Good evening all art doll lovers! Tonight I feel better with all the nice comments on my dolls that I have received from several Facebook followers. Making and creating dolls, in my studio, is most of the time a serene one but it can sometimes feel lonely too. Thanks to each of them and I really feel the spirit of the doll community and for which I am very proud to be part of! For the second part of this post, here are more photos of Honor a doll that pretty much enjoy to create last year. As I previously explained in yesterday’s post, Honor does not look Irish. Though I had one in mind, when I drew her at first, but when it came to sculpt her…it was another story! Even with her red hair and wrinkles, she looks much more as an Asian girl instead. Regardless of these minor differences, I hope you will like her.

Thanks and have a great evening

Marie Georghy Jacob


Honor-DSC06369 (10)


Honor-DSC06369 (7)

Honor-DSC06369 (3)

Honor-DSC06360 (3)

Honor-DSC06369 (2)

Honor-DSC06360 (4)


Honor-DSC06369 (11)


Honor-DSC06369 (6)


Hello! Let me present to you Aglahé! Inspired from mix race Dutch Guiana beauties, Aglahé is made out of Cernit Flesh and Prosculpt Ethnic flesh polymer clay. She stands 18 inches high (45,7 cm), her wig is made out of high quality human hair and her glass eyes are handmade by me. Speaking of glass eyes, as you can see up close on Aglahé’s right eye, there is a crack across the middle. This problem is do to the pressure of the clay once it is cooled down after baking. I made that remark a few days ago in a previous post Fei Fan part 2 and the reason why I switched to crystal eyes.  I molded her on following Adami’s slim silhouette, but with more “sex appeal”. Also, I was a bit afraid at first on how I molded her face, I thought of ET the extraterrestrial for a moment. Sorry to say that, but seriously I didn’t know how she would turned out after baking her and I didn’t want to think on how I would paint her. I hope you like her, despite this problem. More photos of her will be posted tomorrow. Thanks and have great night.

Marie Georghy Jacob





Adami… the girl next door

Hi everyone! Ooh…who’s that girl next door on the right side of Fei Fan? Well it’s Adami! I will talk about her with more details tomorrow…so stay tuned my friends!

Thank you everyone!

Marie Georghy Jacob



Fei Fan

Hi everyone! Tonight it is a hot one in Montreal, the temperature is close to 30 degrees (94 Fahrenheit). I don’t know if I am going to be able to sleep well this evening. But frankly, were are in the month of August and it is totally normal! I’m no going to complain! Now, let me introduce you to Fei Fan, my very first Asian doll! Actually, she is more Chinese inspired and I have been dreaming a long time ago to create an Asian beauty. With the great result that I have experience with the mix of Living Doll and Fimo Classic, I was thrill to mold Fei Fan with that mix. Meanwhile, I did have problems molding her brown glass eyes though: four times actually! Fei Fan is quit petite compare to all my previous dolls, 17 inches (43 cm), but I am so happy on how she turned out! I will publish more photos of her tomorrow!  Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob







Fei Fan-DSC05161


Hello to you all! Here is my Beatrice, she is the first girl that I sculpted last year (2014) in the month of February. She is mostly made from Cernit (almond) and a part of Prosculpt (Baby). The mix of these two polymer clay was fantastic! Adding Cernit to Prosculpt firms it up and makes it less greasy. However, I still needed to use my food processor and pasta machine to mix them. I was over the moon with the nice satiny matte finish and once it was baked the color was very pretty and easy to blush after sanding. With her, I wanted to create a beautiful south american young women from either Peru, Colombia or Ecuador.

Since I felt more confident with my molding, by better understanding the human anatomy and proportions, the way I sculpted her was very different from what I did in the past. Looking at fashion magazines was the best thing for me to do, since you get a realistic human figure, but nothing comes close or beats practice! Practice is definitely a MUST to improve. Thanks again for watching more pictures of her tomorrow.

Marie Georghy Jacob