“Come sleep with…”


“Come sleep with me: We won’t make Love, Love will make us.”
― Julio Cortázar

« Viens dormir avec moi : nous ne ferons pas l’amour, l’amour nous feras. »
― Julio Cortázar

Glazed ceramic pieces


Good evening everyone! The month of December has already started and I deeply want to finish my BJD Doll by the 15th of this month… till this time, a lot of work is waiting for me: sanding, polishing, painting, making the wig, the making of the accoutrement, etc.  For the next few posts, I will continue with my works in ceramics. As for tonight, I present to you some of my varnish pieces. After, the biscuit firing and once the piece is completely cools down, it’s time to paint each piece. Glazing requires a lot of tact and thoroughness: we need to apply on the piece wax on the parts that should not be painted and baked, then with the help of a large clip, soak it in a tub of oxide (glaze). The work surface must be protected, so the newspaper is required to avoid damage to the canvas. Also, before baking, make sure that each piece oxidized (with the glaze) won’t touch or plate the firing plate and the other ceramic pieces; otherwise, it will not only stick, but also damage them. I come back to you with other ceramic pieces during the week. In the meantime, I leave you with my BJD doll that is actually, slowly come to life! Thank you!

Bonsoir tout le monde! Le mois de décembre est déjà entamé et je souhaite profondément terminer ma poupée BJD d’ici le 15 de ce mois…d’ici-l à, beaucoup de travail m’attende : le sablage, le polissage, la peinture, la perruque, la confection de l’accoutrement, etc.  Pour les prochains postes, je continuerai avec mes ouvrages en céramique, comme ce soir, je vous présente quelques unes de mes pièces vernis. Après, la cuisson biscuit et une fois la pièce complètement refroidit, c’est le temps de vernir chaque pièce. Le vernissage requière beaucoup de doigté et de minutie : il faut appliquer sur la pièce de la cire sur les parties qui ne doivent pas être peinturées et cuites, puis avec l’aide d’une grande pince, la tremper dans un bain d’oxyde (glaçure). La surface de travail doit être protégée, donc le papier journal est obligatoire pour évité d’endommager le canevas. Avant la cuisson, Il faut s’assurer également, que chaque pièce oxydée (avec de la glaçure) ne touchera ni la plaque d’enfourment et ni les autres pièces de céramique, sinon elle risque non seulement de coller, mais aussi de les endommager. Je vous reviendrai avec d’autres pièces au cours de la semaine. D’ici-là, je vous laisse avec ma poupée BJD qui réellement prend vie! Merci!


Sculpting the torso…

I finally finished my BJD doll torso and I even continue with the elbows, knees and chest. I am pleased to have my template used: technical drawing of my doll. It has been more than helpful, though I may make other changes once this doll will be completed. The polymer clay that I used is a mixture of Cernit (nougat) and Living Doll (Terracota). I thought about not having enough to sculpt this doll: the fact that I have not yet started the head and particularly the thighs, so far, the chest requires a lot of clay.  But I think it will be fine… I’ll be back tomorrow with more details. Thank you!

J’ai finalement terminé le torse de ma poupée BJD et j’ai même continué les coudes, les genoux et le buste. Je me félicite d’avoir eu recours à mon gabarit : dessin technique de ma poupée. Il m’a été plus qu’utile, quoique je risque d’apporter d’autres modifications une fois cette poupée sera terminée. Les pâtes de polymère que j’ai utilisé sont un mélange de Cernit (nougat) et de Living Doll (Terracota). Je pensais de n’en avoir pas assez pour sculpter cette poupée : le fait que je n’ai pas encore commencé la tête et plus particulièrement les cuisses, jusqu’ici, le torse requière énormément de pâte.  Mais, je crois que cela ira bien…Je vous reviens demain avec la suite. Merci!

Sneak preview of Adele’s design outfit

Hello everyone! Here is a sneak preview of Adele’s design outfit! I like the way the patterns turned out and I feel the same way for the colors. Since I am studying in textile design, I am able to make this print myself, but my schedule is way too full and since I bought this fabric a long time ago…I think it was the right time to make something nice with it. Don’t be surprise if you see this fabric in another doll design outfit or for future projects…Oops! Did I just say future projects? The answer is yes, but I can’t speak about it for now. More photos will be posted shortly  during the week.

AMG DOLL Adèle sewing design11

2015 Dolls in video part 1


Hello art doll lovers! In this post, I’m presenting you part 1 of 3 of the 2015 dolls. All dolls created last year, in my eyes, were very important, since they were a turning point in my search of the perfect polymer clay…for which I finally found! Also, I have been working a lot on my doll aesthetic and image,  for which I am also still working on! Hope you like this part 1 video of the 2015 dolls, since two more videos will follow in a few days! Thank you!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Angnès camera test #1

Good evening to you all! Before I continue with my lovely Agnès, I would I like to say a huge thank you to all my followers on my two Facebook pages, Google +, Pinterest, Tweeter and of course here on WordPress! Your sensibility over my works (handmade fashion dolls) has truly touch my heart! There is a big and many wonderful communities that I am part of in different social medias and where I enjoy sharing what I do, but also to connect with other very talented artists from different mediums! Up till now, I am having a lot of FUN and life is wonderful! Like I did with a few of my previous dolls (Lara, Laïs and Haulani), I’m living you with Agnès first camera test! Enjoy!


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Agnès with Fukiko & Betty!


Bonjour everyone! Two days ago, my dear Agnès was introduced to you wigged! Speaking of wigs, the hair used was synthetic, I have used it, to mimic natural black hair. Also, I changed my way on making wigs. They now look a bit more natural and I use 85% of the time fine quality human hair and the other 15% is a mix of human and mohair. In a future, I will elaborate more on the subject with a another doll… For tonight’s post, I decided to present Agnès with two of my previous dolls, Fukiko & Betty.

It was important for me to present her and compare her with other dolls that I created in the past, because yes, in my own point of view, Agnès looks different from my old dolls. For one, she’s taller and more linear. Two, her face looks more women like and her features are little bit more “realistic”, in other word less cartoon like! I sculpted her in being aware that I needed to make a more mature doll, rather than childish looking one. Though a few past dolls also look more women like, Rachelle, Aglahé and Beatrice come to mind, however with Agnès, I went more deeply with her sculpt aesthetic!

Fukiko & Agnès

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Agnès on day light!


Good evening! On Last night’s post, I introduced you to my lovely Agnès, once painted, but her pictures were taken during the night. However, this time, I present her to you on a natural day light, were all photos were taken during a hot summer day afternoon, last year! Enjoy!

AMG-Agnès-Painted - Copie (6)

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Agnès the Island Pearl!

Happy Saturday everyone! May I present to you Agnès, the Island Pearl! I named her like this because this doll is very special to me, since she’s a reference of my Haitian roots! She’s also comes right in time for February, the black history month. As I previously said in one post, Agnès is the last doll from 2015, she stands 20 inches tall (50,8 cm) and is made of Cernit polymer clay. The dark part in her stomach, is a left over of polymer clay, Fimo Classic chocolate and since I really do not like waste of any kind, I had to use it! More photos of this beauty will be posted tomorrow! Enjoy!



This is my up coming fashion art doll created last year as final project for 2015! More details will be posted during the weekend! Stay tuned doll fanatics!

AMG-Agnès-DSC05529 - Copie