Philippe & Charisse Faraut sculpting books

Happy Friday everybody! Nearly a year ago on You Tube, while I was trying to find new techniques to improve my sculpting, I discovered a channel specialized on the subject. There were many gifted sculptors offering tips to the general public on how to make more beautiful sculptures and one of them was French sculptor Philippe Faraut. His work is incomparable and I fell for the detail work of his gorgeous sculptures. Over two months ago, my boyfriend and I went to see another French master in sculpting, Auguste Rodin at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, where 300 of his works were displayed. Fascinated by this exposition , at the end, I decided to buy a book in modeling at the Museum shop and I could not help myself to get Philippe & Charisse Faraut Sculpting book’s  Mastering Portraiture: Advanced Analyses of the Face Sculpted in Clay. Two weeks later, I purchased a second book on Amazon. His books are delightful for the eyes and so well detailed and the pictures are to die for…Anyway, I definitely recommend them and the are a must have to all types of sculptures. 


Marie Georghy Jacob