Laïs name meaning

Good evening! I’m continuing my post with my sexy Laïs, but this time, I will take a closer look at her name meaning. Since this past summer, many of you may have noticed, that I really enjoy researching and knowing the true meaning of a surname. In many studies, Laïs’s name has almost no meaning, but many observers say that it is probably related to the Greek name Laios (Laius) or the element  λαος (laos) “people”. Also, they say that it was born  from two ancient Greek hetairai, or courtesans: Laïs of Corinth (5th century BC), known as the most beautiful woman of her time; and Laïs of Hyccara (4th century BC), a rival of Phryne. History says they were stoned to death by a jealous women of Thessaly. In our days, Laïs means someone who is clever, analytical, a very quick thinker, loyal to her friends and fair in her business dealings. This name is a very popular Portuguese name. In fact, in 2011, Laís was the 56th most popular girls’ name in Brazil. Thank everyone for your interest!

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