2012 Doll Gallery is now updated!

The 2012 Doll Gallery is now updated! With my first dolls which I created that year: Clara, Danielle, Ally and Nezha! Thanks everyone for watching!


La Galerie photo des mes toutes premières poupées créées en 2012, Clara, Danielle, allié et Nezha , est maintenant mise à jour ! Merci à tous!



2012 Dolls in video


Hi everyone! I was away last weekend for a small but busy trip to the Big Apple! Some of you may have seen a few of my pictures and videos. Hope you like them, though some pictures did not turn out well…but for tonight’s post, I will not talk about my great trip, but I will be presenting a small video of my 2012 dolls! More videos will be on there way. Stay tuned my doll friends!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Nezha part 1

Hello everyone! May I present you Nezha! She was created in late November 2012. She’s made in 1 ½ pound of Living Doll Baby, 1/8 of Prosculpt Ethnic brown and her glass eyes are handmade by me. To be honest, I love the skin tone of this doll and her lovely face, however I am truly disappointed with this polymer clay mix: it wasn’t though enough as I would  like to be and little cracks were made around her feet and ankle. I was so sad to discover this problem…problem that I didn’t’ have with Fimo Classic. The saddest part of this story, is that I purchased all the color available from Living Doll (Terracotta, light flesh and beige) for other dolls, may I say lots of dolls and which I’ll show you on future posts. Tomorrow, I will present more photos of Nezha painted and wigged.

See you tomorrow


Marie Georghy Jacob



Changing clay (Living Doll)

Good evening! By the end of the 2012, I decided to tried a new polymer clay: Living Doll. From various forums I eared this clay was excellent and was used by doll makers worldwide. It is also perfect for beginners and those who like working with a softer polymer clay. I agree with this, since it’s texture is easy to work with and can be mixed with any of the Sculpey or Premo clay to create intermediate flesh colors. The color palette is more realistic than Fimo clay. However, I wasn’t quite sure with this clay since I was use to work with more brutal and rough clay. Also, I found various techniques to condition tougher clay. The best solution for me was to test this clay by creating several doll heads and others with a mix of Fimo Classic and Soft.

Thank you for watching

Marie Georghy Jacob



New set of eyes

Hi everyone! After a month of practicing more heads, feet and hands, it was time for me to create new set of doll eyes. This time, I tried to use glass eyes, but still wanted to paint irises with acrylic paints and a mix of Fimo classic and Fimo Soft polymer clay. The end result was…OK at that time. In future posts, I will show you other glass eyes I was working on.

Thanks for watching

Marie Georghy Jacob






More Practice!

Hello! As I said yesterday on my post, I had to start all over again and by the end of 2012, I molded with more confidence new heads, hands and feet.






Marie Georghy Jacob

Starting Over!

Good evening! Yesterday I mentioned about my lack of knowledge about the human anatomy in 2012. That topic made me come to realized that I have to start all over again and had to do it properly! The first thing that I did was to subscribe to different doll forums and magazines, artist DVD tutorials and I bought better clay for doll making. I also purchased more lights and molding tools. One thing for sure, I knew if I wanted great results, I had to invest on suitable materials.
This book is must have from French sculptor Berit Hildre.
I love to write a lot of notes while I read something knew.
Patricia Rose doll making DVD’s
Best regards and see you tomorrow!
Marie Georghy Jacob

Katherine Dewey’s book

Good evening! When I’ve started to sculpted dolls in early 2012, I’ve made a lot research on how many doll artist have started to make their own dolls. Back than, I felt a little like a homeless and I didn’t have any connections or a mentor to help me out. However, one day by reading Doll Reader magazine, there was an advertising on a book called CREATING LIFELIKE FIGURINES In Polymer clay by Katherine Dewey. I was hooked and by magic, I didn’t feel alone anymore. I’ve decided to by this book on Amazon as a Christmas gift in December 2011 and read it half a dozen times before I’ve started to mold anything. This book is easy to read and to fallow for every beginners, especially if you’re interested in polymer clay.




PS: I’m taking four days off for a short holiday. My next post will be on Monday July 6th. Till than love to you all and I’ll see you on my next post.


Marie Georghy Jacob

Aleisha part 2

Hello to you all! As I said yesterday, more photos of Aleisha would be added. She was made in Fimo classsic chocolate and I’ve mixe it with a bit of Fimo classic white. The result was OK but not as I wished. I wanted something more cinnamon and not milk chocolate. When it came the moment to paint her, it was a challenged to get that cinnamon color. What I like this doll is her curvy silhouette.

Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob





Hello! Tomorrow I’ll post few photos of Aleisha, my fifth doll from 2012. She’s was created in later September of that year and she was also crated in Fimo classic.

Love to you all

Marie Georghy Jacob