Nudity on my Facebook page!!!!

Hello! Before I continue with this post, some people feel offended about the nudity contained on most of my posts. All of my fashion art dolls are nude and l do feel sorry if I have offended anyone. Honestly, it wasn’t my intention. The two main reasons on why I show my dolls fully naked: first my sculpting capabilities and secondly, it is a question of fitting and hanging.  First, it’s greatly important as a new comer, in doll making, to show the improvements that I made so far, and of course, on things that I need and most work on as doll artist. Also, as I feel much closer as a fashion doll designer, I prefer my dolls to be fully sculpted, and that it means no cloth body…personally, by judging my own experience, clothes fit and hang better on a fully sculpted body.Thank you for your understanding

Marie Georghy Jacob