On her way to be painted

NEA-work in progress-AMG DOLL (31)

Nia’s on her way to be painted my friends, but you will have to wait a few more days to see the final result. Thank you for your patience and interest.

Nia est sur le point d’être terminée en terme de peinture mes amis, cependant vous devrez patienter encore quelques jours pour le résultat final. Merci pour votre intérêt et patience.

Painted feet & hands


Good Sunday my friends and Happy Mother’s day! I’ve finally finished painting my two pairs of feet and hands, and I am satisfied with them. As I’ve previously confirmed, I intend to sculpt more of them… and I pretty much liked it! I will see you very soon with the continuation of a previous project. Have a good everybody!

Bon dimanche mes amis et bonne fête des mères! J’ai enfin terminé de peinturer mes deux paires de pieds et de mains et j’en suis satisfaite. Comme je l’ai précédemment confirmé, j’ai l’intention dans fabriquer d’autres…J’ai aimé les réaliser! On se revoit très bientôt avec la suite d’un autre projet. Bonne semaine à tous!

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Rachelle part 2

Hello everyone! For tonight post, I present the second and last part of Rachelle fully painted and blushed. As you have may notice, Rachelle’s body is more athletic and toned, which I really do like. In real life, I love variety though my aesthetic do not change that much.











Betty part one

Good evening! How are all of you feeling tonight? In my case, it couldn’t have been better! It’s been almost two months, since I’ve been posting my ”ladies” both here on my website and on Facebook! It is a lot of work, but I truly love it and I’m making new connections with lovely people who either share the same interests or appreciate what I do. As I mentioned yesterday on my Facebook page, here is Betty my sixth doll from the year 2013. She’s made from leftover Living Doll clay and since I do not like waist nor this clay, I felted culpable and obligated to sculpted her! This clay…really makes me nervous since I have to work with it quickly, otherwise it sticks to my hands and I have a hard time to mold. Also, do not be surprised that on future posts to see MANY other dolls made from this clay! Some of you might be wondering why I continued to use this clay, the answer is very simple: because it was the only polymer clay that I could find easily here in Montreal, in a specialized hobby and craft store. In addition, I wanted to give it a chance by combining it with other higher quality polymer clay, such as Fimo Puppen, Fimo Classic and Cernit, which are used by professional doll artists. Thanks for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob







Iris part 3

Hello to you all! I going to make short and sweet, tonight, I’m showing more photos of Iris and tomorrow it will be the first part of Brielle, my second doll from the year 2013. Thanks you so much for watching!

Marie Georghy Jacob