Basketry sofa


Happy Sunday! This beautiful sofa in this photo is very interesting, don’t you think? I found it by chance in a thrift shop for a great deal. The technique used for this sofa is basketry: who is by that way, the most ancient craft technique. For over a decade now, basketry is experiencing a revival among the craft community. You have to take a look at one of my PINTEREST pages to prove that. Basketry is the weaving of vegetable fibers, not spun, usually shaped containers or bottles. We learned, by archaeologists, with radiocarbon dating, that the first baskets are 10,000 or 12 000 years old at Fayum, Faiyum or El Faiyūm in the High Egypt. Just as the weavers do tables in tapestry, the basket of today creates sculptures. All cushions were made by me. I intend to learn the technique… maybe next summer? I will see, and it will all depend on my schedule of the time…for now have a good week my friends!

Bon dimanche! Ce magnifique canapé sur cette photos est très intéressante, ne trouvez-vous pas? Je l’ai déniché  par chance dans une friperie à très bon cou. La technique employée pour ce canapé est la vannerie : qui est soit dit en passant, la plus ancienne technique artisanale. Elle connaît, depuis une décennie, un renouveau chez les artisans. Vous n’avez qu’à jeter un coup d’œil sur une de mes pages PINTEREST pour en avoir la preuve. La vannerie est le tissage de fibres végétales non filés, généralement en forme de contenant ou de récipient. On apprend, par des archéologues, grâce à la datation au radiocarbone, que les premiers paniers datent de 10 000 ou 12 000 ans à Fayoum, dite EL Fayoum, dans la Haute-Égypte. Tout comme les tisserands font des tableaux en tapisserie, les vanniers d’aujourd’hui créent des sculptures. Tous les coussins ont été confectionné par moi. Je compte apprendre la technique…peut-être au cours de l’été prochain? Je verrai et cela dépendra mon calendrier du temps…d’ici-là, passez une bonne semaine mes amis!

Paeonia design sketch


Good afternoon everyone! I took a day to develop an outfit for my first BJD doll. Bright colors, floral patterns, and the spirit of Bohemia are my favorite themes. I love that feeling of freedom that comes from each: vivid colors = zest for life, flowers = femininity and the spirit of Bohemia = adventure. As a theme, I am inspired by the Peony flower. This flower is one of the most popular around the world! Over 262 compounds have been obtained so far from the plants of Paeoniaceae. Peonies became particularly popular during the Tang dynasty in China when they were grown in the imperial gardens. In the tenth centuary the cultivation of peonies spread through China. The genus Paeonia naturally occurs in the temperate and cold areas of the Northern Hemisphere. Countries such as Japan, China, USA (California)  & Canada (British Colombia) are ideal area for this royal flower!

Bon midi tout le monde! J’ai pris une journée à élaborer un accoutrement pour ma première poupée BJD. Les couleurs vives, les motifs floraux et l’esprit de bohème sont mes thèmes préférés. J’aime cette sensation de liberté que chacun procure : les couleurs vives = joie de vivre, les fleurs = la féminité et l’esprit de bohème = l’aventure. Comme thème, je me suis inspirée par la pivoine. Cette fleur une des plus populaire à travers la planète! Plus de 262 espèces de fleurs proviennent des plantes Paeoniaceae. Les pivoines sont devenues populaire tout particulièrement à la cour du règne de la dynastie Tang en Chine. La famille impériale faisait pousser des milliers de pivoines dans leurs différents jardins.  Au Xe siècle, l’élevage des pivoines furent partout à travers la Chine. Le gène de la plante Paeonia pousse naturellement dans les climats légèrement froids de l’hémisphère nord. Le Japon, la Chine, les États- Unis (Californie) et le Canada (Colombie-Britannique) sont des pays idéaux pour l’élevage de cette fleur royale.

Sneak preview of Adele’s design outfit

Hello everyone! Here is a sneak preview of Adele’s design outfit! I like the way the patterns turned out and I feel the same way for the colors. Since I am studying in textile design, I am able to make this print myself, but my schedule is way too full and since I bought this fabric a long time ago…I think it was the right time to make something nice with it. Don’t be surprise if you see this fabric in another doll design outfit or for future projects…Oops! Did I just say future projects? The answer is yes, but I can’t speak about it for now. More photos will be posted shortly  during the week.

AMG DOLL Adèle sewing design11

Adele’s design is now final!

Hey everybody! The wait is now over and Adele’s design is now is now final! I did not want to complicate the design process, since, as you know, Adele’s neck and shoulders are articulated. However, she still is a figurative and fragile. Also, let’s not forget that she is tall 18 inches (45,6 cm) and for those who have been following me understand what I mean : the taller the doll is, the more fragile she is!Many may ask why I do not make smaller dolls, the reason is simple: I prefer taller dolls to create beautiful designs and since, I started collecting dolls in 2008, they were all tall and I wasn’t interested in smaller dolls. Period! More images will be posted tomorrow! Thank you!

AMG-DOLL adèle design (4)


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Design sketch 3

Good evening! Here is my third design sketch for my sweet doll Adele! I don’t know what you think about it, but this outfit is my favorite one so far! From the moment, I learned how to make tailored suits in fashion school, 20 years ago, I knew that complex clothing were my favorite ones to make!  But, I can’t make this nice design for Adele: she’s too fragile and I truly don’t want to break her! And, yes that means I have to go back  and design something different and safer…Anyways, I will make this tailored suit for a future doll for sure!

A close up of my design process

Hello! On tonight’s post, I’ll make a quick close up of my design process. For many of you, it will sound to elaborate and  with to much procedure. First, any ideas come with my mood and on what I feel right in the present time so I can write about it. All the things that I write, read or see are all than used to create a mood board. This mood board is important because it is a collage of all the things I am sensitive to: pictures, color or fabric swatches and even articles or proverbs. Then, it’s time for me to make a quick inventory of what I have in terms of materials, before buying anything else. I like to have a good over view of what I can create with what I have and then it’s time for me to sketch a few designs. Actually, I have the intention to create other boards (creative and design), especially if I have specific theme or concept in mind. In a few days, I will get back to you with more details. Thanks everyone!


Miss Georgia the doll logo!

Miss Georgia logo (AMG DOLL)

Hi everyone! A few days ago I presented you my studio doll logo and now, may I present to you the new Miss Georgia doll brand logo! I am so happy with this logo, which is based on Atelier Miss Georgia’s logo: a woman serene and in peace with herself! As you may have noticed, Miss Georgia is a contemporary woman who’s inspired from different ethnic costume designs with a fantasy twist. She’s defining herself as a contemporary bohemian lady with a free spirit and lifestyle.  But what is the difference between a bohemian, a gypsy and also tribal? I have made my own research and I will try to make it short. OK…
What I have read about bohemians, is that Bohemia is a resident  in Czech Republic.The name “Bohemia” derives from the name of the Boii, a Celtic tribe who inhabited that area. The word “Bohemian” has never been widely used by the local Czech population. In the Middle Ages they were called Čechy but also, especially during the period of restoration of the Czech language and nation. The word “Bohemians” is sometimes used when speaking about persons from Bohemia of all ethnic origins, especially before 1918. The term “Bohemianism“, comes from the French bohemian and is  as associated with “social unconventionality”, This has to do with  Gypsies, since Romani people were thought to come from Bohemia, or because they perhaps entered the West through Bohemia. Bohemian also means to live and work cheaply, unconventionally and in any place. For an example, Johnny Deep played Roux a bohemian men a long side French actress Juliette Binoche in the 2000 movie Chocolate. In modern days, the Bohemians, appeared in France after the French revolution, as a counterculture and were deprived of the former of patronage, where wealthy clients’ supports their arts. Sadly, many of them, especially artists, were plunged into poverty. Due to this situation, many took a nomadic lifestyle and leave cheaply and wear unfashionable or used clothing.
In our days, though many Romani organizations use their own names, generally speaking, Gypsies indicate Romani people and travelers. In other words they are nomadic people, their lifestyle is based on movement and regardless their race or origin! They are outcasts who live outside the mainstream! There are more than a dozen of Romani organizations across Europe and their names change depending on the country language: In France it is “gitan”, in Spain “gitanos” and in Italy “gitani”.  Whenever I think of a gypsy, I think of caravan sites, woman wearing colorful and printed long skirts, adding to that elaborated tunics and to finish all, wearing beautiful scarves. Many of you may remember of Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame (see picture).
Image a courtesy of
As for tribal, in better terms,  a “tribe” is a distinct group of people, who dependent on their land and lifestyle, who are largely self-sufficient, and do not integrate into the industrial society. Also, Tribes privilege primordial social ties and are clearly bounded, homogeneous and stable. They organize links between families (including clans and lineages), and provide them with a social and ideological basis for solidarity, that in some ways are more limited than an “ethnic group” or a “nation”.
In modern days, especially in the fashion industry, it all started in the late 19th century where it rebels over the very strict and rigid Victorian era and it was back, in the late 1960’s , with the Hippie movement!  The contemporary “bohemian” movement is called the Boho chic style, where the Kate Moss, Nicole Richie and the Olsen sisters perpetuate the movement! Why do so many feel connected with these countercultures? Personally, I guess it is because the design creativity is endless and where your imagination has no limits!

Happiness radiates like…

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower, and draws all good things towards you. Allow your love to nourish yourself as well as others. Do not strain after the needs of life. It is sufficient to be quietly alert and aware of them. In this way of life proceeds more naturally and effortlessly. Life is here to enjoy!”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi