Wig making part 2


Good evening! The wigs are over! I intend to arrange and comb them to give them a little more style. I used human hair for the two wigs, next time, I’ll try mohair. I’ll come back to you with more photos tomorrow. Thank you all and have a good evening!

Bonsoir! Les perruques sont terminées! Je compte les arrangées et le peignées pour leur donner un peu plus de style. J’ai employé des cheveux humains pour les deux perruques, la prochaine fois, j’essayerai le mohair. Je vous reviendrai avec d’autres photos demain. Merci à tous et passé une bonne soirée!

Roxanne the rebel 3

Bonsoir (good evening) my doll art friends! In this final post on Roxanne, I am presenting her finished! As you can see, she really does look different, less arrogant! Oh! Sorry for this hard word, but she looks much more in peace with her self and more sensual…which I like! Maybe her deep red orange wig has to do a lot with this! Needless to say, I came to love this doll after putting a lot of thought in by watching her! Thanks/Merci to all of you!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Roxanne-DSC06835 (5)

Roxanne-DSC06835 (20)

Roxanne-DSC06835 (24)


Roxanne-DSC06835 (28)

Roxanne-DSC06835 (4)

Roxanne-DSC06835 (3)

Roxanne-DSC06835 (31)

Roxanne-DSC06835 (15)

Roxanne-DSC06835 (12)

Roxanne-DSC06835 (11)


Roxanne-DSC06835 (14)

Roxanne the rebel 2

Good evening my dear friends! Yesterday, I presented Roxanne the rebel…and yes I do find a rebellious side in her! From the moment I finished molding her, she was so different from previous dolls that I made: her face looked liked she didn’t care, too serious and looked less sensible…It seems that there was almost no softness in her and, that really did bug me at the beginning, because this is not the kind of message that I want to communicate with my dolls! Most of the time, when I molding a face, I use a photo of a beautiful lady and this time, I just didn’t. I did not think on how the doll would look like at the end. Normally, I just love to be surprised, but this time, with Roxanne…I became sceptical! I love sweet, healthy and angelic faces and sometime baby face ones with a positive message. At the end, I had to go on with her, the creative side of me talked and made me celebrate her differences and this is how I decided to make her wig with a deep red orange human hair. In my next post, you will see how she turned out and, in my opinion, it changed drastically on how I felt about her! See you tomorrow!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Late at night on making her
rebellious wig!

DSC05845 (2)



DSC05836 (2)

Avene part 3

Good evening to all doll fanatics! Tonight, it’s gives me a great pleasure to present more pictures of Avene since she is by far, for me, one of my most precious doll that I ever made, do to my new approach on making art dolls. I challenged myself to have both quality and aesthetic by making my dolls, a decision that I took early this year in the month of February. Personally, I think many artists out there do know what I am talking about when it comes to be judging mental of is own art work and especially when you are trying to not only to improve your previous techniques but also your self! What I’m trying to explain, is that, earlier this year, I decided to take this good habit, to analyse carefully each of my dolls once finish instead of being constantly on the go with the next doll! To make it short, if it took me 30 days to make one doll, well that is the time it will take to make one! Over the past few months, my attitude gently changed and I have come to accept and to appreciate it greatly! Also, from this, came the decision to make a record, where I can have a technical overview of each dolls that I created. Thanks and that’s completes Avene’s post!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Avene-DSC06493 (26)

Avene-DSC06493 (27)

Avene-DSC06493 (33)

Avene-DSC06493 (29)

Avene-DSC06493 (28)

Avene-DSC06493 (35)


Avene-DSC06493 (32)

Avene-DSC06493 (31)


Good evening all art doll lovers! Tonight I feel better with all the nice comments on my dolls that I have received from several Facebook followers. Making and creating dolls, in my studio, is most of the time a serene one but it can sometimes feel lonely too. Thanks to each of them and I really feel the spirit of the doll community and for which I am very proud to be part of! For the second part of this post, here are more photos of Honor a doll that pretty much enjoy to create last year. As I previously explained in yesterday’s post, Honor does not look Irish. Though I had one in mind, when I drew her at first, but when it came to sculpt her…it was another story! Even with her red hair and wrinkles, she looks much more as an Asian girl instead. Regardless of these minor differences, I hope you will like her.

Thanks and have a great evening

Marie Georghy Jacob


Honor-DSC06369 (10)


Honor-DSC06369 (7)

Honor-DSC06369 (3)

Honor-DSC06360 (3)

Honor-DSC06369 (2)

Honor-DSC06360 (4)


Honor-DSC06369 (11)


Honor-DSC06369 (6)