Nia in her new outfit!

AMG DOLL-Nea-clothing (12)

Here she is, Nia in her new outfit! More pictures of her will be added during the week! Stay tuned!

La voici, Nia dans son nouvel accoutrement! Plus de photos d’elle seront ajoutées au cours de la semaine! Restez au courant!

Outfit in progress…

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Hello folks! Nia’s outfit is still in progress…look for more details in a few days my friends!

Allo les amis! L’accoutrement de Nia est en progression…plus de détails seront ajoutés d’ici quelques jours mes amis!


After a first fitting…here’s the second!


After a short time of sleep, I finally finished this morning all corrections for this second fitting! Hope that the outfit with the real fabric will be OK…Otherwise, I will have no choice to make a third fitting if it’s doesn’t turned the way I want. I will stay positive and keep my fingers crossed!

Après une courte période de sommeil, j’ai pu enfin terminer ce matin, toutes les corrections pour ce deuxième essayage! Espérons que la tenue avec le véritable tissu sera correct… Sinon, je n’aurai pas le choix d’effectuer un troisième essayage si le tout ne fonctionne pas comme je le veux. Je reste positive et garde mes doigts croisés!

Paeonia design sketch


Good afternoon everyone! I took a day to develop an outfit for my first BJD doll. Bright colors, floral patterns, and the spirit of Bohemia are my favorite themes. I love that feeling of freedom that comes from each: vivid colors = zest for life, flowers = femininity and the spirit of Bohemia = adventure. As a theme, I am inspired by the Peony flower. This flower is one of the most popular around the world! Over 262 compounds have been obtained so far from the plants of Paeoniaceae. Peonies became particularly popular during the Tang dynasty in China when they were grown in the imperial gardens. In the tenth centuary the cultivation of peonies spread through China. The genus Paeonia naturally occurs in the temperate and cold areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Countries such as Japan, China, USA (California)  & Canada (British Colombia) are ideal area for this royal flower!

Bon midi tout le monde! J’ai pris une journée à élaborer un accoutrement pour ma première poupée BJD. Les couleurs vives, les motifs floraux et l’esprit de bohème sont mes thèmes préférés. J’aime cette sensation de liberté que chacun procure : les couleurs vives = joie de vivre, les fleurs = la féminité et l’esprit de bohème = l’aventure. Comme thème, je me suis inspirée par la pivoine. Cette fleur une des plus populaire à travers la planète! Plus de 262 espèces de fleurs proviennent des plantes Paeoniaceae. Les pivoines sont devenues populaire tout particulièrement à la cour du règne de la dynastie Tang en Chine. La famille impériale faisait pousser des milliers de pivoines dans leurs différents jardins.  Au Xe siècle, l’élevage des pivoines furent partout à travers la Chine. Le gène de la plante Paeonia pousse naturellement dans les climats légèrement froids de l’hémisphère nord. Le Japon, la Chine, les États- Unis (Californie) et le Canada (Colombie-Britannique) sont des pays idéaux pour l’élevage de cette fleur royale.

Adele’s design inspiration

Hi everybody! For Adele’s design inspiration everything came pretty easily, I went with what I already had in my home. The first thing that intrigued me was this beautiful flower bouquet in my kitchen. Though they are artificial fabric flowers, I found them very pretty and since I love color so much, it was totally normal for me to use this lovely flower bouquet as a design inspiration for Adele. The fabric which I will be using, is a colorful cotton corduroy with exotic central Asian flower print patterns. I will come up with more design details in a few days. Thanks everyone!




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More ethnic fashion drawing…

When I have time, most of my favorite design sketches are drawn in color and the design comes almost “alive”! From this moment, I feel so excited that I can’t barely help myself on moving to the next steps: testing fabric, molding, making patterns, do the fitting, making pattern corrections, sewing, etc.

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (38)

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More Ethnic Fashion Sketches

Normally, when I draw a fashion outfit, I use a 5,5″ x 8,5″ (13,9 cm x 21,6 cm) sketch book and if I like the design, I will draw it again in the actual size of the doll, however by using an 18″ x 22″ (45,7 cm x 56 cm) sketch book. This method helps me to incorporate all of the tiny details that I want to see on each outfit and to store all information that I need in classified records.

Marie Georghy Jacob

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Where are the ethnic fashion designs?

Good morning everyone! Recently, I have been asked the following question : Where are the ethnic fashion designs? We are waiting to see them! Actually, I’ve been working on them for more than a year now! My biggest problem was to decide which ethnic design I would started with. There were way too many to choose from: Afghanistan, Morocco, Senegal, India, China, Kenya, Russia…and the list goes on and on and on! Good lord, since I have textiles books from each of these countries, I simply couldn’t decided myself…I love them all! Many of these countries have a rich textile history, tradition and techniques that set each them apart. Many of these textiles have a strong ritualistic and ceremonial signification, such as festivals and weddings, but also, they are a self expression for statue and identity. Also, most of these gorgeous ethnic designs are created in laborious handmade techniques and craftsmanship that today’s industrial society have lost, which I find so sad!

Of course, some of you may say that many Parisian powerful houses are still maintaining these rigorous techniques, where most of them are executed by hand with the highest standards of la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. In fact, all Haute Couture’s outfits are meticulously constructed by hand from start to finish, made from expensive and often unusual fabrics. They are sown with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and gifted sewers.

Needless to say, in my opinion, nothing comes close to traditional ethnic designs and textiles, because they do not followed any trends like modern fashion does. Anyway, after deep reflection, I finally came up with a decision, I will go on with North American Native designs, from the United States, Mexico, Guatemala and of course from Canada! For me, there are no better way to start with something that I know. Also, it is a good approach to show some respect, on my part, to First Nations and to celebrate are beautiful land!

All the following sketches are not final and are just a quick mix of cosmopolitan ideas inspired from Native Indian design. Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion Sketches

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