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The two heads modeled that I presented to you last week are now painted! This photo taken in the evening doesn’t do them justice! I intend to show you other photos over the next weekend, but with day light! Thank you all!

Les deux têtes modelées que je vous ai présentées la semaine dernière sont maintenant peintes! Cette photo prise le soir ne les rend pas justice! Je compte vous montrer d’autres photos au cours du prochain weekend, mais avec la lumière du jour! Merci à tous!

2013 Dolls in video part 1

Happy Sunday doll fanatics! I’m very thrilled to show you my second video, but this time, it’s for my 2013 Dolls. Actually, there will be two videos for 2013 dolls and maybe two or three for the dolls made in 2014: since I made a lot of them during that year. Making these videos are fun, though they do take time to create, they are a good way to do promotions. Thanks everybody and stay in touch for my next videos and…more dolls.

Marie Georghy Jacob

In search for the perfect clay

Good evening! Making dolls is a serene and a relax time for me, but technically when things do not work out, it can be frustrating, especially when you are totally sure of what you are doing. I can’t tell you how many times some of my dolls that I created made me nervous, because of the clay used. Though most polymer clay cure generally the same way, between 265 °F (129 °C) to 275 °F (135 °C) sustained for 15 minutes per 14 inch (6.4 mm) of thickness, all brands are different. Some contain more PVC (polymer polyvinyl chloride) resin than others and some have more kaolin, like Fimo for which it changes the pliability, work ability and the appearance of the sculpted product once baked. Also, I went to so many artist blogs and websites to see and read all of the pros and cons for all of the types of polymer clay. It sad to say, that making polymer clay dolls, is different than making jewelry, though these two art forms are using the same medium, the approach is different. What I mean, is that my dolls are big, between 18″ and 20″ tall (45,7 cm to 50,8 cm) and are fully sculpted on a strong aluminum wire. Up to three and sometime four layers of clay are needed to make each dolls body. Each layer of clay must be baked before applying the next one and this makes the dolls heavy. I’ve been experimenting with many mixes of brands and which I still do, simply because I’m still in search for the perfect clay. I am a bit difficult and demanding when it comes to quality. I want the best for my dolls even if it means to work harder. I guess many of you is dying to tell what I am looking for, in other words: strength, durability, detail work and nice finish. Thank you for your interest all you art doll lovers.

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-CLAYS-DSC06791 (6)

AMG-CLAYS-DSC06791 (9)


AMG-CLAYS-DSC06791 (10)

AMG-CLAYS-DSC06791 (8)
Left over mix of different brands
AMG-CLAYS-DSC06791 (7)
All my left overs will be used to practice small parts: feet, hands and heads.
AMG-CLAYS-DSC06791 (3)
Kato Polyclay, which I will use and test next month.

Iris part 2


Hello to you all! I going to make short and sweet, tonight, I’m showing more photos of Iris and tomorrow it will be the first part of Brielle, my second doll from the year 2013. Thanks you so much for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob





Good evening everyone! I present to you my first doll from 2013, Iris. She was sculpted in early January of that year and was created in a mix of Living Doll (light flesh) and Premo clay (frost). I have to admit, I was scared to use Living Doll for the second time, since I did not have a good experience with this clay with a previous doll (Nezha). But, I did the mistake to buy too much of this clay and since I do not like waist, I decided to give it a second go around for future dolls. However, it had to be mixed with more firmer clay, such as Fimo Puppen or Fimo Classic. Iris was great to sculpted. She took a whole week end to make and has crystal hand made eyes. More photos of her tomorrow.

Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob






Samynah, Filsan and…Brielle

Hello! I want to share more photos of of Samynah, Filsan and…Brielle! Brielle is the second doll I sculpted in early march 2013. The first doll created doing that early year was Iris, which I will both present this week. Stay in touch!

Marie Georghy Jacob

Samynah, Filsan & Brielle

Samynah & Filsan

Hello everyone! I would like to give a huge thanks to all the new LIKES (245 actually) on Atelier Miss Georgia’s Facebook page! It gives me great hopes with my dolls! Now, may I present you Samynah and Filsan painted. I know, they look a bit different from previous pictures, but acrylic paints can be tricky: they dry very quickly and you must work fast, otherwise, no matter the results, they stays forever. And yes, I learned my lesson.

Thank you and see you tomorrow

Marie Georghy Jacob





Good evening! Yesterday, I present Samynah, tonight  it is Filsan turn. In Somalian, this name means, more mature then her age. She was created with the same polymer clay mix of Samynah. Her eyes were handmade by me. The technique that I used was very simple: crystal cabochon, polymer clay and acrylic paints. Filsan head sculpt is an important one, she’s the one who set Atelier Miss Georgia aesthetic. Also, since both dolls heads were created in the same month, January 2013, both were sand and painted a the same time. More pictures of them painted tomorrow.

Best riguards

Marie Georghy Jacob




Good evening! Yesterday, I presented my very first doll head from the year 2013, Samynah.  She was made in  in late January of that year and created in Living Doll (Terracotta), Fimo Classic (chocolate) and Premo (Frost). It took me 10 hours to sculpted her… in fact, I sculpted her head over and over again…well 5 times! I was simply unhappy with the first three results. At first, she looked like a small child and all I wanted was a beautiful young lady from eastern Africa: Ethiopia, Tanzania and Somalia. More photos of her painted will be presented tomorrow. Stay in touch.

Marie Georghy Jacob





2013 Dolls

Good evening! Tomorrow, I will present Samynah, my first doll head from the year 2013.

Samynah my first doll head from 2013

Best regard

Marie Georghy Jacob