Striking a few poses

NEA-work in progress-AMG DOLL (7)

Good eveneing to you all! As you all may know, a few weeks ago, I posted that I would be overwhelmed with work regarding an important doll project. I will be soon taking some time off to immerse myself in this project, but do not worry, I still continue with a few posts. These posts will mainly focus on positive quotes. I leave you for now with Nia striking a few poses! Stay  tuned…

Bonsoir à tous! Comme vous le savez tous, il y a quelques semaines, j’ai publié que je serais débordée de travail du à un important projet de poupée. Je serai bientôt en vacance  pour être entièrement plongée à ce projet, mais ne vous inquiétez pas, je continuerai à publier quelques articles. Les prochains articles auront pour sujet des proverbes qui seront positives. Je vous laisse pour le moment avec différentes poses de Nia! Restez au courant…

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Two new heads

AMG DOLL-2017 (3)

I finished my two heads, I still have the eye lashes to affix and I’m done with them. I intend to make a wig for each doll and take several photos. If there is one thing I like, in what I do, it is to take pictures. I try, if possible, to take pictures of every step of my work and then evaluate and auto critic them. I look at the good and the bad shots and I take a lot of notes on what I see. I often ask my boyfriend’s point of view, his way to analyze and critic helps me a lot to improve my artwork. We “artists” sometimes have this feeling of over-protecting our artwork, but over time, I noticed that attitude is useless and shows a form of insecurity. In short, let loose and enjoy the most as possible the good shots and enjoy each moment as it comes.

J’ai terminé mes têtes, il me reste de poser les cils et voilà, j’en aurai fini avec elles. Je compte leur faire une perruque pour chacune et prendre plusieurs photos. Si il y a une chose que j’aime dans se que je fais c’est bien prendre des photos. J’essaie si possible d’en prendre à chaque étape de mon travail et par la suite, j’évalue et je moto-critique. Je regarde les bons et les mauvais coups et je note beaucoup ce que je vois. Je demande souvent l’avis de mon petit ami, sa façon d’analyser et de critiquer m’aide beaucoup à m’améliorer. Nous les « artistes » avons parfois ce sentiment de surprotégé notre art, mais avec le temps, j’ai remarqué que cela s’avariait inutile et démontrait une forme d’insécurité. Bref, il faut lâcher prise et apprécier le plus que possible les bons coups et chaque instant comme elles viennent.

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I finished my doll!


Good afternoon! I found it difficult to stringed her all together: I have used a low quality and size of elastic. Believe me, having the right equipment makes all the difference and even if it does cost more! Do not be afraid to invest in terms of quality, It makes all de difference period! I count to make her wig between Christmas and the new year and show to you later a few pictures. In the meantime, I will not post something during the holydays: I’ll be with my family to celebrate the holiday season! I wish you all, a Merry Christmas full of love!

Marie Georghy Jacob


Bon après-midi! J’ai terminé ma poupée! J’ai trouvé difficile de l’assembler faute d’avoir utilisé un élastique de piètre qualité et de grosseur. Croyez-moi, avoir le bon matériel fait toute la différence et même si il cela doit coûter plus cher! Il ne faut pas avoir peur d’investir en termes de qualité, cela fait toute la différence point finale! Je compte de fabriquer sa perruque entre les jours des fêtes de Noël et le jour de l’an et vous montrez les photos par la suite. D’ici-là, je ne publierai rien entre temps : je serai avec ma famille pour célébrer les temps des fêtes! Je vous souhaite à tous et chacun, un joyeux Noël avec plein d’amour!

Marie Georghy Jacob

A second head for Adele…

Happy Sunday! Here’s Adele’s sculpted and painted second head…You maybe asking yourselves why? The reason is very simple, I did not like the first: it was to big compared to the rest of the body. In addition, you may have noticed that the body and the first head are exactly the same color compared to the second head, which is made from left over Kato polymer clay from another doll. This other doll will be featured in future posts, but for now Adele is giving me headaches! Hope you like her, for myself I have mixed feelings…

Have a nice day and see you on my next post!


Adele’s second and final painted head

Adele’s first and second head (first two heads)…the third head in back belongs to another doll…

Adele head painted and blushed

Adele’s work in progress (continued)


Hello! On tonight’s post I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Some of you may have seen some pictures of her on my Facebook or Google + pages! Like my previous doll Glòria, I decided to use once again Kato polyclay,  the brown color. This clay is very good, but in my own opinion,  it’s better and stronger once mixed with an other clay, such as Fimo. The brown color is very pretty too, but gets darker once baked.Sorry that the photos do not do justice to Adele.

Thanks for watching!



More fashion photos of Agnès

Good evening art doll lovers! A few weeks ago, when I decided to take pictures of Agnès, many of them were put aside for various reasons…I decided to make  another beautiful outfit for her, which I will post during this weekend. But for tonight, I am showing to you more fashion photos of Agnès and here they are! Enjoy!



This is my up coming fashion art doll created last year as final project for 2015! More details will be posted during the weekend! Stay tuned doll fanatics!

AMG-Agnès-DSC05529 - Copie

Haulani camera test (Special Effects)

Good evening everybody! Before I continue with tonight’s post, my doll Haulani received positive and if I can add to this, lovely reactions from the general public! Thanks to all of you, this beauty was a bless for me to create last summer. Sadly, tonight’s post will be the last one on my sweet Haulani and another doll will be presented next weekend! This time, I decided to make it simple by making one last camera test, I call it “Special Effects”. All pictures looks like black & white watercolors ! Thanks for watching!



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Haulani the Bohemian

Hello everyone! Two weeks ago, while photographing Haulani, I decided to style her a little bit, not something too serious, but to give a small overview on how she would look with a bohemian style. In reality, I am sort of a bohemian my self…in an other post, I will elaborate a little bit more on the subject in the future. Till now, enjoy my Haulani…the bohemian!

Haulani the Bohemian

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