I enjoy drawing!

I love drawing and I always have! But my drawing techniques have stagnated over the years. I used only wooden pencils or black ink pen. This time, I thought it was time to use other materials, including pencil markers, dry pastels and even gouache. I must confess that I was won over by pencil markers. They are so easy to use! Like, you can notice, I like to draw women with a bohemian and tribal style with strong personality, but with delicate faces and full of mystery…

J’aime beaucoup dessiner et je dessine depuis toujours! Mais, mes techniques de dessins ont stagné au fil des années. J’employais que les crayons de bois ou le stylo à l’encre noire. Cette fois-ci, je me suis dit qu’il était temps d’utiliser d’autres matériels, dont les crayons de feutre, les pastels secs et même de la gouache. Je dois vous avouer que j’ai été conquise par les crayons de feutre. Ils sont si faciles à utiliser! Comme, vous pouvez remarquer, j’aime dessiner des femmes au style bohème et tribal avec de forte personnalité, mais au visage délicat et avec plein de mystère…

Air drying clay

Good morning! Finally, I started with air drying clay. On top of my drawing, I traced in red, internal shapes. These internal shapes will be cut, so that I can sculpt a Styrofoam sculpture that will be wrapped with a layer of of air drying clay. Each layer of air drying clay applied, will take at least two days to dry well before I can continue to sculpt anything.

Bon matin! Enfin, j’ai débuté avec la pâte à papier Sur mon dessin, j’ai retracé en rouge des contours internes. Ces contours internes seront coupés afin que je puise sculpter une forme en styromousse qui sera enrobée d’une couche de pâte à papier. Chaque couche de pâte à papier appliqué prendra au moins deux jours à bien sécher avant que je puisse continuer à modeler.

Technical drawing done!

Hello! I continue with the technical drawings that I have elaborated and reworked. Reworking my drawings was inevitable, since the silhouette that I want to create is quite clear in my head. Also, the next doll I’m making on is articulated just like the Barbie/Blythe/Fashion Royalty dolls. So, the joins are connected to each other, to be more precise, the engineering must be tested and reworked, if necessary. Subsequently, another drawing will be made that will allow me to model and sculpt, just like the drawings you see below.

Hello! Je poursuis avec les dessins techniques que j’ai élaboré et retravaillé. Retravailler mes dessins était inévitable, puisque la silhouette que je souhaite créer est assez claire dans ma tête. Aussi, la prochaine poupée que je suis en train de réaliser est articulée tout comme les poupées Barbie/Blythe/Fashion Royalty. Donc, les jointures sont connectées entre-elles, pour être plus précise,  l’ingénierie doit être testée et retravaillée, si il y a lieu. Par la suite, un autre dessin sera effectué qui me permettra de modeler et sculpter, tout comme les dessins que vous voyez ci-dessus.

Adele’s design is now final!

Hey everybody! The wait is now over and Adele’s design is now is now final! I did not want to complicate the design process, since, as you know, Adele’s neck and shoulders are articulated. However, she still is a figurative and fragile. Also, let’s not forget that she is tall 18 inches (45,6 cm) and for those who have been following me understand what I mean : the taller the doll is, the more fragile she is!Many may ask why I do not make smaller dolls, the reason is simple: I prefer taller dolls to create beautiful designs and since, I started collecting dolls in 2008, they were all tall and I wasn’t interested in smaller dolls. Period! More images will be posted tomorrow! Thank you!

AMG-DOLL adèle design (4)


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Design sketch 3

Good evening! Here is my third design sketch for my sweet doll Adele! I don’t know what you think about it, but this outfit is my favorite one so far! From the moment, I learned how to make tailored suits in fashion school, 20 years ago, I knew that complex clothing were my favorite ones to make!  But, I can’t make this nice design for Adele: she’s too fragile and I truly don’t want to break her! And, yes that means I have to go back  and design something different and safer…Anyways, I will make this tailored suit for a future doll for sure!

Design sketch 2

Hi everybody! On tonight’s post,I will continue with another design sketch for Adele. For this second design, I was inspired by  the early 1970’s, a time where many women where under the influence of ethnic styles: African, Eastern Europe or Native Indian to name a few. From Romy schneider to Diana Ross or to Diane Von Fürstenberg, they are all women who represent that decade so well. The design shown below is one of them. Sadly, I will probably not use it for Adele, since the trench coat sleeves are too tight to fit the doll’s arms and I am afraid to break them because of this.

Design sketch 1

Hello doll lovers! I’ve been sketching a few designs for my doll Adele and many things have crossed my mind. At first, I wanted to design something very elaborated with many ornamentations (embroidery, hand beading work and crochet). However, the fabric that I’m using is already beautifully rich. The patterns are so beautiful and should not be covered, since their scale is perfect! But, my second and main problem is: when I’m sketching an idea or a fashion design, I don’t like to feel limited.

I like to let myself feel free! I guess that this is “artist” in me who feels this way! Then, I’ll see if the design idea is workable technically. Also, though Adele has a movable neck and shoulders, she’s still a figurative doll, which limits and complicates any fashion design technically. I must make sure that I will not break any part of her after many hours making her! For the first design sketch, I was completely in  a folkloric vibe with hand beading work! More design sketch ideas in a few days. Thank you!

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What’s inside of this box?

Hello to you all! What’s inside of this box? No more secretes, this is all of my sketch books!  I have over twenty of them if is not more and that’s not including the small pocket ones which I carry all the time in my bag.  Most of them are dated from 2008 and some are dated from early 2000 and even farther from 1997 (year that I graduate in fashion pattern making)! I try to sketch everyday and at list one to two designs. Personally, I think it is important to be and stay current with ideas to keep my mind fresh. I have religiously kept sketchbooks since I was in high school. I document everything inspiring I see, with notes, drawings and hundreds of pictures taken every month on my camera. I have many boxes filled with fabric swatches, embroideries and trims. At the end, they are references to work with. I also collect wish cards and scarves!

Best regards

Marie Georghy Jacob







More ethnic fashion drawing…

When I have time, most of my favorite design sketches are drawn in color and the design comes almost “alive”! From this moment, I feel so excited that I can’t barely help myself on moving to the next steps: testing fabric, molding, making patterns, do the fitting, making pattern corrections, sewing, etc.

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (38)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (40)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (44)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (47)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (49)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (50)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (54)

More Ethnic Fashion Sketches

Normally, when I draw a fashion outfit, I use a 5,5″ x 8,5″ (13,9 cm x 21,6 cm) sketch book and if I like the design, I will draw it again in the actual size of the doll, however by using an 18″ x 22″ (45,7 cm x 56 cm) sketch book. This method helps me to incorporate all of the tiny details that I want to see on each outfit and to store all information that I need in classified records.

Marie Georghy Jacob

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (20)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (24)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (26)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (27)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (30)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (33)

AMG-Fashion SketchesDSC06783 (36)