Painting is beautiful, but….

NEA-work in progress-AMG DOLL (34)

Good evening my friends! The first coat of acrylic paint was applied on Nia and I love the natural result…However, I have to admit, though I love to paint, sometimes painting can cause a real mess!

Bonsoir les amis et voici la première couche de peinture effectuée sur Nia! J’aime l’effet naturel du résultat…mais je de dois vous avouer, bien que j’aime peinturer, la peinture peut parfois causer un vrai désordre!

A second head for Adele…

Happy Sunday! Here’s Adele’s sculpted and painted second head…You maybe asking yourselves why? The reason is very simple, I did not like the first: it was to big compared to the rest of the body. In addition, you may have noticed that the body and the first head are exactly the same color compared to the second head, which is made from left over Kato polymer clay from another doll. This other doll will be featured in future posts, but for now Adele is giving me headaches! Hope you like her, for myself I have mixed feelings…

Have a nice day and see you on my next post!


Adele’s second and final painted head

Adele’s first and second head (first two heads)…the third head in back belongs to another doll…

Adele head painted and blushed

Glòria’s front lace wig!

Happy Sunday evening art doll lovers! My Glòria front lace wig is finally finished! Actually, I’ve been working and learning on how to make this kind of wig for a while now…almost two years now! Many of you might be asking yourselves what a front lace wig is? A lace wig is simply hair which is ventilated one by one on top of lace mesh fabric, it’s than glued in front of the person’s front head. Once the front lace wig is glued, it gives the impression that the hair is actually naturally rooted onto the person wearing the wig. This type of wig is truly loved and appreciated by many celebrities, such as, Oprah, Beyoncé and Jessica Simpson , but also by people with cancer. Even though, it takes me two days to make, not including hair styling it, I love the natural finish that it gives.

Glòria is now painted!

Hello! On tonight’s post, I will continue with Glòria, but now painted! I have to admit that while I was sanding her with water and sandpaper, and soon after,  I got a bit worried: the clay looked like wax and kind of fragile. I had to wait almost a full week before polishing her. Kato polyclay looks quite translucent and silky, just like Cernit polymer clay. Also, I tried to make her painted face a little different. Though I normally love my dolls make up to look more natural, this time with Glòria, I added more eye shadow than usual. I don’t know if I will do this for future dolls, but painting her was pure joy!




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Camera Tests (black & white)

Hello! Making photo shots of my mysterious Lara with my new camera was so much fun. I had the chance to play, understand and mainly do camera tests. I completed four different color tests: black & white, bright, pale and dark. On tonight’s post, it will be the black and white one. Enjoy!


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My mysterious Lara part 4

Finally, on tonight’s final post on my mysterious Lara, I can now show to you a few pictures that I’ve made of her with my new camera! This camera is a Sony Cyber-shot (DSC-HX50V). I have zero experience with digital cameras, but I got few help with a professional technician from Sony while going to Best Buy and during that day I was pretty lucky! I was told that the previous main problem that I had with my older camera, another one from Sony for which they don’t produce anymore, is that my memory stick wasn’t big enough to take strong pictures, only 1GB! This time, I made sure to do a good research in what kind of camera that I wanted and for what use. By that away, don’t be surprise, if you see more doll photos taken with my older camera, since most of my previous works were made with it as archives. I will publish more photos of her tomorrow. Best regards-Marie Georghy Jacob


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My mysterious Lara part 2

Good evening! On this second part of my mysterious Lara, I will be showing her progression on making her wig for which it is made in a very light blond color (#613) made in a mix of synthetic and human blends. At first, I wasn’t into using synthetic hair, simply because it did not look natural to me, especially when I make Caucasian dolls. After purchasing various brands and thanks to my dear sisters, I have somewhat put this prejudice aside. This mix of synthetic and human hair on Lara’s head, is so soft that one could not see or feel the difference between the two. Also, what is great with this mix, is that you can iron it in a cool temperature. Thanks everybody for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob


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More of Lerato’s photos

Hello everybody! After what happen in Paris, in respect to these difficult times, I thought it was better not to post anything for at least two days. There is a huge French community here in Montreal and a special peace and solidarity walk was initiated by our mayor, Denis Coderre today. A fantastic crowd of 10 000 people joined in and walk all the way to the French Consulate.

Early last week, I had introduced you to my lovely Lerato and I wasn’t happy with her pictures at all, but I will show some of them anyways…However, the good news is that I finally purchased a new camera! I tried it today and it’s awesome! The pictures that you will see of Lerato are made will my old camera.


Marie Georghy Jacob

Lerato-DSC07378 (44)

Lerato-DSC07378 (33)

Lerato-DSC07378 (39)

Lerato-DSC07378 (45)

Lerato-DSC07378 (31)

More of my sweet Charlotte!

Happy Halloween everyone! For this trick or treat post, I couldn’t resist to add more photos of my sweet Charlotte! I have to admit my friends, that I’m not happy with my camera and for a while now. There is no doubt, that I am going to buy another one! Stay tuned!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Charlotte-DSC07005 (61)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (65)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (63)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (78)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (79)

Charlotte-DSC07005 (68)