My first textile Print

Hi everyone! I think it’s important to share a little bit on what I have been doing since I have started to study textiles last August. I have completed many school projects since than. On tonight’s post I want to share with you my first textile print! It is a personal project of mine were I used an ecru color fabric made in a mix of viscose and cotton. For this print, I only chose three colors: dark green, lime and citrus, and this is due to the fact that I decided to use a screen to make the repeat by using wax paper. Since each paper represents a design and a specific color, there was one wax paper for each color. Before, I make more post of my dolls and especially of my mysterious Lara, I think it is very important to show how the “live” designs should look like…On my previous post, I have shown some of my sketch books with a few designs, but it did not communicate the “essence” of my work. For this main reason,  I decided that my three next posts will be concentrated on my textile projects and my mysterious Lara will come right after. Thanks everyone!

Marie Georghy Jacob














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