The making of Honor!

Good evening and let’s get to dolls! This is Honor, an Irish name, though this doll does not look like one. She was created last fall (2014) in Prosculpt polymer clay (Caucasian) and is 18” tall (45,7 cm). She was easy to sculpt since Prosculpt is pliable and, of course, once this clay is baked, it has a gorgeous translucent effect that I love so much for the paint and blushing.

Thanks everyone for your support

Marie Georghy  Jacob







Nudity on my Facebook page!!!!

Hello! Before I continue with this post, some people feel offended about the nudity contained on most of my posts. All of my fashion art dolls are nude and l do feel sorry if I have offended anyone. Honestly, it wasn’t my intention. The two main reasons on why I show my dolls fully naked: first my sculpting capabilities and secondly, it is a question of fitting and hanging.  First, it’s greatly important as a new comer, in doll making, to show the improvements that I made so far, and of course, on things that I need and most work on as doll artist. Also, as I feel much closer as a fashion doll designer, I prefer my dolls to be fully sculpted, and that it means no cloth body…personally, by judging my own experience, clothes fit and hang better on a fully sculpted body.Thank you for your understanding

Marie Georghy Jacob