Waiting to be dressed…


My lady is waiting to be dressed, but right now, I am attacking for a first fitting where I made many alterations! A second and perhaps even a third fitting will be required to offer a perfect garment that will gorgeously hang well with a nice silhouette. I’ll be back with more photos on my fittings. Have a nice day everyone!

Ma demoiselle est en attente d’être habillée, mais en ce moment, je m’attaque à un premier essayage d’où j’effectue de nombreuses altérations! Un second et peut-être même, un troisième essayage, sera nécessaire pour offrir un vêtement impeccable avec une magnifique tombé et silhouette. Je vous reviendrai avec d’autres photos sur mes essayages. Bonne journée à tous!

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More fashion photos of Agnès

Good evening art doll lovers! A few weeks ago, when I decided to take pictures of Agnès, many of them were put aside for various reasons…I decided to make  another beautiful outfit for her, which I will post during this weekend. But for tonight, I am showing to you more fashion photos of Agnès and here they are! Enjoy!


Mira & Lerato!

Hello to all art doll lovers out there. This is a sneak preview on future posts: Lerato and Mira! Stay tuned!
Best regards
Marie Georghy Jacob
The mysterious Mira!
The lovely Lerato!

More ethnic fashion drawing…

When I have time, most of my favorite design sketches are drawn in color and the design comes almost “alive”! From this moment, I feel so excited that I can’t barely help myself on moving to the next steps: testing fabric, molding, making patterns, do the fitting, making pattern corrections, sewing, etc.

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (38)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (40)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (44)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (47)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (49)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (50)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (54)

More Ethnic Fashion Sketches

Normally, when I draw a fashion outfit, I use a 5,5″ x 8,5″ (13,9 cm x 21,6 cm) sketch book and if I like the design, I will draw it again in the actual size of the doll, however by using an 18″ x 22″ (45,7 cm x 56 cm) sketch book. This method helps me to incorporate all of the tiny details that I want to see on each outfit and to store all information that I need in classified records.

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (20)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (24)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (26)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (27)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (30)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (33)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (36)

Where are the ethnic fashion designs?

Good morning everyone! Recently, I have been asked the following question : Where are the ethnic fashion designs? We are waiting to see them! Actually, I’ve been working on them for more than a year now! My biggest problem was to decide which ethnic design I would started with. There were way too many to choose from: Afghanistan, Morocco, Senegal, India, China, Kenya, Russia…and the list goes on and on and on! Good lord, since I have textiles books from each of these countries, I simply couldn’t decided myself…I love them all! Many of these countries have a rich textile history, tradition and techniques that set each them apart. Many of these textiles have a strong ritualistic and ceremonial signification, such as festivals and weddings, but also, they are a self expression for statue and identity. Also, most of these gorgeous ethnic designs are created in laborious handmade techniques and craftsmanship that today’s industrial society have lost, which I find so sad!

Of course, some of you may say that many Parisian powerful houses are still maintaining these rigorous techniques, where most of them are executed by hand with the highest standards of la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. In fact, all Haute Couture’s outfits are meticulously constructed by hand from start to finish, made from expensive and often unusual fabrics. They are sown with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and gifted sewers.

Needless to say, in my opinion, nothing comes close to traditional ethnic designs and textiles, because they do not followed any trends like modern fashion does. Anyway, after deep reflection, I finally came up with a decision, I will go on with North American Native designs, from the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and of course from Canada! For me, there are no better way to start with something that I know. Also, it is a good approach to show some respect, on my part, to First Nations and to celebrate are beautiful land!

All the following sketches are not final and are just a quick mix of cosmopolitan ideas inspired from Native Indian design. Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion Sketches

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (3)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (5)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (8)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (11)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (14)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (16)

Rachelle part 2

Hello everyone! For tonight post, I present the second and last part of Rachelle fully painted and blushed. As you have may notice, Rachelle’s body is more athletic and toned, which I really do like. In real life, I love variety though my aesthetic do not change that much.



Hello everyone! For tonight’s post, I will make it short and sweet, this is the second and final part of my doll Betty. As I noticed on my Facebook page, many of you truly liked her and so do I! However, I would have preferred to have sculpted her from another professional clay, even though I enjoy the way she is sculpted, her features and her skin color. Betty stands 18 inches tall (46 cm), her blue grey eyes are handmade in crystal and her wig is made of human hair that I curled. Sculpted by accident, but she ended up having a beneficial effect on my doll making image and aesthetics.Thanks for watching and see you on my next post.

Marie Georghy Jacob




Brielle part 2


Hi everyone! Yesterday and even last weekend, I presented Brielle head sculpted. But before I continue with her sculpted body, I think it is important to inform you that Brielle’s name is a popular one in the Bahamas. So, it was not invented by me! Now, here are more photos of her fully molded and sculpted. Finally, I want to add, that over the years, I have developed different modeling tools to make my work easier and pleasant, such as this handmade mini sculpting round table. It’s fantastic to work with and I can mold and look at my ladies from every angle without destroying long hours of hard work. Thank you once again for watching and for the 610 Likes on my Facebook page. I will see you tomorrow for the 3rd part of Brielle.

Marie Georghy Jacob






Hello! Tonight and for the next three days, I will be posting news of Brielle, my second doll from the year 2013. She was created in late Fabruary of that year and made of 1½ pounds of Living doll (terracotta). Also, I added 110 grams of Fimo Classic to make her more solid. She stands 18 inches high (45,6 cm) and her eyes are handmade in crystal. Tomorrow, pictures of her sculpted body will be presented. Thanks and see you tomorrow evening.

Marie Georghy Jacob

Brielle, Samynah & Filsan