doll (terracotta). Also, I added 110 grams of Fimo Classic to make her more solid. She stands 18 inches high (45,6 cm) and her eyes are handmade in crystal. Tomorrow, pictures of her sculpted body will be presented. Thanks and see you tomorrow evening.

Marie Georghy Jacob

Brielle, Samynah & Filsan




Iris part 2

Good evening everyone! Let me continue with Iris. On this second part of Iris, I want to take time to show you how she was sculpted. Her body was created under an aluminum wire, which I found less heavy compare to steel wire. She stand 17 inches (43 cm).

Thanks for watching and see you tomorrow for more updates


Marie Georghy Jacob









Changing clay (Living Doll)

Good evening! By the end of the 2012, I decided to tried a new polymer clay: Living Doll. From various forums I eared this clay was excellent and was used by doll makers worldwide. It is also perfect for beginners
and those who like working with a softer polymer clay. I agree with this, since it’s
texture is easy to work with and can be mixed with any of the Sculpey or Premo clay to create intermediate flesh colors. The color palette is more realistic than Fimo clay. However, I wasn’t quite sure with this clay since I was use to work with more brutal and rough clay. Also, I found various techniques to condition tougher clay. The best solution for me was to test this clay by creating several doll heads and others with a mix of Fimo Classic and Soft.





Thank you for watching

Marie Georghy Jacob

More Practice!

Hello! As I said yesterday on my post, I had to start all over again and by the end of 2012, I molded with more confidence new heads, hands and feet.






Marie Georghy Jacob