Fimo Classic & Fimo Soft

Hello to you all! Yesterday, on my post on Ally, I explain how disappointed I was with Fimo soft and the doll. But this sad experience didn’t stop me from experimenting. In stand, I had the idea to mix both Fimo Soft and Fimo Soft. The mix of these two clay was a hard one for my hand. The flesh color of Fimo Classic is a bit darker than Fimo Soft. But at the end, it was fun one and the result was great, I really liked the color and love the feeling on my hands (none greasy). However, I would used it only for practicing heads, hands and feets only, but no dolls.




Fimo Classic of the right and Finno soft on the left


Marie Georghy

2 thoughts on “Fimo Classic & Fimo Soft

  1. How would you compare the softness of fimo soft to other brands like sculpey or premo? I have used fimo before, but i think i got a bad pack it was very hard and dry.


    1. Hello Waterlily9! On future post I’ll give more information on my experience with Sculpey. First, I did try Premo, I didn’t like the feeling of it on my fingers, the more I was molding the clay he more it got greasier and stickier. So I stop right away using it and next, I’ve switch for Fimo Classic. The clay was very brutal and hard. The only way for me to work with it was to take small parts and make small balls than I flat them with an acrylic roll. After making my first two dolls, I’ve decided to buy more books on the subject, which I will talk in future post, and a pasta machine. I was afraid for my hands.

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