Look at what I’ve been up to!


Look at what I’ve been up to! These are the two polymer clay heads that I have molded for the past four months. The polymer clay used is a mix of various brands, in other words, they are leftovers. When I carved the first head, the one on the right, my first goal was to create a lady of 49 cm (19 ½”) with a head sculpted of 6.1 cm (2 ¼ “). But since I like to put myself in challenges, a few weeks later, I had the desire to make another head and this time, slightly larger, 6.6 cm high (2 ½”) and for a final height of 53 cm (20 ¾”). My second goal was to create ethnic and authentic ladies with the right proportions. I went a bit overboard with the second head, the one on the left, but I love her! With her, I could developed another technique to create eyes with polymer clay. In a future post, I will give more details on the subject. In short, by the upcoming weekend, I intend to finish these two heads, but there is no way I will complete their body: I don’t have enough clay! What do you think my friends? Till then, enjoy these pictures and we will find each other in my next post!

“Regardez ce que j’ai réalisé! Ce sont les têtes d’argile en pâte de polymère que j’ai moulé il y a quatre mois. L’utilisation de pâte de polymère est un mélange de diverses marques, en d’autres termes, un restant de pâte. Lorsque j’ai sculpté la première tête, celle de droite, mon but premier était de créer une demoiselle de 49 cm de haut (19 ½) avec une tête de 6,1 cm (2 pouces). Mais puisque j’aime me mettre en défis, quelques semaines après, j’ai eu le l’envie de réaliser une autre une tête.  Mais cette fois-ci, légèrement plus grande, de 6, 6 cm de haut (2 ½) et pour une grandeur finale de 53 cm (20 ¾). Mon deuxième objectif était de créer des têtes ethniques et authentiques avec de bonnes proportions. J’ai un peu exagéré la second tête, celle de gauche, mais je l’adore! Avec elle, j’ai pu développer une autre technique pour créer des yeux avec de la pâte de polymère. Dans un prochain post, je fournirai plus de détails sur le sujet. Bref, d’ici l’autre fin de semaine, je compte terminer ces deux têtes, mais il est hors de question de réaliser leur corps : je n’ai pas assez de pâte! Qu’est que vous en pensez mes amis? D’ici-là, appréciez ces images et on ce retrouve à mon prochain post!”

6 thoughts on “Look at what I’ve been up to!

    1. Thank you so much Silver Suzie Gifts for your interest in my work! Sorry for not answering you back quickly, I was truly busy for the past few weeks! I don’t have any tutorial on how attaching the head to the body, but I tried two different techniques. The first one, is the neck is molded with a wire loop and then, is attached with a spring wire with the help an S hook wire. The second technique, is also the neck molded with a wire loop, but it’s attached with the help a strong elastic cords. I have worked both techniques with different sizes of wires, industrial springs and elastics. Which one is the best one? With all my trials and errors, I’m still searching and experimenting!


  1. I have no idea if my last comment got deleted or what when I hit send… but I wanted to say thank you very much for your reply. It was very nice of you to answer. I wondered how you hollow out the head and attach the elastic? I see it attaching somehow and maybe breaking the clay head at the crown.


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