Doll Painting Preparation

Hi everybody! Making Clara was one thing and a challenging one, but it came to painting her…I was a bit scared. Many questions came into my head: What if she doesn’t look good? Is these acrylic paints are good? Do I have enough lighting? But at the end, after a lot readings and watching videos on YouTube, the only way for me to do it, was to practice on a default head sculpt.





Polymer Clay Doll Eyes

My first attempt on making polymer clay doll eyes painted with acrylic paints. From day one, I knew it was very important to create my own set of eyes, with all colors that I want.

I’ve been searching throughout the intern on how to make handmade doll eyes. The results were great, by the end of January 2012, I was ready to make them!


First Painted Polymer Clay Head

That head was the first head that I’ve painted. I was a bit nervous but I’ve had to try the acrylic paints. The second photos on the left shows my second head painted. They were both created in February 2012.

First Painted Heads DSC03962DSC03964DSC03954