Hello to you all! Here is my Beatrice, she is the first girl that I sculpted last year (2014) in the month of February. She is mostly made from Cernit (almond) and a part of Prosculpt (Baby). The mix of these two polymer clay was fantastic! Adding Cernit to Prosculpt firms it up and makes it less greasy. However, I still needed to use my food processor and pasta machine to mix them. I was over the moon with the nice satiny matte finish and once it was baked the color was very pretty and easy to blush after sanding. With her, I wanted to create a beautiful south american young women from either Peru, Colombia or Ecuador.

Since I felt more confident with my molding, by better understanding the human anatomy and proportions, the way I sculpted her was very different from what I did in the past. Looking at fashion magazines was the best thing for me to do, since you get a realistic human figure, but nothing comes close or beats practice! Practice is definitely a MUST to improve. Thanks again for watching more pictures of her tomorrow.

Marie Georghy Jacob









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