Hello all doll lovers! It was a very hot one today in Montreal. To be more precise: sticky and humid! But, for tonight, it is time to introduce you to my tall Haven (19″/48,2 cm). Not only is she tall, but also a little heavy. This beauty was created at the end of October of 2014 and was fully sculpted in Fimo Puppen. Haven was such a joy to make, though it took me three days to condition the clay. After baking, the clay was very strong and even the tiny details came out pretty well, but not as translucent as I wished. Which means more work for me on the painting side. I would have loved that her handmade glass eyes to be much bigger…just to show their blue color better. Despite that, I really enjoyed making her. I will post more photos of Haven tomorrow.

Best regards

Marie Georghy JacobHaven-DSC05218Haven-FP-DSC05203Haven-FP-DSC05207Haven-DSC05211Haven-DSC05220

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