Agnès with Fukiko & Betty!


Bonjour everyone! Two days ago, my dear Agnès was introduced to you wigged! Speaking of wigs, the hair used was synthetic, I have used it, to mimic natural black hair. Also, I changed my way on making wigs. They now look a bit more natural and I use 85% of the time fine quality human hair and the other 15% is a mix of human and mohair. In a future, I will elaborate more on the subject with a another doll… For tonight’s post, I decided to present Agnès with two of my previous dolls, Fukiko & Betty. It was important for me to present her and compare her with other dolls that I created in the past, because yes, in my own point of view, Agnès looks different from my old dolls. For one, she’s taller and more linear. Two, her face looks more women like and her features are little bit more “realistic”, in other word less cartoon like! I sculpted her in being aware that I needed to make a more mature doll, rather than childish looking one. Though a few past dolls also look more women like, Rachelle, Aglahé and Beatrice come to mind, however with Agnès, I went more deeply with her sculpt aesthetic!

Fukiko & Agnès


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Mira & Lerato!

Hello to all art doll lovers out there. This is a sneak preview on future posts: Lerato and Mira! Stay tuned!
Best regards
Marie Georghy Jacob
The mysterious Mira!
The lovely Lerato!

2014 Dolls in video part 3


Good evening my doll friends! This is the final part of 2014 dolls video and I hope you like them since it was not only an overview of my previous work, but also an experimentation on how to make simple videos! Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob

2014 Dolls in video part 2


Good evening my friends! For tonight’s post,  I’m continuing with part 2 of the 2014 dolls. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Marie Georghy Jacob

2012 Dolls in video


Hi everyone! I was away last weekend for a small but busy trip to the Big Apple! Some of you may have seen a few of my pictures and videos. Hope you like them, though some pictures did not turn out well…but for tonight’s post, I will not talk about my great trip, but I will be presenting a small video of my 2012 dolls! More videos will be on there way. Stay tuned my doll friends!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Faye the baby face!

Hi everyone! Fall has truly arrived and we feel it here in Montreal. The weather has only reached 12 degrees (53,6 Fahrenheit) today! But fall is such a beautiful season: we eat better, sleep better, the colors of the leaves are inspirational for creativity! My minds just can’ t stop creating, especially during this season. Actually, I like going to the park were I can sketch or write things…though my mind never stops creating through out the rest of the year, Fall keeps my mind grounded, calm and of course, I think that  it as to do with the temperature or the shorter days. Now, let me introduce you to Faye, yes like Faye Dunaway. Faye is my second doll created earlier this year. She was created in a mix of Prosculpt (baby) and Cernit (flesh) polymer clay. She is the first doll with Swarovski crystal handmade eyes that I made. Since most of my previous dolls were young women, I sculpted her to have a baby face on purpose,with all her facial features sculpted closer and with bigger eyes. What is particular with her, is that she’s the tallest doll that I have ever made: 52 cm (20 ½ inches) tall! Though I really love big dolls, for me, Faye is way too tall! All along while I was molding her, I kept asking myself is will she turn out OK after baked…because of the weight of the clay, I was constantly worried. However, Faye turned out fine, in fact, she was better than I thought. She is a bit heavy, but not as a few of my previous dolls. I think that it is due to the fact that I changed the way that I do my doll armature: aluminium wire instead of heavy metal wire. Before ending this post, since Faye is part of a three part post. Tonight, I will only show pictures of her both before and after sanded and painted. Thanks/Merci to everyone and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

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Avene part 3

Good evening to all doll fanatics! Tonight, it’s gives me a great pleasure to present more pictures of Avene since she is by far, for me, one of my most precious doll that I ever made, do to my new approach on making art dolls. I challenged myself to have both quality and aesthetic by making my dolls, a decision that I took early this year in the month of February. Personally, I think many artists out there do know what I am talking about when it comes to be judging mental of is own art work and especially when you are trying to not only to improve your previous techniques but also your self! What I’m trying to explain, is that, earlier this year, I decided to take this good habit, to analyse carefully each of my dolls once finish instead of being constantly on the go with the next doll! To make it short, if it took me 30 days to make one doll, well that is the time it will take to make one! Over the past few months, my attitude gently changed and I have come to accept and to appreciate it greatly! Also, from this, came the decision to make a record, where I can have a technical overview of each dolls that I created. Thanks and that’s completes Avene’s post!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Avene-DSC06493 (26)

Avene-DSC06493 (27)

Avene-DSC06493 (33)

Avene-DSC06493 (29)

Avene-DSC06493 (28)

Avene-DSC06493 (35)


Avene-DSC06493 (32)

Avene-DSC06493 (31)


Good evening all art doll lovers! Tonight I feel better with all the nice comments on my dolls that I have received from several Facebook followers. Making and creating dolls, in my studio, is most of the time a serene one but it can sometimes feel lonely too. Thanks to each of them and I really feel the spirit of the doll community and for which I am very proud to be part of! For the second part of this post, here are more photos of Honor a doll that pretty much enjoy to create last year. As I previously explained in yesterday’s post, Honor does not look Irish. Though I had one in mind, when I drew her at first, but when it came to sculpt her…it was another story! Even with her red hair and wrinkles, she looks much more as an Asian girl instead. Regardless of these minor differences, I hope you will like her.

Thanks and have a great evening

Marie Georghy Jacob

Honor-DSC06369 (10)


Honor-DSC06369 (7)

Honor-DSC06369 (3)

Honor-DSC06360 (3)

Honor-DSC06369 (2)

Honor-DSC06360 (4)


Honor-DSC06369 (11)


Honor-DSC06369 (6)


Good morning! With this name, Fukiko, I am sure that you all aware that this doll was inspired from Japan beauties. Fukiko in Japanese means, joyous girl or child of a joyous women. Isn’t sweet and pretty don’t you think? My choice of clay was clear from day one. In my mind, only Fimo Puppen Porcelain was the best choice to make this doll to come true. However, I was a little afraid on the painting side due to the very pale effect of this clay once bake. To solve that problem, I mixed a few of Fimo Soft light flesh. At the end, the mix turned out to be a very light peach, closer to chalk white actually. Also, I discovered  after baking Fukiko, Fimo Puppen was very strong, solid and semi translucent and which I found very beautiful.  She’s is certainly one of my favorite dolls that I made so far. Enjoy!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Atelier Miss Georgia









Fei Fan part 2

Hello folks! Before I continue with more pictures of my dear Fai Fan, I would love to give a sincere thank you to all of you who like Atelier Miss Georgia’s Facebook page. The page has reached 995 Likes and I am totally surprised and touched! It truly gives high hopes, since more dolls post are on their way…so stay tuned! For tonight’s post, I am showing more photos of Fai Fan. These photos were taken this past May. One more thing to add, I handmade Fei Fan’s eyes in a previous batch of glass eyes nearly two years ago. As a warning, when baking glass eyes within polymer clay, they tend to crack under the pressure once polymer clay cools down. This is why I opted for crystal handmade eyes. Although, after fabricating an excessive amount of glass eyes, I decided to use a few of them on my future dolls.  Enjoy and will see each other on my next post. Thanks/Merci!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Fei fan-DSC06225

Fei fan-DSC06238


Fei Fan-DSC06224

Fei fan-DSC06230

Fei fan-DSC06231

Fei fan-DSC06228

Fei Fan-DSC06160

Fei Fan-DSC06157

Fei Fan-DSC06162

Fei Fan-DSC06167

Fei Fan-DSC06186

Fei Fan-DSC06188

Fei Fan-DSC06189

Fei fan-DSC06238