Nia’s look book video

Hello to you all! I have just finished Nia’s look book video! This video finally concludes my journey in making her. I enjoyed making her and I have learned so much with her. I feel more comfortable with what it takes in making a handmade BDJ (Ball Joint Doll) and I am still learning. I really want to improve  these techniques for future dolls. That is it for now and I am leaving you guys and hope you will enjoy this video! See you soon!

Bonjour à tous! Je viens tout juste de terminer la vidéo de Nia! Cette vidéo conclue finalement mon aventure avec elle. J’ai aimé la créer, et avec elle, j’ai appris énormément. Je me sens de plus en plus à l’aise à réaliser des poupées BJD fait main et je continue d’apprendre. Je veux réellement  améliorer mes techniques pour les prochaines poupées. Ce tout pour le moment et je vous laisse mes amis et j’espère que vous apprécierai cette vidéo! On se revoit très bientôt!

“Come sleep with…”


“Come sleep with me: We won’t make Love, Love will make us.”
― Julio Cortázar

« Viens dormir avec moi : nous ne ferons pas l’amour, l’amour nous feras. »
― Julio Cortázar


Good evening! Tonight’s post is dedicated to my fifth doll of the year 2014, Adami. She stands 18 inch high (45,7 cm), has handmade maroon glass eyes and her wig is made of synthetic hair. Adami is entirely made of Prosculpt (Ethnic flesh) polymer clay. Talking about black skin color, It is hard to imagine, but according to L’Oréal, the french cosmetic empire, there are more than 20 shades of black skin tone around the world! However, according to Karen Chambers who works in product development at IMAN cosmetics, the numbers is higher than that : over 36 actually. She adds that this is due to the mix of races and it does have impact in the nuances of skin color. On my side, as a ethnic doll maker, Prosculpt Ethnic Flesh is so representative of black skin color and respects the general human skin tone as does their other colors, especially Caucasian and baby flesh. One last thing I need to mention, Adami’s head sculpt is a bit different from what I did in the past: both her lips and nose are a little smaller and so is her silhouette. I was definitely into an African girl ,especially from Kenya, when I molded her. Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob







Jane part 2

Good morning everyone! Yesterday, on presenting Jane, I forgot to tell you that she was my third doll for the year 2013 and was actually made in the month of April. Her handmade eyes are a combination of Fimo Classic polymer clay and Preciosia crystal. She also stands 18 inches (45,6 cm) tall. Sorry for the photos…my actual camera doesn’t do the doll justice and I’m thinking of buying a new one as a Christmas gift for myself. Enjoy!


Marie Georghy Jacob




Crystal eyes

Good evening! A few posts ago, I presented two different sets of hand made doll eyes created in Fimo Classic & Fimo Soft: one set only painted and the other ones were glass eyes. Though I was quit a happy with both results, I still wasn’t satisfied with them. I wanted something sophisticated and with a touch of fantasy.

Thank you for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-DSC04472AMG-DSC04549 DSC04535AMG-DSC04544AMG-DSC04546AMG-DSC04547AMG-DSC04553 AMG-DSC04555

Changing clay (Living Doll)

Good evening! By the end of the 2012, I decided to tried a new polymer clay: Living Doll. From various forums I eared this clay was excellent and was used by doll makers worldwide. It is also perfect for beginners
and those who like working with a softer polymer clay. I agree with this, since it’s
texture is easy to work with and can be mixed with any of the Sculpey or Premo clay to create intermediate flesh colors. The color palette is more realistic than Fimo clay. However, I wasn’t quite sure with this clay since I was use to work with more brutal and rough clay. Also, I found various techniques to condition tougher clay. The best solution for me was to test this clay by creating several doll heads and others with a mix of Fimo Classic and Soft.





Thank you for watching

Marie Georghy Jacob

Human Anatomy

Hello everyone! It’s feels good to be back after few days off and I would like to take a minute to thank all of you, the 104 people who like Atelier Miss Georgia Facebook’s page! It has truly touch me. Look for more post this week!

Aleisha painted & wigged in early September 2012


Now, it’s time to get back to my doll journey! By the end of summer 2012, after finishing Aleisha, I’ve came across  that something didn’t work or was missing with my previous dolls. I didn’t know what it was…but after looking very carefully at my ”previous ladies”, I right away saw the problem: human anatomy. Because of my fashion background, I knew the human silhouette and had a basic knowledge of molding sculptures, but didn’t understand the human anatomy. At that time, I didn’t understand what was under the skin: the skeleton, the muscles, etc. So after discovering that problem, I took one month hiatus to learn and to understand the human body. As a perfectionist, It was the right thing for me to do.

This book is pure magic very simple to read and the images are incredible and very detailed.






Thanks you all!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Facebook page confusion

Good afternoon everyone! Many people are little confused with my page Marie George Montreal which is my doll collecting page, but I no longer collect them anymore. In stand, since early 2012 I’ve started to created OOAK fashion art doll under my creative studio: Atelier Miss Georgia. Many future post from Atelier Miss Georgia will be my journey from doll making since mid-January 2012. Also, I would like to thank all of you who like like Atelier Miss Georgia’s page via Facebook. It truly have touched my heart.

Dolls heads from 2013 sculpting by Marie Georghy Jacob for Atelier Miss Georgia
Dolls heads from 2013 sculpting by Marie Georghy Jacob for Atelier Miss Georgia


Marie Georghy Jacob


More Post will come…

Hello! More post will be featured in few days. I’ll explain on how I’ve learned to sculpt from various books, DVD’s and on the internet.



Marie Georghy

Fimo Classic Chocolate

Good evening! By the end of summer 2012, after Ally, I’ve sculpted one head sculpt in Fimo Classic Chocolate. It gave me the chance to test my face up on darker skin tone which I’ve never did. I was hooked with the result, but I did do a lot of recherche on dark skin shadows and light effect. From that moment, I felt more confidant with my sculpting and painting skills.

AMG-DSC04445 AMG-DSC04444


Marie Georghy