BJD in the making!


Happy Sunday morning! A few days ago, I finally started my Ball Jointed Doll (BJD). Although other changes will be made, once the finished doll will be finally made, the corrections on my technical drawings were very useful. To begin this doll, I decided to experiment some personal techniques, including the use of plastic straws for the framing. Each part of the doll will consist of a bespoke cut straw. Subsequently, each trimmed straw will be wrapped with a layer of polymer clay (Sculpey Ultra Light). This light and strong clay is often used for creating unique jewelry art pieces used by artists. I must confess that I am conquered with this clay, it is so easy to mold and even after baking, it carves well. On the other hand, the advantage of this polymer clay is that once baked, it is just as light as a sheet of paper. According to what I have read, this asset is necessary so that the BJD, in polymer clay, stands:  the heavier the parts are, the more the balance will be off. And that’s what prevents the BJD, in polymer clay, to keep the poses fluid. To close this post, I inform you, in the last six months, I took a few classes in ceramics. I plan to take others in the spring of 2017. Do not be surprised that the next few posts will be mainly allocated to a few ceramic pieces that I did this year. This will give me the time to continue my BJD in a calmer period before the Holiday rush. This project requires a lot of time, patience and energy. In the meantime, have a great day and I’ll be back in a few days. Thanks everybody!

Bon dimanche matin! Il y a quelques jours, j’ai finalement commencé ma poupée (BJD). Quoique d’autres modifications seront apportées, une fois la poupée terminée, les corrections apportées sur mes dessins techniques étaient très utiles. Pour débuter cette poupée, j’ai décidé d’expérimenté quelques techniques personnelles, dont l’utilisation de pailles de plastique pour réaliser l’ossature. Chaque partie ou pièce de la poupée sera composée d’une paille taillée sur-mesure. Par la  suite, chaque paille taillée sera enveloppée d’une couche de pâte de polymère (Sculpey Ultra Light). Cette pâte légère et solide est souvent utilisée pour la création de bijoux uniques d’artiste. Je dois vous avouer que je suis conquise avec cette pâte, elle est si facile à modeler et même après la cuisson, elle se sculpte bien. D’autre part, l’avantage de cette pâte de polymère, c’est qu’une fois cuite, elle est tout aussi légère qu’une feuille de papier. Selon ce que j’ai pu lire, cet atout est nécessaire pour que la poupée BJD, en pâte de polymère, reste debout : plus les pièces sont lourdes, plus l’équilibre est contrarié. Et c’est ce qui empêche la poupée BJD, en pâte de polymère, de garder des poses fluides. Pour clore ce post, je vous informe que j’ai pris quelques cours de céramique au cours des six derniers mois. Je pense en prendre d’autres d’ici le printemps 2017. Ne soyez pas étonnez que les prochains postes seront principalement alloués à quelques pièces en céramique que j’ai réalisée cette année. Cela me donnera le temps de continuer ma poupée BJD dans le calme avant la période folle des fêtes. Ce projet demande beaucoup de temps, de patience et d’énergie. D’ici-là, passez une bonne journée et je vous reviens dans quelques jours. Merci à tous!

Work in progress of Adele

Hello to you all! On tonight’s post, I will continue with the work in progress of Adele! Yes that’s the name of my next doll and yes, I’m a big fan of the talented British singer Adele and I love her name! My doll Adele is a continuity of my previous work: making a doll sketch, building a solid wire armature and under armature, molding and mixing polymer clay and than molding the doll in stages: one layer of clay, bake it and let it cool down, before putting another layer of clay. But, what is different with this doll, I am planing to mold her with high heels, something that I have never done before! I was a bit concerned of the solidity of her ankles, but thanks to my new love and saver  in doll making: Apoxie clay! I knew, right from the beginning it was the right medium for me to use  and since the doll is tall, I wanted to be reassured! More details of Adele in a few days! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!


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Faye the baby face!


Hi everyone! Fall has truly arrived and we feel it here in Montreal. The weather has only reached 12 degrees (53,6 Fahrenheit) today! But fall is such a beautiful season: we eat better, sleep better, the colors of the leaves are inspirational for creativity! My minds just can’ t stop creating, especially during this season. Actually, I like going to the park were I can sketch or write things…though my mind never stops creating through out the rest of the year, Fall keeps my mind grounded, calm and of course, I think that  it as to do with the temperature or the shorter days. Now, let me introduce you to Faye, yes like Faye Dunaway. Faye is my second doll created earlier this year. She was created in a mix of Prosculpt (baby) and Cernit (flesh) polymer clay. She is the first doll with Swarovski crystal handmade eyes that I made.

Since most of my previous dolls were young women, I sculpted her to have a baby face on purpose,with all her facial features sculpted closer and with bigger eyes. What is particular with her, is that she’s the tallest doll that I have ever made: 52 cm (20 ½ inches) tall! Though I really love big dolls, for me, Faye is way too tall! All along while I was molding her, I kept asking myself is will she turn out OK after baked…because of the weight of the clay, I was constantly worried. However, Faye turned out fine, in fact, she was better than I thought. She is a bit heavy, but not as a few of my previous dolls. I think that it is due to the fact that I changed the way that I do my doll armature: aluminium wire instead of heavy metal wire. Before ending this post, since Faye is part of a three part post. Tonight, I will only show pictures of her both before and after sanded and painted. Thanks/Merci to everyone and we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Marie Georghy Jacob












Avene construction…

Good evening! First of all, I did not know how to begin this post, since I have many things to talk about. First of of all, today I went to the museum, were there was an exclusive and biggest Rodin (August Rodin) exhibition ever presented in Canada, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts I could not afford myself to miss it where 300 of his most famous works are presented from plaster, to marble and bronze. Do to the adult content, his famous statuettes such as  The Thinker and The Kiss and is mainly reserved for adults only… August Rodin was born in Paris in November 1840 and was one of the most important French sculptors of the second half of the 19th Century at the same time as many art movements such as French Impressionism, Modern Art and English Arts and Crafts. He is considered as the father of modern sculptures and it is good to know that he was fascinated with hands, which became is signature. I took many pictures as I could with my cellphone. There are not great, but better than nothing…due to technical difficulties I cannot post them a the present time!

Now, it is Avene time! This doll’s post will be in three parts and in my eyes, she is an important doll. At first, when you look at her, you may think she’s no different from previous dolls that I made, but the way she was sculpted is different. First of all, Avene is 49 cm tall (19 inches), which is tall for a doll who is entirely made in polymer clay, a mix of Cernit (Flesh) and Prosculpt (Baby), my two favorite clays. Before her, I used to make the armature entirely with strong heavy wire where I added aluminium foiled paper covered with manila masking tape.  Previously, I was fine with this technique, especially for smaller dolls (43 cm or 17 inches tall) , but as soon  as I decided to make taller dolls, things got worst, lots of little cracks appeared and it was time for a change. This change started with the armature : I switched from heavy wire to aluminium, which is lighter and anti rust. 5 different sizes of aluminum wire were needed to make the doll’s body: 10 gauge (legs, shoulders and upper arms), 12 gauge (hips), 14 gauge (torso), 18 gauge (feet and lower arms) and 20 gauge (hands). Secondly, I decided to use Apoxie clay to make the thighs and than cover all the body with a light aluminium foiled paper and finish it all with white masking tape. Since the doll is tall and entirely made with 3 to 5 layers of polymer clay, I wanted the doll to be less heavy. finally, the head it is strung with heavy spring wire instead of an elastic. As for my previous handmade glass eyes, they were replaced by Swarovski  crystal cabochon, that I also made myself.  Part 2 will be posted tomorrow! Thanks to you all!

Marie Georghy Jacob